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Wet N Wild Festival of Fear [Phoenix, AZ]


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  • Wet N Wild Festival of Fear [Phoenix, AZ]

    It seems that we are getting our own haunted festival with mazes and other stuff here in the valley.

    I am honestly liking Wet N Wild a lot because they first of all came in and replaced Waterworld which was crap and now they are having an operating season up until November 1st for the regular Waterpark... And now to top it all off they just announced a Halloween event for nights in October, Starting on 10/09 and running on Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm to Midnight.

    Honestly this is pretty much sounds like another Knotts Scary Farm copycat [they even advertise a Pre-Scare feast on the website with early entry] but its here in the valley and down the street from me so its worth checking out and it sounds like its going to be a fun event to experience. Plus its a Halloween event at a Waterpark... how amazing is that? I think that totally rocks... Not many places have Haunted Houses, Scare Zones, and Waterslides all in the same place at the same time... However I know that for myself the same Haunt rules will apply... do all mazes first then rides if there is time... LOL!


    Mazes [require shoes and shirt LOL!]

    Freakshow in 3D - A kaleidoscope of images to lure the senses in super creepy 3D. But be aware of what seems still as it may just be an illusion.

    Terror Cotta Tomb - What secrets lie under the Earth? Discover the world of Ancient China and the hidden secrets of the Terra Cotta Tomb of Terror. Come face to face with Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian as you try and escape back to Shanghai

    Terror Tunnel in 3D - The ultimate Mind Twist! A freaky tube that turns you upside down. This 3D attraction will have guests leaving with their heads spinning.

    Scare Zone

    ????? - Wet N Wild makes mention of some type of Scare zone on the website. Nothing was said as to what it exactly consists of or what it is but there was some mention made of it.


    Pirates of Pinnacle Peak - Pirate themed stunt show

    Interactive attractions

    Operation : Gone Bad - A gory twist on the game of operation. Guests carefully remove organs from a live victim; however the organs fight back with lungs emitting smoke, legs kicking, and bladders losing control. Guests outside can watch you operate on screen

    Dunk the Witch
    - Dunk a witch into a dunk tank of blood


    [Some of Wet N Wilds most popular slides will be operating during the festival of Fear. The exact operation and number of slides will vary depending on the day]


    Festival of Fear is a Halloween themed special event designed to be frightening. As a result this event is not recommended for wimps or children under 13 years of age. The event features walk-thru mazes and attractions, scare zone, stage show and more. In addition some of your favorite Wet 'n' Wild slides will be in operation during this event. Festival of Fear is a separately ticketed special event. Special event tickets are required (tickets and season passes for the regular 2009 or 2010 Season are not valid for this event). Visit our tickets link for additional information regarding tickets.


    7:00pm to 12:00am

    Admission Prices

    Front Gate General Admission $24.99

    Front Gate Admission and Feast Combo $37.99

    Online Pre-Sale General Admission special $18.99

    Online Pre-Sale Admission and feast combo $28.99

    2010 Early Bird Season Pass price $9.99 [discount only valid with the purchase of 2010 season pass for the price of $59.99]


    Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix offer parking adjacent to the Park; autos, motorcycles and RVs, are $5.00 per vehicle. Designated disabled parking spots are available. School, tour busses and 15 passenger vans are free. Season Pass parking passes are not valid for this special event.


    Festival of Fear is a special event located at Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix
    4243 W. Pinnacle Peak Road Glendale, Arizona 85310
    From Central Phoenix/Glendale
    Take I-17 North
    Exit 217 Pinnacle Peak Road
    From Scottsdale/Mesa/Tempe/Peoria/Sun City
    Take 101 North to I-17 North
    Exit 217 Pinnacle Peak Road
    From Flagstaff
    Take I-17 South
    Exit 217 Pinnacle Peak Road
    From California
    Take I-10 East toward Phoenix to 101 North
    To I-17 North
    Exit 217 Pinnacle Peak Road

    more information can be found at the following link....

    Festival of Fear
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    Re: Wet N Wild Festival of Fear [Phoenix, AZ]

    Oh and for anyone interesting in visiting this weekend... Here is a discount link for Discounted tickets valid for this Friday and Saturday only 10/09 and 10/10

    Ths discounted price for this weekend is $13 for general admission and $24 for the feat and admission combo.

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