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TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]


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  • Trip Report TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

    Its Better than a Knotts maze... Well maybe not better than Uncle Bobo's awesome and twisted big top of the bizarre... But mystery tunnels, bizarre foods, crazy midway carnies, and other sideshows awaited me at the Arizona State Fair today and every year I just cant wait until the state fair happens because each year they try and outdo themselves on food!

    Case in point, about a week before the fair even started there was a news article about the new eats at the fair and the bizarre foods some of the stands plan on selling... Now I will say that a lot of it is hype because I only found half of the new foods on that list and I tried to scour every menu looking for the most bizarre foods! Eventually I found the booth I needed and for the bizarre foods I was craving!

    You may be asking, What are these bizarre foods? I will say quickly that a few of them are not for the faint of heart! But to give a brief synopsis here is the list of things I was hyped up for...

    1) Smoked BBQ Lizard on a skewer [sounds exotic and tasty]
    2) Fried Frog Legs [wanted to see how tasty Kermit is]
    3) Chocolate covered Habaneros [the hottest pepper and sweet chocolate]
    4) Fried Bacon on a stick w/Gravy [sounds very tasty]
    5) Sauteed Mealworms [sounds interesting and exotic]
    6) Chocolate covered Scorpion [Its a delicacy in China so it must be good]
    7) Chocolate covered bacon [the bacon/chocolate candybars are good]
    8) Elephant meat on a skewer [sounds very exotic and different]
    9) Reindeer Hot Dogs [deer is edible and in the xmas spirit]
    10) Chocolate covered grasshoppers [grasshoppers taste good anyways]
    11) Deep Fried Tiramisu [I love Tiramisu and fried must make it better]
    12) Cajun Alligator Tails skewers [Gator meat is yummy and cajun seasoning is yummier]

    I will get to the bizarre foods I found and wound up eating but lets first visit the entrance to the fair!

    On the way into the fair, we find there is a new booth set up advertising awareness for a type of artery disease which is kinda ironic as most of the food at the fair is fried and I am sure your arteries will be clogged from all the fried food... Its like an Oxymoron this year.

    On a side note, I am very glad that this year they are actually advertising awareness for an artery disease and not Adult ADHD, Depression, or OCD like in previous years! Last year was eye opening as I took their little quiz for the Adult ADHD awareness thing and wound up with a 90% possibility of having Adult ADHD... As a result last year they gave me a bag that was basically their way of saying... "You must have Adult ADHD so you get this free bag and informational brochures as a prize for acing 90% of the questions the test"... My friends as evil as they are were very supportive last year by saying... "You come to the fair healthy and now you leave with a problem"... After last year and the whole Adult ADHD free survey test thingy it has been the mantra of every single visit to the state fair that I come into the fair healthy and leave with a problem... Being that it was always the case with those awareness booths that I left with a problem I was very pleased that this year it was for something I do not currently have or have a tendency towards [well I cant say I dont have a tendency towards it as I eat all the fried foods and stuff there]!

    They even had a little simulator ride you could go on... We didnt participate but it looked like a Star Tours that didnt go through space, but instead inside an artery... LOL! Like if Disneyland had a ride about arteries it would be called Artery Tours... LOL!

    Making our way into the fair from the front gate we get in and find this thing I enjoyed so much in 2007... The Mystery Tunnel!

    This thing is amazing... I was so upset that it was missing in action last year and to see it back I was like OMG! Yes! Lets go in and get all twisted and flipped out!

    For those who dont know, its basically a small spinning tunnel all blacklit and full of flourescent paint and mirrors tucked into this small trailer. Its one of typical flourescent tunnels like you would find at Knotts Haunt or any haunted house... The only thing is that instead of constantly moving forward you can stay in there as long as you would like and as long as you need to!

    I get a little too stunned from all the spinning... In fact I was starting to get a little nauseous from all the spinning inside the tunnel... Despite my mind playing tricks on me!

    My 2 Friends, John and Charlie had never done the mystery tunnel before and I just had to corrupt them and give them over to the awesome power of the mystery tunnel! It just has a way of sucking you in... and also sucking $2 out of your wallet... LOL!

    After the mystery tunnel we decided on walking around and catching some views at the weird stuff that can be found at the state fair!

    If its Cowboy Junk... then why should we even buy it? Although Cowboy junk can also mean a funky name for a stand selling cowboy stuff!

    As the sun started setting we caught a glimpse of the model trains under the grandstand! Yes, the grandstand is old and dumpy but the model train displays are always entertaining to watch! And while they may not be as impressive as the ones at the LA County Fair, they still are nice for what we have here in Arizona!

    This brings us to the point where I start my quest in looking for the Bizarre and wild foods that I read about and was so wanting to try! This was basically a long walk around the entire fair from top to bottom and through the midway looking for that one stand selling the most bizarre things I could think of! Not to mention we arrived right as the sun was setting so we could watch the fair come to life at night and watch the lights start bringing everything into a colorful wonder of the night!

    One of my favorite rides... The G Force... I just couldnt bother riding rides tonight and seriously I just dont see the reason... the rides are the same ones every year and are usually too tame for my tastes... Yes I said tame... I love the tango and all but after it being there every year I just am not too thrilled with shelling $5 to ride it and as expensive as it is to ride Speed the ride along with a long wait I decided to skip on rides... Now if they ever get something like a Top Scan then maybe I might shell out since I have always wanted to ride one and Top Scans look hella intense and fun!

    But here is a pretty pic of the G Force... Gotta love its awesome pendulum action!

    Since we all are Disneyland enthusiasts here, I figured I would snap a shot as an homage to us micechatters! Behold... It may not be outside the Tiki Room but there is a stand selling Dole Whip!

    As the sun had set, We were still on our quest for that one Bizarre food I was dying to try... In discussion I decided that we should search out and scour the fair for the Scorpions... I wanted to try eating a Scorpion... Not only for the bragging rights, but for the awesome OMG! and Gross out Factor that eating a Scorpion could do! This turned our night at the fair into a "Quest and hunt for the Scorpion"

    The "hunt for the scorpion" is on!

    No signs of a scorpion anywhere on the food avenue but I did see a large grill and a lot of Hawaiian chicken BBQ'ing on it!

    Well... No sign of the scorpions on food avenue... Lets go inside a building and look at some exhibits and revisit our hunt after a bit of viewing! Not to mention we came to the fair to see some other things!

    Inside the crafts and collections building we find Hamsteropolis! This is kinda amazing and like the ultimate hamster hotel and resort! Its like a Disneyland for hamsters!

    This persons collection of alien masks kinda freaks me out just looking at them! So much that I had to take some pics!

    For those who do not know or were not at the Micechat night at Haunt earlier last month! I have a huge fear of aliens! So much that Fishbulb made it a point to make sure he was right behind me in the Alien maze enjoying my reactions to it! Yeah I know the Alien maze sucks to a lot of people and I know that for people who are not afraid of aliens it kinda doesnt phase them but for someone like me... OMG! Its like the same thing with the Clowns and the people who have Coulrophobia! Now that we have gotten this bit of information out of the way... Lets take a looksie at the pictures of the alien masks!

    This black one with tubes was the worst as there was something like this inside the maze at Knotts this year... It like so totally brought back those memories of horrible aliens... LOL!

    This one is just beyond freaky and I really wish they had like evil clown masks or something because Clowns are awesome... LOL!

    This one is really horrible... Like a Skeleton Alien... thats kinda OMG!

    And this one right here is the stuff that is made out of my nightmares... if ti wasnt the icing on the cake it was like OMG... I still cant believe this guy has a hobby of collecting masks like this... but to each their own! The detail on the masks are impressive!

    After those freaky looking alien masks that were on display as a collection, figured it was nice to look at some awesome pottery... I really love how this little dish was done!

    Exiting the crafts building we decide that its time to continue out hunt for that scorpion and the stand selling that weird and bizarre treat! So we Walk the midway at night and love the lights and pretty sights from the fair!

    The rickety rollercoaster that sits on 2x4's... yes it really does... and I wont ever ride it again... that thing doesnt even look safe! Although it is run by Carnies and as Homer Simpson says, "Kings Among Men"... LOL!

    Footsie Wootsies... These things are so amazing! For a quarter its like a private massage for your feet!

    Creep Show... aka the cheesy poor mans haunted house! I have never been one for the cheesiness of Creep Show but then again the outer facade always looks nice... In fact I somehow got a picture of John's head in the bottomg left hand corner!

    The Large Ferris Wheel... It is always nice but then again I just opted not to ride it this time!

    Midway Mania has gotten to my head... I need some sprite to cool off... LOL!

    We may not be at Disneyland but at least we have a cheesy poor mans version of the Haunted Mansion... Ok it may not exit the berm and it may not have Madame Leota but again the facade is fun to look at...

    On our Midway Walk we found a huge group of Bananas... I love Bananas and OMG! They are amazing!

    In searching for that Scorpion, we are finding that the Midway could be a very bright and colorful place! But then again... The State Fair has so much lighting that everything is amazing at night!

    On our Search for that Scorpion we find ourselves in the Art Building looking at amazing things.... No food stands selling Scorpion but there is some amazing art!

    I Hate the DC Superheroes but I will say that this piece of art was very nice.... I will give it a pass!

    This painting was just pretty... Not to mention its of our native animal to Arizona... The Gila Monster! Maybe not the Scorpion we were looking for but still kinda awesome as a painting!

    The Male peacock is so pretty and it just walks around like a diva because it knows that it is! I may not like birds but I admire the peacock for being either a metro or gay bird that can sway itself down the runway like a drag queen diva and show everyone its pretty feathers because it knows it can! And for that, we salute the peacock!

    Coming out of the art exhibit in the collisseum basement we continue looking for that scorpion!

    But then again the 3 of us amigos need a rest and we find a bench to rest on! Divas like us need to rest our weary feet and then again we just didnt want to walk all the way to a footsie wootsie so we found a bench!

    I have an idea... Lets continue looking for those bizarre foods!

    But first Charlie must pretend to be the Pink haired Cotton Candy lady... Yes our fair apparently has a mascot and its this lady with pink hair made out of cotton candy that dresses in awesome 50's clothing... how awesome is that? Although I didnt know she would have Charlies face!

    In the attempt of a sidequest in trying to find that BBQ Lizard on a skewer... it seemed this item was Missing in Action because I looked on all these BBQ's and all I found were turkey legs!

    Maybe I should give up the hunt for that scorpion and find myself a bail out offer as a last resort... but at $9 for a bailout... I have to bring it upon myself to look a little harder!

    Maybe those Ghost Pirates can tell me... I mean, we found the poor mans Haunted Mansion and now apparently we found the poor mans Pirates of the Carribbean, again minus the berm and Jack Sparrow!

    I know... I will just ride on some SPEED! In place of those bizarre foods... Although I will second think that at how expensive and how crowded the line was to ride it!

    The Hunt is on... Will TAMAsurvivor find the prized scorpion appetizer he was searching for or will he be puzzled and confused with the constant walking and scouring along the booths at the fair?

    Part 2 will be posted after but I have to find a way to break up the photos and posts on this topic...
    Add me... I dont bite LOL!

    Commence Dragulation... Dragulation complete!!

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    Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

    Part 2... The Hunt for the Scorpion continues...

    The last picture is a good transition, so I will post it again... We wound up back on food avenue and after scouring both areas and both sides of the booths here I am surprised at how something so wild could be overlooked so quickly!

    The Chef Du Jour booth which is in the same place as it was last year is apparently the one serving up these bizarre and daring eats and why not! They are basically some catering company based out of Gilbert, AZ and if no other food stands are going to go wild this year and top the Rattlesnake of 2007 and the Crocodile nuggets of 2008, their booth might as well outdo everything from the previous years and do a damn good job at it! Being that the mantra with most catering companies is that things are covered in chocolate for the whole gourmet feast, it is no surprise that they opted this year to offer some different treats covered in chocolate and this is what brings me to what I was looking for and came to the fair to visit!

    That reason for my visit to the state fair every year is the whole idea of pushing my tastebuds and love for food to the limit and stepping outside my comfort zone and being open minded enough to try something new that I have never eaten before!

    I am a firm believer to try everything once and for this reason I had found my Scorpion dessert/appetizer! Now with each Scorpion being $3 I opted for only one, along with one order of mealworms for $1.50, and then one Chocolate Covered Habanero for $2... Now here is my reasoning on those food choices [because I could have also opted with the grasshoppers and crickets on the menu or even the jalapeno covered in chocolate, not to mention one of the menu other deep fried food or wok stirred noodle dishes at their booth]... Its all about pushing my limits to the extreme and if the show Fear Factor and the Micechat meet at Haunt taught me anything... Its about facing your fears [like alien mazes] and stepping a little bit outside of your usual comfort zone!

    Here is the scorpion...

    Here is the habanero...

    and here are the mealworms...

    Now for the reviews and the taboo factor of everything... Yes they are real and no none of them are fake! Yes its Taboo food and yes I spent that on the food because of the fact I was eating something taboo... Its all about the whole shock and awe factor anyways... Instead of giving a review on each one I figured I would do a short Q & A or just a short FAQ on everything!

    Which of the 3 was the most difficult to eat?

    The most difficult one to eat was the Habanero [believe it or not the other 2 were a cakewalk]... The pepper was so hard because Habaneros are one of the hottest peppers aside from those rare Naga Jalokia peppers in India and the Red Savina Habanero... Not to mention the fact that an average Habanero pepper ranks on the Scoville heat scale of 250,000 to 300,000... And the seeds are very spicy and can be murder compared to the fruit part of the pepper! Now the people selling the peppers said the chocolate takes out some of the heat but lets use some simple science here...

    Yes the chocolate gives the pepper a nice sweeter taste but chocolate is made with fat and fat is greasy and oily... The Capsaicin in the pepper which is responsible for the peppers heat is an oily substance and because the only thing that breaks down the heat and intensity is a base that absorbs oily substances, the chocolate doesnt do anything to reduce the heat and if anything would intensify the heat or leave a prolonging... However if it is milk chocolate the milk in it can break down a little of the heat but again not by much since the chocolate also has fat.

    Overall this made the Habanero the most difficult of the 3 and as I type this I can still feel the pepper going through my body and I am still sweating a bit from it! The pepper itself had a fire that even a Dasani could not extinguish and just like blazing wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, they are very tasty but do not attempt to eat one unless you are willing to brave an adventurous appetizer thats a little on the fiery and wild side! I highly recommend the chocolate covered habaneros to anyone willing to test their limits at the fair!

    How did the mealworms taste?

    To be honest they didnt have much of a taste and had more of a crunch... they kinda had the consistency of any crunchy snack and the only shocking factor was the fact they are worms... If you can get over that they are actually pretty good and I could literally eat them all day! Yes I said I could eat a plate of them all day.... they were literally that good!

    How did the Scorpion taste?

    This one was difficult to describe at first... The fact that it was covered in chocolate was a little crazy but then again chocolate makes everything better... This one was actually as strange as it sounds! Yes I said it... Strange... The only comparison I could give to the taste of the scorpion is a mojito that taste of less mint and more alcohol... it had a very alcohol type of taste... somewhat like minty mouthwash but then again somewhat like rubbing alcohol... Now they take the stinger off the scorpion but when you eat it you get this tingly feeling and taste... It is just very different than other types of gourmet bugs I have eaten [and I have eaten a lot of different Gourmet bugs in my life]... This one was very adventurous and very different! If you are looking for something different and Taboo... Try the scorpion you wont be dissappointed! And if you get too freaked out or grossed out just remember this... According to the news article about this item they are a delicacy in China and if people in China can eat them with no problems there is no problems with anyone getting sick from them! Remember its all in your mind!

    Can I still burp up the habanero and taste the intensity of the pepper long after eating it?

    Definitely... as I am typing this I am still burping up habanero flavor! Not really that much heat but I can still taste habanero flavor... At the moment I feel like a walking time bomb and on those days when I drink Cayenne pepper tea and take my turmeric vitamin supplements I feel like a walking curry... its really just part of the territory in eating a straight pepper!

    Do they take the seeds out of the Jalapenos and Habaneros before they dip them in chocolate?

    No they do not... I was just as shocked to find that out when biting into the pepper! As I was enjoying the snack I kept telling myself... People on fear factor ate these dipped in chocolate on one episode amongst many other things... I can do this and I can finish it! Since most of the seeds are at the top of the habanero I suggest eating around the majority of the top seeds!

    Why would you put yourself through all this at the fair?

    I enjoy food and I love pushing myself to the limits when it comes to food.. My taste buds are also very adventurous and if its hot and spicy I will attempt to push my limit and if its strange and bizarre I will again try going outside the box and pushing my limits! Food at the State Fair is way too fun to be limited to only the hamburgers and corn dogs and piggly fries! Not to mention its like eating while on vacation... You wanna splurge and enjoy that special occasion, hence why people visit the Blue Bayou and participate in Character Dining while at Disneyland Resort!

    Out of the 3 you tried which would you recommend?

    I recommend the Habanero if you are too freaked about eating bugs but still want to push limits and prove to your friends you are a "real macho man" [or woman] when it comes to food... If you are daring enough to try the bugs I recommend the Scorpion... Its like no other thing I have yet to try!

    Do you recommend trying one bizarre item off their list?

    Definitely! As I said I am a firm believer in trying everything once... Not to mention its not like any of that will kill you... and to make sure it wont I suggest eating a few antacids after or having those Gas X strips along for the ride... but thats a given if you are going to be eating fried stuff at the fair anyways!

    and as always... here is the end result of all 3 items...

    That pepper was the most difficult though... LOL! My picture says 1000 more words...

    Even a whole Dasani could not extinguish the flame... Yes it was that hot! But it was hella tasty and so worth it!

    Charlie... just enjoying the ambience of food avenue while John is on the side watching me in burning intensity

    After satisfying my craving to take on the taboo and hunt down that scorpion and all that bizarre food I figured it would be time to let the fire in my stomach rumble amd make my way with John and Charlie to a few exhibits and see a few more awesome things at the fair! Yes the night goes on after the weird food... LOL!

    To continue our night we go back into the Craft and Hobby building sampling and taking in more parts of the exhibits.

    There was some impressive Doll Houses in here... sadly no sinister Doll Factories but a lot of detail in these pieces... I still am amazed at how someone could be so awesome at getting the attention to detail in some of these models and pieces

    This is a nice table that had some wildly detailed models... Again I am just amazed at how people took time to make attention to detail on a lot of these

    I had to snap a photo of this thing because it reminded me of my final when I did 3D design just on a larger scale... Not to mention my 6 part box was made out of clay instead of what the person used but its a similar concept!

    After making our way out of the crafts building we decide that its time to follow the odorous scent of manure and cow to the farm exhibits which smell very farm like but then again... Its a bunch of cows... Cows just have this smell about them that just lingers in the air... It always reminded me of the times we would be driving around Corona and Norco when I was a kid and oftentimes if you were on the right road you could just smell the cows from a distance... If I even remember the cows could be smelled along the 15 freeway too... kinda wild! But then again since Cows are awesome we had to go take a look and get some pics!

    Next up was the rabbits... I love rabbits and other small animals and those small animal exhibits are always fun because its nice to see all the different types of small animals... Not to mention rabbits are just fluffy and awesome!

    Then we came across some little goats

    Inside this building they also had a milk truck and one thing I just always love to eat while at the State Fair... Cheese Curds... Those things are so amazing and so tasty, especially when fried and battered... Then again I just enjoy them when they are loaded on top of french fries and smothered in beef gravy... amazing stuff! I have to google this because it somehow says they make cheese curds locally in Tempe... I would love to get a hold of some and batter them up and get them into the deep fryer at home!

    yes those animals are wild... but then again we are getting tired and about ready to call it a night! You can see I look kinda tired... LOL!

    The state fair has been fun but after the wild and bizarre foods, the crowds of people exiting the Bob Dylan concert that was going on, and the fair getting clogged with crowds every little place possible we started making our way back through the midway and towards the exit.

    Yes.... despite my fears of Aliens I decide to walk past one of their amazing and gravity defying spaceships... Had I opted to ride any of the rides this would have been one of my picks to ride because I love how you can defy gravity inside and turn yourself upside down and do all sorts of wild things in a gravitron... yes there is a lot you do in a gravitron and its all just fun to test the limits of gravity in there!

    Again, all that Midway Mania has been getting to me... I look so tired and ready to make my way towards the craziest ride at the fair...

    That craziest ride would be known as "The Crowd Ride"... Yes for one low price of free you can ride the wildest ride at the state fair... It is called "The Crowd Ride" and all you have to do is walk towards the parking lot through the other Food Alley after the Bob Dylan or whatever the concert of the night is as it just lets out and floods the walkways with many people buying food on the food alley and walking to their cars, and making their way to the midway... all at the same time... Its really an adrenaline rushing ride and wilder than any crowd control at Disneyland... In fact with "the crowd ride" you dont have any crowd control here as you are left to your own devices in making your own crowd control.

    The funny thing about "The Crowd Ride" is that all you have to do is make it from point A to point B at the end of that Crowd but then again... the many other people on "The Crowd Ride" are also trying to make it from point B to A or just stopping in the middle to get some food at points C, D, E, and F.

    And since we were not doing so well while riding "the crowd ride" we decided to hit a point C in between our way from point A to B and we found that we could not get "Refils"... I wonder though if they will let us have "refills" because last time I checked a Refill is not a Refil

    Ok so we made it to point B and almost to the exit of the fair... It has been a long night of fun food, Bizarre items, and a wild time... in fact the state fair this year was much more of the same and yet still had enough to amp up the bizarre!

    Not to mention this year they so brought back the Mystery Tunnel... LOL! But again... the fair was an amazing time and I cant wait until the final day this year when I can go see Kelly Clarkson perform... the best thing about the entertainment at the fair is that unless you buy reserved seating all you have to do is show up early about an hour before the show and line up and you can claim free general admission seating and thats seriously what most people do anyways since the floor seats are only really needed if you want to shell out on a guaranteed floor seat... In most cases the General admission seating isnt too bad and free Kelly Clarkson performance... nothing beats that!

    And on our final way out... nothing to keep up the whole Aliens at the fair thing by taking a picture of this balloon thing... Obviously its a balloon... its not scary... but I seriously do hate aliens... but I just liked how it stood out in all those cheap and flimsy novelty things not to mention is had a guitar! How cool is that!

    Anyhow... State Fair was amazing... I plan on visiting a few more times and if I do I will try either the deep fried bacon or chocolate covered bacon and then try the deep fried tiramisu and get some fried cheese curds... Gotta love that fair food LOL!

    I also took a few videos which will be loaded on my youtube and when they are posted they will be added to my TR... for now I have just the pics but the best video was the one where I eat all those wild foods! Look for that to be posted as soon as I can get it uploaded and done!

    [Oh and in case anyone wonders why my shirt has the words "homophobia" and "fags" on it... my friend designed a shirt for our community group a few years ago that was sold for charity and the slogan on it says in full... "The Definition of Homophobia: The Irrational Fear that 3 fags will break into your home and redecorate" [I get a lot of nice compliments about this shirt all the time but credit goes to one of my friends for creating the slogan]... Anyhow just bringing that out into the open there in case people are thinking that my shirt was promoting something else because of only being able to see a small bit of the wording on it from the pictures. I know the rules on this board and having only pieces of my shirts wording visible in some of the pictures I just dont want people getting the wrong idea about what my shirt was saying]

    Comments and feedback on my trip to the state fair this year are always welcome
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      Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

      DUDE! that was an awesome report! And hats off to you for trying the three bizarre delicacies. Now I am dying to try scorpion. See? You pushed yourself just outside your comfort zone and now your burping up Habanero. What does that teach you?
      "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
      Homer Jay Simpson


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        Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

        Originally posted by Fishbulb View Post
        DUDE! that was an awesome report! And hats off to you for trying the three bizarre delicacies. Now I am dying to try scorpion. See? You pushed yourself just outside your comfort zone and now your burping up Habanero. What does that teach you?

        Well the only thing I could say to that is that its Arizona and we eat hot peppers all the time... Maybe not that hot but we do eat some hot ones! Actually I have never eaten one straight like that but I have eaten the Blazin wings at Buffalo Wild Wings... The difference between the 2 is that the pepper itself is a little more difficult than the Blazin Sauce.

        It basically teaches me that when all is said and done, the state fair is a food lovers paradise that can test your limits and most of all your stomach... Yes, as I wake up this morning I feel the Habanero still inside and I am sure its going to burn when it finally gets out of my system! Is almost like you have to have an iron stomach to enjoy it! Although prior to our trip to the fair we ate at the mexican buffet and I loaded up on their Habanero Salsa with my chips so I guess the only crazy thing is that in a Salsa it still has a kick but the other foods in the salsa take a bit of the bite away!

        As I said I uploaded my videos to youtube!

        Here are the Bizarre Foods...

        [ame=""]YouTube - Bizarre Foods with TAMAsurvivor at the Arizona State Fair[/ame]

        Here is the aftermath...

        [ame=""]YouTube - Aftermath of the Chocolate Covered Habanero[/ame]

        Here is our little trip in the Mystery Tunnel...

        [ame=""]YouTube - The Mystery Tunnel at the Arizona State Fair[/ame]

        And then here is our fun time doing "The Crowd Ride"

        [ame=""]YouTube - "The Crowd Ride" at the Arizona State Fair[/ame]
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          Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

          Even better... Charlie has a better quality camera and took a few videos! I feel bad that my video quality is not that good on my camera not to mention my picture quality isnt the best... My camera is basically a point and shoot with very few settings and its kinda bland!

          Here is a higher quality version of that same video that I posted above... I look prettier on Charlie's Camera!

          [ame=]YouTube - Paul Tamayo Show[/ame]

          Charlie even has a better video of the Mystery Tunnel

          [ame=]YouTube - Mystery Tunnel[/ame]
          Add me... I dont bite LOL!

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            Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

            Great pictures and reporting. Glad you tried those foods, better you than me. I'm sorry but ick, ick, and triple ick on the scorpion. I will be the brave soul that tries the chocolate covered bacon, deep fried bacon and gravy, and if you insist the deep fried tiramisu.

            The one thing I really wish our state fair had was more benches because the people watching there is so entertaining.

            Again congrats on being the bravest Zonie.


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              Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

              Deep fried bacon sounds really tasty! I keep seeing it featured on the Food Networks "The Best thing I ever ate" and it kinda has me intrigued!
              Add me... I dont bite LOL!


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                Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

                Thanks for keeping up the Annual Tradition of reporting on the AZ state fair!

                But I will definitely pass on the "Fear Factor Fried Food" booth at the AZ state fair!
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                  Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

                  Originally posted by Aladdin View Post
                  Thanks for keeping up the Annual Tradition of reporting on the AZ state fair!

                  But I will definitely pass on the "Fear Factor Fried Food" booth at the AZ state fair!
                  Dont pass up on that booth... the bugs and peppers are only a small portion of the many items they feature and are only there for shock value!

                  That booth had fried Macaroni and Cheese, exotic noodle dishes, large woks out in front of it with people stirring noodles and stir fry items, other fried foods that looked good, and even some regular and standard foods like fried mashed potatoes if I am not mistaken and even garlic fries... The booth was sponsored by some catering company based out of Gilbert and as a result they had some pretty good variety and the other food items that were not all shock related looked pretty tasty... there was also plenty of other tasty gourmet foods to be offered from them! That booth served a lot more than those strange "fear factor" foods!

                  I can swear on my life that I only ordered a small shocking portion of the many other non shocking things that booth offered!

                  Oh and the Booth is a white booth that says Chef Du Jour and is strategically placed on the main food avenue behind SPEED! and located next to the slushie booth!
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                    Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

                    The pepper itself had a fire that even a Dasani could not extinguish and just like blazing wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, they are very tasty but do not attempt to eat one unless you are willing to brave an adventurous appetizer thats a little on the fiery and wild side!
                    Oh a friend of mine always gets the Blazin' sauce on his wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. I once took a teeny, tiny taste... and I wanted my mommy! Holy smokes that was painful! I seriously wanted to cry. LOL! Last month, my boss did the Atomic Challenge at the local Quaker Steak & Lube. Their Atomic wing sauce weighs in at 150,000 Scoville Heat Units. You have to sign a waiver that basically says if you get sick and die after eating these wings, it's your own stupidity. Well, my boss did it, but he had blisters in his mouth for like 2 days afterward. He said it was just brutal painful and the hottest thing he had ever eaten. The hottest I'll go there is the Chipotle BBQ and the hottest I'll go at BWW is the Parmasean Garlic. Nummy!


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                      Re: TAMAsurvivor's Big TR of the Bizarre [Arizona State Fair]

                      Wow, great report!
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