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Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct


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  • [Pictures] Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

    After years of blowing by the Dolores Lake Waterpark off the I15 in Newbury Springs, California, I decided to pull off on the way home from Las Vegas and take a peek at what is left of an iconic era in California history.

    Donned the "Fun Spot of the Desert", the Dolores Lake Waterpark, later to be known as the Rock-a-Hoola Waterpark, was the first water park in the world.

    In the Rock-a-Hoola rendition of the park, the theme took a nod from the 1950's & 1960's with rock & roll and classic architecture.

    Roadside signs still grace the parking area.

    Looks like a fire got to this one...

    Unfortunately, today's park doesn't quite look like this anymore.

    But more like this.

    The cool gas pump turnstiles still remain.

    But vandalism is pretty obvious since the park has been closed since 2004.

    The eeriest part, was that most of the buildings (aside from some broken windows and whatnot) appear much as they would have when the park was full of guests.

    It looks like we'll have to find tickets somewhere else.

    Rentals seem to be closed too.

    Even the Lazy River Cafe no longer serves your favorite Bar-B-Que selections.

    Over by the pools...

    The kiddie area once looking like this,

    Now looks like this.

    The lazy river is even more lazy now.

    More to come...
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    Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

    wow how creepy!!
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      Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

      Wow ... so the public can just walk right in and check the place out?


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        Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

        Originally posted by TikiRoomLiz View Post
        Wow ... so the public can just walk right in and check the place out?
        Well, technically, I'm sure it would be considered a B&E, but since it is out in the middle of the desert, and there are no homes around...

        Let's just say there are no blocks in the driveway, and the main gates are wide open.


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          Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

          So THATs what the park looks like O.o ( all i saw off the 15 freeway 4 years ago was a giant cola can )
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            Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

            Wow... I think I'd only ever been by there maybe once or twice. But I find these kinds of pictures fascinating!! Its like a historical snapshot of a moment in time. I love how you have shots of what it looked like before, to compare it to now. Its almost like an archeological discovery! The only thing missing is neon lights at twilight time!

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              Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

              I don't know why, but defunct theme parks give me the heebie-jeebies... :blink: These pictures are really fascinating! I look forward to seeing the rest!
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                Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                These are awesome! I've always been somewhat curious about that place everytime I drive to Vegas. Can't wait to see the rest.
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                  Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                  Awesomely creepy pictures!!!!


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                    Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                    Thanks for the photos. We've passed that site dozens of times, and always wondered what the story was!
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                      Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                      That place is super creepy! We dubbed it the Scooby Doo haunted water park on our way to Vegas earlier this year. Thanks for the pics!
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                        Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                        I have to admit, I've always wanted to pull off and walk around, too. It used to be known as Lake Dolores, here's the Wikipedia:

                        Lake Dolores Waterpark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                        Too bad the slides themselves are down now, but I can see how they'd be a liability, especially with happened with Rob & Big!
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                          Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                          The main plaza beyond the gates once featured a shimmering pool topped with a motorcycle mounted on a pole several feet above the water.

                          Today, all that remains is the base and the shallow pool.

                          The old souvenir shop doesn't look too bad...

                          Until you look inside.

                          Across the way, the lockers are still in pretty good shape.

                          Looking up the main hill, the colorful waterslides which separated Dolores Lake Waterpark from the monotonous desert landscape are long gone.

                          All that remains are the concrete support columns (looking rather asian inspired without the tubes on top).

                          Final installment to come...
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                            Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                            I love looking at pics like these (and of defunct amusement parks and abandoned malls). Gives me the heebie jeebies, but I can't stop looking!


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                              Re: Rock a Hoola Waterpark - Now Defunct

                              Wow. I remember visiting this park 3-4 times in the summer whenever I was in Barstow. Seeing the park like this is very creepy/eerie. Do you have a picture of the large Coca-Cola can across the way from the park?

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