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How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?


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  • [Question] How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

    Took my 14 year old and several friends last night. Even though a 3-day weekend for lots of local school kids, it was amazingly uncrowded and lines were very short.

    That left the talent working hard to keep up the energy, and there were times when not all were successful. Wandering ghouls were hit and miss; sliders were,a s always, great. (At the end of the evening they did a slide-off, challenging each other to go as fast as possible and jump objects mid-slide.)

    The mazes were good, some better than others. I was somewhat surprised at the lack of really good tech in some. And some of the in-maze talent was hit-and miss.

    The two themed rides were not a big hit with the teens I was with. Still, worth hitting them early, as the lines for these did get crowded quickly.

    Shows were funny sporadically, quite the cruise ship/low-end Vegas type of stuff.

    Overall, fun, somewhat satisfying, and a good, safe hang for the kids.
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    Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

    We went with about 65 MiceChatters on Saturday and had a great time. Like you, we found the lines VERY short.

    Loved the 3 new mazes and found some of the older ones getting a bit repetitive with the ending of several of them just a corridor of body parts. But other than that, I really LOVED this year's haunt and the hanging was great!

    The newer mazes seem to be built to a higher standard, with better sets, lighting, and special effects. I hope that continues.

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      Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

      I give it an A. It was truly my first time so I have little to compare it to. I mainly went with my daughter and he and I had such a great time. Being with the MiceChatters only made it better. Some of the mazes needed improvment, but over all it was scary, silly and well done. A- for Knotts, A+ for MiceChat!


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        Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

        I was a Haunt virgin till the MC Haunt meet. It was FANFRIGGINTASTIC. I laughed and screamed all night long.

        Being a major coward made it that much more fun.


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          Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

          Originally posted by pratt55 View Post
          I was a Haunt virgin till the MC Haunt meet. It was FANFRIGGINTASTIC. I laughed and screamed all night long.

          Being a major coward made it that much more fun.
          Hey I am in that same boat with you but I have the best time at Haunt because as I always say its the most fun I have getting scared! Like I am writing my reviews on the mazes and blogging... I took today off to recover... that drive back to Phoenix was murder... LOL!

          I am glad you had fun... what I find crazy is that after going the first time like I did last year I have to do it every year now... it kinda has a way of hooking you in and making you want to go each year.
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            Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

            My Haunt Review:

            Overall experience: Solid 9.0 out of 10.

            Themed Rides (Log Ride/Mine Train)

            Pyromaniax (Log Ride): 7.0 out of 10
            I've never been a huge fan of the "haunted rides" and I felt this version fell short of some of the previous versions. That said, it's a great way to start the night, a couple of decent scares for me.

            Black Widow's Cavern (Mine Train): 6.5 out of 10
            This one has so much potential. I think the best one was Army of the Underworld. The big spider was cool, but not a whole lot of scares in this one either.

            The Mazes:

            Dia De Los Muertos: 8.0 out of 10
            New maze for this year, and it was very well done. I'm always surprised at how much maze they can get in the bumper cars. The sets were great, talent was great and I'm sure this one will get even better as the season goes on.

            Quarantine: 4.0 out of 10
            This was probably the low-point for me. Not really great at all. Hardly any talent, and the ones that were there didn't seem that into it. Didn't see it last year but I have a feeling one year would have been enough.

            Cornstalkers: 5.5 out of 10
            Smelly Corn does NOT = scary maze. I had really high hopes for this one, but it didn't deliver

            Labryinth: 8.0 out of 10
            Great looking maze, really awesome talent.

            Alien Anihilation: 4.0 out of 10
            Along with Quarantine, the low-point for me this year.

            Slaughterhouse: 6.0 out of 10
            The "hillbilly" mazes are always great fun but this one fell short for me. Paled in comparison to the amazing "Blood Bayou" a few years back.

            Lockdown-The Asylum: 8.0 out of 10
            Would have been a solid 9.0 if it hadn't turned into a "Haunted Line" half way through the maze.

            Club Blood: 9.0 out of 10
            The Vampires always put on a great show and this one was no exception. Exceptionally creepy scenes, amazing talent and Vampire pole dancers. Can't get much better than that.

            The Doll Factory: 7.5 out of 10
            The first 2/3 of the maze was really great, but then it felt like they ran out of ideas.

            Terror of London: 10 out of 10
            This is without a doubt the maze of the year. From the beginning, great sets, amazing talent. This is one I wouldn't have minded going in again. It was REALLY amazing.

            Uncle Bobo's Bigtop of the Bizarre: 9 out of 10
            The clowns never dissapoint, and this year was no exception. Not quite as good as previous years (which is why no 10) but sold talent, solid sets.

            The Hanging: 9.0 out of 10
            I'm really glad they no longer have Freddy and Jason. I felt they were using them as crutches in previous years.

            I also got my first rides on Sierra Sidewinder (decent) and Pony Express (waste of space).


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              Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

              I had a GREAT time at the Haunt on Saturday! I had been before, but this was the best time I've ever had there. Of course, it mostly has to do with the great crowd of friends we were there with. Going anywhere with a MiceChat group makes it super fun!

              And having a "pro" like Fishbulb leading us through was awesome. We got to see everything that was worth seeing and even had spare time at the end of the evening. It was great not having to figure out where everything was.

              Thanks Fishy!!! :bow:


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                Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                My second time going to the Haunts and it was fun once again. Last year was much more scarier than this year. It's probably because last year was my first time going to the Haunts. The buffet was great even when it hand long lines to get more food. All that matters was that I was with my friends at the Haunts.
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                  Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                  the hanging was okay. i don't pay much attention to entertain on tv these days. harry potter segment was hilarious.


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                    Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                    Originally posted by Rex Dopey24 View Post
                    the hanging was okay. i don't pay much attention to entertain on tv these days. harry potter segment was hilarious.
                    I found it very funny. The only thing though, is the Fantasmic! Dragon part. I found it funny but I don't think the majority are going to get that joke since only Disney Nerds like all of us on Micechat kept tabs on the Dragon the whole summer and would've gotten that joke.

                    The Governator part was hillarious! And the Dipstick thing was extra funny because I saw the commercial before I went to Knotts!

                    And being a trekkie myself, I found the Star Trek thing very funny!

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                      Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                      And if you watch the Harry Potter movie it is so obvious too.


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                        Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                        I agree with Sir Clinksalot on his maze review. I have to also add some info on the Slaughterhouse maze. There is a part where water/misters are used and the floor gets very wet. Even going the second time around and expecting it I slipped on the floor and almost fell right there. Thankfully the walls in that area were close to me and I held on so I wouldn't fall.

                        I didn't know who I should let know about this problem, but just wanted to give future Haunt goers a heads up so they don't fall down in the maze. I'm sure it will cause an issue if that keeps happening, someone tries to run through there scared and falls on their face.


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                          Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                          Overall I had a great time... I was all hyped up for London but it did not live up to the hype... although I will say that it wasnt a bad maze... it was really stunning and beautiful but at the same time it was missing something.

                          This brings me to the overall synopsis of this years event. If I was to summarize Haunt this year in 1 word I would say, "Innovative". This could be both a good and a bad thing as use of this word can always take on a double meaning. Whenever anything is labeled as or takes the route of being "innovative" it usually means that changes are going to happen to the overall structure and whether or not there is a status quo. There will be mixed feelings and mixed reactions from guests who may or may not like these changes; however my opinion is that the Halloween Haunt has not gone as long as it has by resting on its laurels and not innovating the way Halloween events are run.

                          As for minor changes this year, Knott's and other Cedar Fair theme parks around the country are using a new iconic character for their Haunt event this year. Known as "The Overlord", this red cloaked demon summons his minons from the grave to take over Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt. This new icon for the park is drawing mixed reviews online over some who balk at the cheesy dialogue of his speech at the front of the park, or some who just dont feel that the Haunt needs an icon character for the event. As for myself, I feel that I am a bit torn on "The Overlord" for the fact that he is really cool as a character and the whole backstory he creates for the event makes sense from an advertising and marketing perspective. This allows Cedar Fair to create a commercial for Haunt that could be interchanged for all of their Cedar Fair parks, including Knott's and recreating the commercial of the minions rising from the dead in front of you and taking over the park creates a synergy between the advertising and the final result. Also, how awesome is it to purchase the VIP Prescare buffet and be waiting in the park with more and more monsters in Ghost Town waiting for you and starting to enter the crowd, all to have The Overlord appear on his pedestal to make his speech and announce the rope drop, where you are to be released into the park. That is a pretty awesome change and gives the event a little something extra despite how corny the dialogue is and despite how overdone this idea is for a theme park haunt event. This brings me to the downside of "The Overlord" as a character. It seems that by having a character as an icon for the Haunt event, Cedar Fair is no longer trying to be innovative, but is instead no longer leading the Haunted attraction industry like the Knott family did when they owned the park and started the event. Instead, the vibe feels like Knott's and Cedar Fair are following the mantra of Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights event by having to place an iconic character into their event for extra advertising and marketing purposes. Additionally, minor changes this year include a change to the phrase for the event. Last year it was "Walk in. Freak out" and this year we have "All your fear is here" which I feel is a better play on words compared to last years tag line. Minor changes also include some changes to maze layouts with mazes like Quarantine and even where the maze entrances are located as in the case of CornStalkers. I will highlight the good and bad of these changes when I review the mazes; however some were good while other changes to the mazes felt very much like Knott's had a lack of budget and it honestly felt like Knott's spent most of their budget on the newer mazes and cut corners on everything else. Innovative is a mixed word and while it means the event is trying to boldly go where no event has gone before the reception to these changes does not always equal approval 100% of the time. Lets take a look back at what happened months before the Haunt event even started this summer which will definitely be the biggest change in the event.

                          This year, the one most innovative change that created a divide amongst the street zone talent at Knotts was the inclusion of an audition process which made all the prospective street monsters pass an audition to be rehired as a street monster. This put a lot of veteran monsters at risk of losing their spots in areas they once haunted for many years such as the world famous Ghost Town. On the other side of the spectrum, this allowed newer applicants and previous maze monsters a chance to move up to the ranks of being a street monster by giving them a fair shot at an audition. While this move was innovative on Knott's part, it caused quite a stir between monsters who received their rehire cards and did not pass the audition or monsters who gave it their all in the audition but were not what Knott's was looking for at this time. Another innovative move on Knott's part is requiring an auditions process for maze monsters for the 2010 Haunt season and this is something yet to happen until next summer. While I can see the argument that both veteran monsters have about the auditions and the arguments placed by people who like the auditions process, my opinion is that an audition process should be required for every haunt monster regardless of what they are auditioning for a maze, show, or scare zone. From the perspective of paying guests like myself, Knott's should be finding people who can get in there and deliver and live up to their name so they can keep their status as being the best original theme park Halloween event.

                          This year Knott's became innovative with four new mazes, each one standing out with a different theme and incorporating elements that allow the mazes to go above and beyond what they did last year. Do these new maze themes work and stack up to everything that was hyped on Knott's twitter feed or do they fall flat with mixed reaction and leave a lot to be desired? I would say its a mixed bag... 2 of the new mazes were good and lived up to or exceeded the hype but the other 2 were just eye candy and just kind of there... it doesnt mean those mazes were bad... they just didnt wow me like I thought they would.
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                            Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                            I went to Haunt with mixed emotions. I wanted to see a lot of my Micechat friends. I wanted a night out with my wife (Tinkmomma). And I hadn't been to Haunt in 9 years...

                            I liked it. I had time with my online friends and time with my wife. Being at Haunt brought back a lot of memories. To me Labyrinth and Cornstalkers really reminded me of how unique the mazes and monsters used to be. It seems that everything now is zombies. The biggest surprise was the shows. Bloodlust wasn't "great" but Inferno and Freak Show were amazing! The comedy magic act was pretty funny as well.

                            As to Freddy and Jason... when I last saw the Hanging 10 years ago their presence, along with Pinhead, was HYSTERICAL. But again that was 1 specific show over a decade ago. From what clinks posted Hanging began to rely on those characters more and more... so in hindsight not having them now is a breath of fresh air. Again for me it was a time capsule so not seeing them was a shock. I had honestly hoped for Freddy vs Wolverine or Jason vs Snake Eyes or Pinhead vs Dr Manhattan...
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                              Re: How was YOUR Knott's Haunt overall?

                              The park was great, I also cant compare other years, because this was my first, But I must say that All my fellow micechatters made it a trip to remember. The scariest part of the night was when Ashee Stuck his finger in my ear "If you heard a womanly scream that was me" It was fun and a half!


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