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Going to the Gold Coast(Qld)In Two Weeks and Need Advice

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  • Going to the Gold Coast(Qld)In Two Weeks and Need Advice

    Hi - I used to post here years back(about five years ago?)and due to seeing some photos on Miceage of the Qld parks I thought this might be the palce to come ask for information regarding them.

    Does anybody fancy themselves an expert and can offer some help?

    I understand these are nowhere near as good as the Disney parks(I have been to DL, DCA, USH, MK, Epcot, MGM, DAK, USF, IOA, Sea World Orlando, Kennedy Space Centre, TDL, TDS along with SFMM, Cedar Point, Worlds of Fun in Missouri and a few other regional places, so trust me, my expectations are NOT as high for the Gold Coast parks here in little ol' Australia!)but I still want to go and have a good time and see things we cannot see here in staid old boring Perth!

    In particular I want to ride the Scooby Doo ride and SM type ride at Movie World and the Atlantis(?)ride thing at SW.

    Any tips on dealing with crowds(we already plan to go early entry at Dreamworld!)? We are leaving Perth on Sunday 1/5 and staying until Tuesday 10/5.

    Any advice will be appreciated!

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    Re: Going to the Gold Coast(Qld)In Two Weeks and Need Advice

    Dreamworld is value for money; expect to feel disappointed at MW, as most of the thematic elements are goine.
    Unfortunately Bermuda Triangle at SW is no longer working, its been closed for good.

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      Re: Going to the Gold Coast(Qld)In Two Weeks and Need Advice

      Wow - that's a bummer about the "Bermuda Triangle" ride(I called it Atlantis - I must have been thinking about the one I rode at SW Orlando). It is attractions like that that I would be mainly interested in seeing. Your basic amusement park rides can be done anywhere but I was more interested in things like the Scooby Doo ride and the Wild West one at(IIRC)MW.

      I find it interesting you said I would find DW good value for money - we are getting the online pass that includes free early entry so, yeah, since we are going there for two days that WILL be good value for money! Is the Big Brother house still open for viewing? I am bummed I never got to see it when the show was on as I was a MAJOR BB fan. I guess I can console myself with having gone to TDL/TDS at the time. Trust me, it was a VERY good trade off!

      I have read on Tripadvisor that DW is very old and dirty looking and the upkeep is very bad - would you agree? I remember when this place opened they said it was like an "Australian Disneyland". I NEVER bought into that, even though they had/have a paddle wheeler, a Main Street-type entrance(if the pictures are to be believed!)and some animatronic marsupial show based on the CBJ. It just always looked very cheap to me and even moreso now with "Wiggles World" junk and off the shelf rides. Again, all I MUST see there is the long flume and a few coasters. Day two will be spent in the water park next door.

      I may actually cross SW off the list now, knowing the flume ride is gone from there. For me the other draw is the skyway and monorail but they're are not enough to visit a park without a killer whale show. I saw online some eco place called O'Reilly's or something up in the mountains out of Brisbane so I may spend a day there instead of at a half day park with a major attraction closed.

      Oh well, as I said, my expectations were already low to start off with. At least I know in advance!


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        Re: Going to the Gold Coast(Qld)In Two Weeks and Need Advice

        I don't agree about Movie World, it doesn't have as many rides as Dreamworld but the quality is higher. Superman, Scooby Doo and Wild West are great.

        Dreamworld is good value for money given the number of rides and small animal park. The Big Brother house has been closed for a few years, pretty much since it went off air. Some parts do look a bit old but I wouldn't say it's dirty as such, it's kept tidy. There's no animatronic show anymore.

        If you're not interested in the animals then Sea World won't offer much. With Bermuda gone there's really only two coasters (Jet Rescue is good though) and a flume.

        TPR recently did a tour of Australia, might be worthwhile checking out their trip report.
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