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Knott's Scary Farm on 10/22


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  • Knott's Scary Farm on 10/22

    Looking at my potential schedule for my very brief trip, 10/22 looks like the best day for Knott's Scary Farm. It is only open from 7PM-1AM that day. That being a Thursday, will that be enough time to do all 13 of the mazes, ride a few coasters, and see the Hanging? Are the mazes really long (10 minutes plus), or are they brief (5 minutes or less)?

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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm on 10/22

    Hey there,

    You will definitely finish everything. I go to Knotts Scary Farm every single year and Universal horror Night.

    There are not a lot of people on Thursday. For example, If there 100 percent capacity of people at Knotts on Saturday, there should only be 25 to 30 percent or at most 40 percent of the people on Thursday.

    Get ready to walk close to 5 to 10 miles that day. You will be so tired at the end of the day.

    Each maze should take you from 8 to 12 min to complete. It depends if you are running or walking. except for 2 mazes which are ride mazes.

    Make sure to watch the Hanging. this is a very funny show if you are up to date with today pop culture. I also posted this up on youtube and micechat. You can type "asianjma123" on youtube to check out the hanging and all my other HD videos.
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      Re: Knott's Scary Farm on 10/22

      copying my post from the other thread...

      despite the downfalls if you have never been to Haunt... you so need to go and after one trip you will be hooked... trust me on that! Its so worth it and so worth the price... really you cant complain when you look at the value of what you get for the ticket price for Haunt. You get...

      11 Walkthough mazes
      2 Ride through haunted attractions
      3 scare zones covering most of the park
      6 or 7 shows including the Hanging in Calico Square
      Plus the rides of Knotts Berry Farm [do the haunt stuff first though]

      For the amount you get its really the best vale and worth going to haunt... Even if you cant do all the mazes on a given night for the 2 "toss" mazes I would skip Quarantine and Cornstalkers if you absolutely have to miss any but my plan of attack for haunt would be hitting the prescare if you can, if not make sure to get there by ropedrop and hit up Pyromaniax and Black Widows Cavern first... then hit the newer mazes first or hit all the mazes in a rotation going around the park... when we did the micechat meet, we basically did the 2 rides first, then went towards Bobo's, then to Dia De Los Muertos and then the 8pm hanging... after that we made our way to Quarantine, Cornstalkers, Labyrinth, Slaughterhouse, Aliens, then Lockdown and Club Blood, then up to Doll Factory and London... thats a good plan of attack since you can hit every maze and navigate your way around the park in a clockwise manner and cut down on walking!

      also if you are going on a least crowded day this will allow you to hit every maze and give you enough time for rides if you want to do a coaster run after. When we went with Micechat we had enough time to do all the coasters if we absolutely needed to but I just opted for Sierra Sidewinder and Silver bullet after we did our maze Death March! Also going on a less crowded day will allow you to hit a show if you want to.
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