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Cedar Point and pictures


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  • Trip Report Cedar Point and pictures

    I just got back from my first trip ever to Cedar Point. Two thumbs up.
    I'll style my comments for the Disney crowd. First of all, what is really cool about this park is that its basically an island (in Lake Erie, in the town of Sandusky Ohio) - as you drive across the causeway, you see the coasters looming above the trees across the water, and I could not help but think of image of Pinocchio going to Pleasure Island. The park is historic, going back to Victorian beach front days and one of the original Pavilion style buildings is still there. It has an ecclectic mix of "main street," "Frontier," style architecture, mixed with a healthy does of "70's" style theme park buildings - a lot of "pizza-hut" style roofs on hexagonal shaped kiosks - and color stripes that remind me of the opening days of Epcot. It still has a skyway (but sadly it does not go thru a Matterhorn). This park is rated at the top coaster park in the country - so its scene is mostly teens and adults with older kids. Very few retired age guests, and very few strollers - except in the Camp Snoopy area. The Frontier Town area looked like it was heavily influenced by both Disneyland and also the Bi-Centennial fascination with Americana and crafts that was at its height in the 70's. If you like tall fast coasters, this is the park for you. And the bonus is that the views from the top are spectacular - water on all sides, lots of pleasure boats floating around, and in the distance the town of Sandusky with its Church Steeples and quaint downtown buildings - worth a visit on their own. The layout of the park was basically a figure 8 - so easy to get around without getting lost. There was a real Steam Train making a loop around the back half of the park - with requisite whistle heard throughout. The coasters represent just about every milestone in the evolution of coasters from old fashion wood frame out and back to wood with steel, nouveaux wood frame with steep banks, hanging coaster, overhead track with feet hanging, accelerated launch, and various combinations. The Millennium Force, Magnum, and Maverick were my favorites. The drag race coaster was insane - 120mph in 4 seconds and then straight up and then back down - I think the whole ride is like 30 seconds (I closed my eyes for the launch part). There was a cute Ice Show featuring the Peanuts gang - simple and cute without seaming lame or dumb - and still entertaining for adults because they used current popular music. Cedar Point is the flagship for Cedar Fair Parks - which now covers quite an extensive collection of formerly independent parks (and should actually have its own Forum Category "Cedar Fair".) They have now also developed Cedar Point Resorts - 4 hotels that provide 1-hour early park admission, discount tickets, and also exclusive "twilight" tickets - we only paid $14.95 for the first day - 5pm to 10pm - and the full day was only $29 if you were staying in a resort - we had paid the full $45 when we bought online - wish we had known that ahead of time. We stayed at the Breakers Express - I would call it a "value" resort - very clean, bright colors in the room, but very simple architecture and no frills at the pool or landscape. But for the price, location and benefits, it was completely satisfying. There are other older resorts on the island adjacent to the park - but we did not have time to visit them. Overall, I would classify this as a coaster park with some theming, its more in the Amusement Park category vs. true Theme Park. There was one enclosed indoor coaster with an attempt to immitate Space Mountain - but if you miss it you aren't missing much. I definitely had a good time and would go back again in the future.
    Here are my pictures:

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    Re: Cedar Point and pictures

    the rest of my photos are on my facebook - Jeffrey Lurie - but I can't post a direct link here


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      Re: Cedar Point and pictures

      Keep it coming. I am a huge Cedar Point fan.


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        Re: Cedar Point and pictures

        The concept of the Frontier Trail and a lot of Frontiertown came from the drafting table of Ray Wallace, a former Disney designer. Ray did a fair amount of design work after Disney, including the initial design for Seaport Village in San Diego.


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          Re: Cedar Point and pictures

          Good info. I want to go to Cedar Point sometime soon but it would be a solid 8+ hour drive.

          Oh and did you know that Cedar Point is the second oldest running amusement park in the U.S.?

          Guess which one is first? That's right. Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT. (My home park.)
          -Hale (wumbology)

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          (I've never visited Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, nor Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, so don't be fooled when I pretend to know what I'm talking about. [But I'm pretty good with the information, if I do say so myself. And you can hit me all you want with Walt Disney World.])


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            Re: Cedar Point and pictures

            I love Cedar Point. Used to go there a lot when I was a kid. Almost every summer. We had a big RV, so we'd stay at the campground that's behind the park (I know it's still there).

            Sadly my last visit was back in 1990. The new coaster that year was the Magnum XL 2000. I'm dying to go back and ride the bazillion new coasters they've added since then. This park is home to my all time favorite coaster, Gemini. Yeah it's old and dated but always a great ride. I loved riding it at night and people really got into the "race" aspect of it then and we'd all reach across the trains to slap hands. Good times.

            Oh yeah, Disaster Transport is the name of the Space Mountain wannabe. It's actually a bobsled coaster (was originally open-air and called Avalanche Run in the late 80's... was themed to an Olympic bobsled run). I remember losing the sunglasses I bought in California the summer before on that ride.

            The Mine Ride is a fun little coaster too. When I was a kid there was a little tree branch I would always reach up and try to grab as I passed as it was so close... never could reach it.

            Cedar Point even became the home of a couple rides from Freedomland USA in NY when that park closed. The building that hold part of the Snoopy stuff in the main midway (formerly home to the Berenstain Bears and before that, the Earthquake ride from Freedomland USA), then over where the queue for another newish coaster (forget which one) and the nearby restaurant used to be where the Pirate Ride from Freedomland used to be (there's still a homage to the Pirate Ride on the wall in the restaurant from what I've heard). I remember riding Pirate Ride back in the 80's. That was one freaky dark ride.

            I'm hoping I can finally get my butt back up north for a visit in the next couple years. I really want to go to Cedar Point (and Michigan's Adventure, which was my home park... back when it was still called Deer Park Funland and they only had one coaster, the Corkscrew).


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              Re: Cedar Point and pictures

              I have been to Cedar Point twice in my lifetime. Once in 1992 and again in 2005. The first time I was a teenager and I just remember flirting with guys and not riding a whole lot of rides. But the last time I went was great! The only downfall was that the temperature was 103 degrees. The news report said NOT to go outside that day, but I was at Cedar Point. I just drank a LOT of water and tried to stay cool the best I could. That Snoopy ice show was great to cool off! And it was cute enough to hold my attention.

              The one ride that I will never forget is the Mantis. I was scared out of my mind on that one!

              Just for fun, here are some of my photos from when I was there in 2005.

              Photo taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel.

              Trying to stay cool in one of the shops (I can see the sweat dripping off me)

              I love wooden roller coasters! But I can't remember the name of this one.

              My now ex-husband and I on the Mantis. We were so scared!

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                Re: Cedar Point and pictures

                Thanks for your trip report and the pictures.

                Cedar Point is great. We have been there in 2007 during our foreign semester in the US. Millenium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick and the big wooden coaster were great. Especially the wooden coaster was amazing, becuase it was the first time for us to experience a wooden coaster. It was really fast.

                We definately have to return when we are going to visit our friends in Ohio next year.


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                  Re: Cedar Point and pictures

                  That wooden coaster is probably Mean Streak.


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                    Re: Cedar Point and pictures

                    Yup it's MEan Streak. The only other woodie there is Blue Streak, which is near the front of the park and is um... blue. Gemini is a steal coaster on a wooden frame.


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