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Knotts use of beef netting for Halloween


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  • Knotts use of beef netting for Halloween

    In 2008, I purchased a 10 lb roll of beef netting - from the same company that Knotts uses - to use for my home haunt. To this day I'm still using the "webbing" from that roll. It comes down just fine and keeps its elasticity year after year. I put up a bunch yesterday and it stretches just the same as it did 2 years ago.

    Now, we all know that Knotts Berry Farm uses thousands upon thousands of sq.ft. of the stuff for their Halloween Haunt. Do they purchase new material every year or is it kept intact for the following years?

    Just thought I'd ask. The pictures in the most recent "In The Parks" update showed some webbing in Camp Spooky that looked pretty new and clean.

    On a side note, anyone have any experience with the WebCaster? I bought one in 2009 and have yet to use it for my haunt. I just want to know people's experience with it.

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    Re: Knotts use of beef netting for Halloween

    I'd imagine that Knott's reuses what they can every year and replaces what just doesn't work any more.

    I'm not familiar with the "WebCaster" What is it?
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      Re: Knotts use of beef netting for Halloween

      A WebCaster is basically an air-powered glue gun. It was used to create the webbing seen in the Tower of Terror lobby and the webs all throughout the PotC ride - with the help of some fishing line.

      It operates just like a regular glue gun, but there is a copper pipe running along the inside of the gun and ending open-ended just under the tip. Hook up some compressed air, pull the trigger and voila! You have hot glue flying through the air and creating long, stringy strands of glue that look just like actual cobwebs. It's pretty fun as I've only got to experiment with mine - I never had the time to go full-out on the haunt.

      Here's a cool little vieo of it:
      YouTube - The Webcaster Gun


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        Re: Knotts use of beef netting for Halloween

        I saw web guns at the Halloween Spirit store last week. If I had an air compressor, I thought I could have so much fun!


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