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Celebration V - Star Wars convention


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  • Trip Report Celebration V - Star Wars convention

    I have never considered myself a die-hard Star Wars fan, but I definitely enjoy all the creativity, and especially the escapist "architecture" and fantasy worlds that are a part of it (I'm an architect), and since Celebration V was going to be in Orlando we decided to get one-day passes for Saturday and check it out.

    We had a great time.

    The "Main Event" was an interview by Jon Stewart of George Lucas. Since we did not sleep out all night, we we in the satellite auditorium simulcast with several thousand others watching on the big screen. It was kind of one of those things I never imagined myself doing, but I'm really glad I did. There's something about a live interview with someone that really gives you a different angle than an edited format. Obviously, a lot was planned ahead - including George giving Jon a Star Wars "action figure" of himself, delivered by R2-D2.
    Other guest stars that joined the stage just before conclusion were Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher - so it was really cool to see them "grown up" - not being a die-hard I had not seen pictures of them in years and I didn't even realize it was "Luke" at first.

    We did a moderately paced walk-thru of the "trade" floor - seeing the various collectible vendor booths, displays of truly amahhhzing artwork inspired by the movies, and everything else you can imagine. The whole thing is fan-based - so there are models of the set pieces and vehicles, not built by people in hollywood but by people who just love the movies.

    We attended one seminar all about the 501st group - which I did not know about until recently. Its all fans that dress up as the various empire soldiers - Stormtroopers and Tie-Fighter pilots of every style and variation that exist. They have to make their own costumes and this seminar talked about all the different nuances from one to another. Not being a die hard fan, I realized this must be what its like for other people to hear us discuss the differences between the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland vs Disney World - when someone says to us "aren't they the same" we get indignant and ramble on about all the details we know are VERY different. So anyway, it was cool to watch other passionate people talk about their thing.

    Another "wow" room was the R2 builders room. There are people all over building their own versions of R2-D2 out of aluminum, wood, metal, motors - and LED lighting - it was overwhelming to walk into a room and see more than 100 R2 units - and many of them had their "builder" with them, talking about how long it took to build, what type motors they used, etc.

    The big fun though throughout the whole convention is just seeing all the people dressed up a various characters, most of whom have their costumes very accurately crafted to look just like they did in the movies. They all love having their pictures taken - so its like a big character meet and greet all day.

    We missed seeing the "Droid" races, but I heard that was pretty good.
    Definitely more than you could do in a day.

    Here is a link to my photos on flickr.
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    Re: Celebration V - Star Wars convention

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    I really thought about going and as I've been reading coverage on the SW sites I belong to all weekend, have been regretting that decision!


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