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San Diego Zoo (PIC HEAVY)


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  • Trip Report San Diego Zoo (PIC HEAVY)

    Ok trip..but because of the many school groups around the zoo today.. i had trouble taking pics at times because i get shoved alot by 6 or more kids..i got pics though when the groups were on the buses
    (pics may be out of order) and yes.. i didnt forget to take skyfari pics
    EDIT:its been crowded today because of Free days..Kids get in free 10/1-10/31

    Got to see the New Elephant Oddesey exhibit..i think they did a good job with this exhibit.. this is truely a exhibit worth seeing if you are at the zoo

    theres some construction going on in front..and the balboa Ride area was shut down.. plus the bug exhibit was shut down until 11/1
    i will be writing another report in a few weeks since im going to the wild animal park sometime in november..Hope the new tiger exhibit is open soon
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    Re: San Diego Zoo (PIC HEAVY)

    I remembered when I went to San Diego Zoo last year. I was freaking tired from walking too much looking at Animal.
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