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A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!


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  • [Pictures] A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!

    I've been wanting to post this Trip Report for a while, but school kind of took over and now I'm smack in the middle of midterm season! ]=

    But anyway, my boyfriend, the little girl that I nanny, and myself went to Yosemite, the weekend of Sept. 11 through the 13. We stayed at Curry Village in their cabin tents. They were pretty cool. None of us had ever gone to Yosemite, so it was a neat experience!

    I didn't get pictures from Friday night since all we did was drive... lol But here are pictures from the Saturday and Sunday!

    Day one:

    Walking to go get breakfast. We stayed in cabin tents, which you can see in this picture.

    We stayed at Curry Village in Yosemite, and ate at the Curry Dining Pavilion.
    Talk about luxury camping, if I didn't have to cook! [=

    The sign at Camp Curry, it lights up at night!

    Half Dome... We did not hike the 16-mile, 10-12 hour hike... LOL Oh no, not us!

    A city girl in the forest... Yea, it was really tough for my boyfriend and I to enjoy the weekend, she kept complaining about everything.... She is def not a camping/outdoors kinda girl...

    Part of the river, at this point, people can go down and wade in the water.

    Looking up the river

    Little Girl and I

    Boyfriend and I

    All three of us

    Little girl and I again

    Feeling oh so pretty.. while posing on a rock? LOL

    Up the river again, but this random guy is in there...

    Love this shot... I don't know why.

    We were actually hiking up the wrong path, so we turned around after half an hour and tried to do another path but then the little girl kept complaining so we just went back to the cabin tent and took naps!

    This was written in our nightstand drawer in the cabin tent

    Boyfriend while waiting for dinner. He's already irritated with the kid, can you tell? LOL

    Day Two. We met up with my parents and brother this day.

    We saw a lot of squirrels, but this one was the fattest I'd seen all weekend! And there is another squirrel like, talking to it.

    Posing with a fake bear in the dining pavilion

    Okay, enough with the bear... Moving on...

    I have continuous shots of these guys jumping, but... in a gist, this is what they were doing..

    Sitting on a bench

    My brother was so sore from hiking Half Dome. Can you feel his pain? haha!

    My baby brother and I. We're missing a sibling... The middle bro! ]=

    We had a nice view of Half Dome in the distance as we were walking to Yosemite Lodge

    Another shot of Half Dome

    Yosemite Lodge sign

    Boyfriend and I on the shuttle back to Curry Village

    There are PLENTY more pictures for you to enjoy here: Yosemite 2009 - a set on Flickr

    Boyfriend and I are hoping to go back to Yosemite sometime in the spring. We saw a lot of people riding their bikes, and we want to bring ours next time also! [=

    I hope you enjoyed the pics!


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    Re: A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!

    OMG, that is one plump squirrel! Nice TR.


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      Re: A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!

      What a wonderful trip report. I absolutely adore Yosemite and now I'm itching to return. Last time I was there (in July) I stayed at the Lodge and there was a plump squirrel right outside my door the entire time....that squirrel brings back such good, plump, memories :lol:
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        Re: A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!

        Aaawwww Yosemnite looks so beautiful, I LOVE the outdoors!!!! Have yet to camp there!


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          Re: A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!

          You've gotta go in the late Spring. Your river shots will look a little different, and you won't believe it's the same place.

          Our first trip to Yosemite was in October, and Yosemite Falls had dried up. We saw postcards with pictures of it in the gift shops, but couldn't really relate to what the big deal was. The next time we went, it was in the Spring and you couldn't even be in the observation area for Yosemite Falls without getting soaking wet!

          Thanks for sharing your trip and your wonderful pictures! It brings back a lot of happy memories.

          Sue in Texas
          ...too far from Yosemite...


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            Re: A bit overdue, but a short TR from Yosemite w/ pics!

            Great shots! That water is so clear. Looks like a great time of the year to be there.
            Thanx for posting them

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