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Weekend Pics from Knott's


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  • [Pictures] Weekend Pics from Knott's

    Kathy and Janet Lennon were there signing dolls.

    It's hard to buy a funnel cake when the windows are open but there's no one inside.

    It's not like the lines are long. But, for only $20 you and four people can go to the front of it.

    They have put in some nice, big, shaded ODVs

    But, midsummer, midday and some of the food stands were closed.

    I just can't inagine Disneyland leaving their dumpsters open to the public.

    Time for the Calico Saloon for the show. There's singing...

    And, of course, Can-Can dancing. Kick it girls.

    There's beer, at a hefty price.

    And there's churros, er, popcorn.

    We found the remnants of Beary Tales.

    It was a day for Latino music.

    But how did she get into those pants?

    The glass-blower was hard at work.

    And Old Hiram's heart was still beating.

    While the Sheriff was having some problems with gunfighters.

    We found a shop that was selling some old Haunt items.

    When we bought something it wasn't put in a Knott's bag.

    Finally, on the way out Della noticed this lamp by the Chicken Dinner restaurant. It has Boysenberries and chickens on it.

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    Re: Weekend Pics from Knott's

    Thanks for the update and the great pics. I'll have to check out that store to see what they're charging for the old Haunt props. Not that I have to have them — just curious!


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      Re: Weekend Pics from Knott's

      nice trip report.


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        Re: Weekend Pics from Knott's

        Very cool, thanks for sharing. I can't really tell if it was a good day totally or not!

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          Re: Weekend Pics from Knott's

          Very cool stuff!!! We are going to Knott's next Thursday for our first non-haunt day in the park since 2006.


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