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San Diego Zoo 2-28


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  • [Pictures] San Diego Zoo 2-28

    went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday.
    got lost but actually saw new stuff.. didnt realize theres a bridge under the belltower leading to many of the museums, there were crowds at the Organ house, Japanese friendship garden, the puppet theatre and more.

    Zoo was crowded also been updated with a rock climbing area and a Bungee jump called Jumpin Joeys..
    (if anyone wants to know where it is ..its on the Sun bear path towards the bear canyon(now center street)
    Polar bear Plunge is down until 3/26 to be updated for a whole new experience
    otherwise..everything else was open for the public to see


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    Re: San Diego Zoo 2-28

    The last time I was there was when I took my parents. Boy, were they tired after a few walk around the park.
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      Re: San Diego Zoo 2-28

      Nice pictures!

      It's sad that I live 30 min. away from this beautiful place, yet I haven't been there in around 10 years. I'll have to make a trip soon.

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        Re: San Diego Zoo 2-28

        We were there a few months ago and watched a Gazelle being born. It was so cool!
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          Re: San Diego Zoo 2-28

          we just got a membership! we live 10 mins (walking) away! its great! when we dont feel like driving to Disneyland, we head over to the zoo!

          And for 2 people, a year membership is 140! not bad at all
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            Re: San Diego Zoo 2-28

            You... be-long in the zoo... the San Di-ego Zoo!

            That little jingle is probably dating myself, but I used to love going to this place back then... still do too!
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