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Alton Towers Th13teen


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  • [Chat] Alton Towers Th13teen

    I've seen discussion about this on TPR, but not a lot about it over here.

    Thirteen (aka Th13teen) is the new coaster at Alton Towers in the UK (it took the place of the old Corkscrew). It's being billed as a "psychoaster". From what I've seen, it's an Intamin family coaster, with some interesting twists.

    [ame=]YouTube - TH13TEEN - New for 2010 at Alton Towers[/ame]

    A news clip from Central Tonight in the UK. The ride shows the dark ride part with the work lights on, so you can't see any of the effects.

    [ame=]YouTube - Th13teen, Alton Towers Central Tonight[/ame]

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    Re: Alton Towers Th13teen

    Bloody show building isn't even finished....IDIOTS!

    Also, minus the "world's first" part, anyone who has ridden a MACK YoungStar before has already ridden Th13teen's coaster section. Though I'd still give my left arm to ride it.
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      Re: Alton Towers Th13teen

      I've seen a couple photos inside the show building WITH the effects going. Was kinf of blurry, but I kind of got the gist of it, especially the shot that was taken inside the crypt itself. Apparently all the effects aren't running yet but they keep adding more.

      I'd love to see a full POV video with the effects going in the show building.


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