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3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)


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  • Trip Report 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

    So a few months ago I saw that Primus (one of my favorite bands ever) was playing a the Santa Barbara Bowl so I got a pair of tickets for me and my son.

    About a month later I saw that Rush (my favorite band ever) was playing down at Irvine Meadows so I got tickets for myself, my wife and our son (my wife is a Rush fan too).

    Of course, that left our daughter, so we talked with Grumpy4 to see if she'd keep an eye on our daughter while we were at Rush and to say thanks, we would all go and see Weird Al at the OC fair on Saturday.

    Once I had all my tickets in hand I realized that the Primus show was the same weekend as the other two shows. Three Concerts in 3 days. Two in OC one in Santa Barbara. Sounded like a fun (if not exhausting weekend), which it was.

    It all started on Friday the 13th:

    We left our house and made the drive down to OC. Our plan was to spend a few hours at Disneyland before checking into our hotel for the weekend, the Irvine Doubletree. Unfortunately my wife wasn't feeling well so after a lunch at Naples at DtD, we headed to the hotel.

    Once we checked in, the kids and I spent some time by the pool while the wife rested hoping she would be better for the concert.

    Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well, and my daughter had NO desire to see Rush. Luckily the hotel we were staying at was FULL of Rush fans and one needed an extra ticket. So that worked out.

    Left the hotel and made the 1 mile drive from the hotel to Irvine Meadows (I refuse to call it that "other" name).

    My son and I at the Rush show. This would be my 9th time seeing Rush, my son's 2nd.

    The view from our seats. I purposely try and get seats in the front of sections so he can see without anybody right in front of him.

    It's always a treat when you get to see your favorite band live

    The stage set-up was awesome.

    The "Count-Up" to the 2nd half of the show where they opened the 2nd set with their entire Moving Pictures album. Once the clock reached 1981 they started the 2nd set.

    Fire makes everything better

    So after the show, we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep to prepare for the next day.

    Day Two:

    Started the morning off with some yummy coffee (who knew the bar at the Doubletree in Irvine made such good coffee). Spent most of the morning/early afternoon relaxing by the pool and thankfully the wife was feeling MUCH better.

    Headed to the OC Fair about 3:30/4:00. The good thing about our Weird Al Tickets was that for the price of the ticket ($10) it also included fair admission. It was like getting the fair for free. What a deal!

    Walking around the fair:

    Much fattening food can be consumed.

    Some of sounds/tastes good:

    Some ... not so much.

    Some ... REALLY not so much. Deep Fried Butter? Even when I wasn't training for a 1/2 marathon I wouldn't have wanted this.

    I do have to say though, the deep fried avocado's were REALLY good.

    We then met up with Dustysage and Fishbulb to do some cheesy rides.

    They also have FastPass now ... not sure if they can even call it that. Doesn't Disney have a trademark on that?

    Oh, and you don't need the FP. The fair was PACKED yet we didn't wait in line for anything.

    The entrance to one of the rides ... yeah.

    Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out to Socialize?

    Rant Time:
    I know people like to complain about the prices at Disney, but you can spend a LOT more at the fair for considerably LESS time and WAY less quality.

    I bought a $50 "ride card" for my son and I. We got on the coaster, 2 spinny rides, 2 cheesy haunted rides and a maze. this took us approximately 30 minutes and maybe 5 minutes of total "ride time". Try mutiplying that by a couple of hours and you can EASILY spend $200-$250 on fair rides.

    Not to even mention the food which we spent collectively about $150 on for the day, and didn't really even get an actual "meal". Just lots of crap.

    /end rant

    After the rides and a HUGE corn dog, we headed over to Al's Brain. This was actually free with fair admission. Who knew such a thing even existed.

    The show as actually pretty cool.

    We then said goodbye to Dusty and Fishbulb and made our way into the Pacific Amphitheatre for the show. I hadn't been to this amphitheatre since 1990 (my 2nd Rush show) and I quickly remembered how great a venue this is. I really wish they did more concerts here. Stupid neighbors.

    The view from our Weird Al seats

    For some reason my camera was in a bad mood that night, so here are my (mostly) non-blurry pictures.

    Smells Like Nirvana

    Skipper Dan

    Dare to be Stupid (It's always easy to tell which Al song it is due to the outfits)

    The Encore had Al coming out and doing The Saga Begins and Yoda with a bunch of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. It was AWESOME. I had always heard that Al put on a great show and he for sure didn't disappoint. Coming from somebody who has been to over 100 concerts in my lifetime (so far) I have to say, this was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Certainly in my top 15, if not Top 10.

    After the concert we took a quick look at the baby pigs.

    The Kid's were showing off as usual.

    Mmmm, Beef.

    Chicks Man!

    We then headed back to our hotel, tired, exhausted, but with great memories of a great day. I think it took us all about 5 minutes to crash.

    Day 3:
    We headed home pretty early in the morning (10:00am) since the concert in Santa Barbara started at 6:30. They have to be done playing there by 10:00. After getting home, taking a MUCH needed nap we got up to the Santa Barbara Bowl at about 6:00.

    The view from our seats: (Sorry, these were taken with my cell phone, I forgot my camera)

    You also get a great view of the Ocean:

    The one good thing about the Santa Barbara Bowl is it hasn't been taken over by a big corporation and they don't over-charge you for things.

    Diet Coke, Sprite, Pretzel (with Cheese), Snickers Bar, Reece's ... I would normally expect to pay about $25 for these at a concert (or the movies). At Santa Barbara Bowl ... $12 total. And GOOD beer was only $6.

    I really LOVED this venue (this was my first time here) but if bands are playing there instead of somewhere else this is for SURE going to be my venue of choice in the future. Not only is it closer for us, the setting can't be beat. If you ever get the chance to see a show here, don't miss it.

    As for the show, Primus was great as always. Wolfmother opened up for them and they were great as well.

    By the end of the night, my son and I were both very glad that the concert had to end by 10pm, we were both very tired. Got home about 10:45 and crashed soon after.

    And with that, I think I'm "concerted" out ... for awhile at least. Of course, there are bound to be some shows I'm interested in soon.

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    Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

    I heard the Disney Half Marathon added a deep fried avocado station at mile 8.

    Great pics, thanks for sharing.
    Originally posted by Grumpee
    I only care for Disney bling!


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      Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

      Very cool weekend Clinks. 3 in a day? Couldn't fathom that!


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        Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

        Looks like much fun was had indeed :thumbup:


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          Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

          Thanks for posting the Weird Al pics. I went to the Friday show but totally forgot a out bringing a camera. And yes. It really was a good show!


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            Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

            Very nice TR!

            You gotta keep working on your daughter to become a Rush fan.


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              Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

              Wow that sounds like a very tiring weekend. Glad everyone enjoyed it!
              Fratsor Sister - Delta Mu Chi Alpha



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                Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                Great TR Clinks! Hope none of Al's songs made you bawl...


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                  Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                  Weird Al's concerts are so amazing, love the costume changes and when you see him live you realize that he really is a very talented musician

                  the Santa Barbara Bowl is one of my all time fave venues, Dustin still talk about seeing Don Henley there and him singing Hotel California as the sun was setting over the Bowl
                  Will there be screams when the sun sets,
                  -=Is It October Yet?=-

                  Originally posted by Tinkermonkey
                  elly is the ultimate nerdy girl. But she makes it sexy
                  Originally posted by pratt55
                  Elly is adorkable.


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                    Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                    Looks like a fun time!

                    Weird Al is still one of my favorites, I saw him in concert eons ago, and he really does a great show. I really should see him again should the opportunity arise.

                    We had deep fried Jelly Belly's at our local fair last year, but no fried butter. Another thing we need to import to Canada. The deep fried Reese bar sounds really good.

                    Those cheesy haunted house rides are kitschy fun, but definately pricey for what you get. I totally agree with your rant on Disney prices and the complaints about them. Even with their priciest option, i.e. a one-day park hopper, you're still getting good value when you compare it to just about any entertainment offering anywhere.
                    My Micechat cruise trip report, Part 1:


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                      Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                      Glad you had such a good weekend! mmmm deep fried avocado, yum

                      Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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                        Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                        Glad you had a wonderful weekend.
                        "You are watching FOX"


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                          Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                          Awesome TR Clinks. I realize reading this I am OLD. No way would I have made it to all 3 events and come out shining. Good on ya.
                          Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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                            Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                            RUSH was on FIRE at Irvine, my 37th show and by far the best ever! What a great night - I hope your son enjoyed it as much as we did!!!!!

                            [ame=]YouTube - Rush PRESTO Live at Irvine - August 13, 2010[/ame] (Presto LIVE)
                            To view old Disneyland and Theme park tickets, visit my blog at:



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                              Re: 3 Concerts in 3 Days with sir clinksalot (and the OC Fair too)

                              I feel Closer to the Heart looking at all your RUSH pics. Bueno report .Fair prices are insane but it only comes once a year if you are willing to splurge a little.

                              I want a corn dog now and some Dippin" dots.


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