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An all new "thrill park" coming to orlando???


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  • News An all new "thrill park" coming to orlando???

    With the park visitor community still having a LVL 50+ orgasm over freakin' Harry Potter Land. And in the wake of Blackstone Group kissing cousins,Busch Tampa and Sea World, announcing their 2011 expansions and roller coaster additions. And the family-favorite prize whore LegoLand opening shop in the approaching future!

    Could an out of the blue Thrill outlet just pop up in the mayhem of Orlando!?

    .........that is a sad yes.


    The plan is still in very early stages, and it will be weeks before a proposed plan reaches Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the city commissioners. The group would buy land currently up for sale in a wooded area near Festival Bay Mall and the Prime Outlets, and fill it with tall roller coasters and other attractions. The park would sit on 70 acres of land.

    WFTV learned the developers of the Orlando Thrill Park are interested in building roller coasters so tall, they would require approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

    Developers also plan to conduct a noise study in the area.
    It is keen to know the investor, Baker Leisure was overseer of the last days of the late Cypress Gardens as well as creator of the monster we came to loathe as Freestyle Music Park.

    Also a concept from Orlando Sentinel depicting one of the park vertigo-inducing tenants:

    what is that? a roller coaster?? i can't tell.

    any thoughts?
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    Re: An all new &quot;thrill park&quot; coming to orlando???

    I think that this is interesting. I was a bit skeptical of this, but Festival Bay Mall just took itself off the market Festival Bay off the market | Orlando Business Journal

    which means that they see this as a serious game changer.

    That part of I-Drive needs a lot of love.
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      Re: An all new &quot;thrill park&quot; coming to orlando???

      I'm not holding my breath.
      Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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        Re: An all new &quot;thrill park&quot; coming to orlando???

        So when the artwork you show says "Park Name Here" show internet taken images not as reference images but as your artwork for your selling point and you show a slide with a website that gets displayed on the news before you have the website, I think you are jumping into the fray before getting your sure footing.

        We'll see what happens with this. Tangelo Park isn't supporting this...that is for sure.

        I will say that what this park doesn't need if it happens is one trick ponies and flashy gimmick rides. We're Orlando...75% of our attractions are flashy one-trick ponies. We need, while it may be standard to other states, something like a hyper coaster, a solid wooden coaster, things that may be typical else where, but have nothing to compare to in the Florida market.

        Dive Machines and launch coasters we have.


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