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Pirates of Emerson/Haunting Fields Haunt 2009


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  • [Review] Pirates of Emerson/Haunting Fields Haunt 2009

    The season officially opened for this local haunt last night, previously voted by AOL and Travel Channel one of the best in America. I have been going for the past four years, and always look forward to it.

    This year, however, was a mixed bag, with two very good mazes, one that was decent, and two that were horribly amateurish. The format was the same as two years ago, where the main haunted house (Pirates of Emerson) and the chain link/undecorated strobe light maze were joined by four others from the Bay Area. Only returning maze of the newcomers this year was an asylum themed one, which was top notch, great energy and acting by the performers, and a lot of gruesome, fun detail and scene design.

    Compared to those two heavy hitters (Pirates and the Sick Asylum), the rest were very, very amateur hour. The abandoned mine was literally abandoned, being basic black walls with some rough timbers, and skulls on the floor a few times, with some open rooms where you could see into the pirate maze, and a grand total of two people at the start, one at the very end, and zero full figures or effects of any sort. Even worse, though, was the CarnEvil (video game name rip off!) which at least had sets, but was the most unenthusiastic, tepid group of performers, seemingly high school kids who had no idea what to do or how to scare properly even, just standing there, and kind of going "Ahh!!" if someone walked by. Just bad. It seemed to just buy into the idea of, clowns are scary, dress people as clowns, and you're home. Oh well.

    I would say it is worth the twenty dollar admission, as the Pirates/home crew is very serious and dedicated, and had two awesome mazes, the outdoor setup and decor is well done, and plenty of roving, experienced brigands and bucaneers interacting with guests.

    Onwards to photos, I did manage to get a few from inside mazes...

    Outside the entrance to the haunt area, just in a field in an industrial park area...

    One of the crew, who was taking delight in sneaking up behind people and cracking a bull-whip on the ground at random

    Headed into the flagship maze, Pirates of Emerson itself

    Part of the kitchen scene inside the "Goredello" maze

    Best part of the lame CarnEvil/clown maze were this faux sideshow posters aside.

    Actor and victim inside the autopsy room of the asylum

    Overall, glad I spent the money for the two killer mazes and the atmosphere, I will likely return closer to Halloween to see if things have tightened up, and atmosphere will be a lot more intense the closer it gets. This is just a appetizer, after all, for Haunt at Knott's, which I will be at weekend of the 9th. Hooray for the start of Halloween!
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Pirates of Emerson/Haunting Fields Haunt 2009

    They probably had a lack of workers for that weekend. I worked there last year and there were only two haunt mazes so they were usually were full with people scaring you.
    Glad you enjoyed those two mazes at least though. Im hope I can check it out soon.


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      Re: Pirates of Emerson/Haunting Fields Haunt 2009

      we're heading to PoE for the first time the weekend of the 17th (gonna hit up Great America's Haunt too, also for the first time). looking forwrd to both places

      Dustin and i will be at Haunt the same weekend as you! if you follow our twitter listed in my signature you'll know where to find us when you're there....we're giving away stickers! hehe
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