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Northern California Pirate Fair 2010


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  • [Pictures] Northern California Pirate Fair 2010

    A awesome, still free!, annual event at the Vallejo marina in the Bay Area. This is always worth a visit for me: great entertainment, fun costumes and just plain good people. Highly recommended, if you happen to be in the area over Father's Day weekend.

    Onwards to photos and piratical shenanigans:

    The kraken balloon awakes!

    Part of the display by the Pirates of Emerson haunted house group (moving this year to the Alameda County fairgrounds)

    Emerson brought their own, very unique, photo display as well...

    I need a tankard like the guy on the right.

    One of the Emerson crew.

    A few of the members of nautical band The Sea Dogs

    The beloved Captain of the Emerson haunt crew, along with his last girlfriend....

    This woman was giving demonstrations/performances with a bullwhip.

    Live owl!

    Yet another drinking vessel I need.

    And lastly, a performance of a very familiar (to those who sail these shores) shanty by the Sea Dogs:

    [ame=]YouTube - Sea Dogs - A Pirate's Life for Me[/ame]

    Thank you all for looking, and remember to drink your rum!
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Northern California Pirate Fair 2010

    looks like such an awesome time!

    and tysm for the info about PoE moving this year, i now remember them mentioning this to us when we were there last october...had forgotten until you brought it up here
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      Re: Northern California Pirate Fair 2010

      Wow, it looks like a renaissance festival but with Pirates... Looks like a fun time!
      Add me... I dont bite LOL!

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        Re: Northern California Pirate Fair 2010

        cool fair
        I wonder if they have a used ship lot, I've been looking for one in the NYC area for months and havn't found a deal yet
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          Re: Northern California Pirate Fair 2010

          Whoa! I'd never heard of this! Looks like great fun! I'm glad you got a chance to go so you could share your pictures with us!

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