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Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

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  • Trip Report Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

    Greetings Programs

    Relaxing this morning from my post Comic Con experience on Friday.

    So tired, which means I'm probably getting older. blah...
    I've learned that I can't do more than one day of the Con unless I'm selling something.
    But it's fun to go and hang out for a day and see what's cooking at the Con.

    So with my trusty camera here we go.

    We decided on getting to the Con this year by taking Amtrak and not putting up with the commute on the 5 freeway. Mainly due to the Del Mar race track having it's opening on the same weekend.

    As you can see we were there very early at Union Station.

    But it's a day when Comic Con is happening so there was a line.

    After finding our seats in business class with our complimentary USA Today and all you can eat muffins and coffee we set out for San Diego.

    Here's where the trip took a strange turn.
    I took a few shots inside the train during the trip down.
    No big deal. I'm a huge train geek so anytime I get to ride a train I'm taking photos left and right.

    During the trip down there was an elderly gentleman that you can see in the picture below sitting on the right in the blue shirt. Later in the trip I jokingly said to my Husband "Funny, that guy looks like Martin Landau." Ha ha.

    Well, as we were getting off the train I found out it really was Martin Landau. Although he like to be called Marty. I wasn't able to get a picture with him due to the mad rush to get to Comic Con, but it was fun knowing he was there with us on the trip down.

    Later that day we were having a late lunch post Con, and we were talking about Marty being on the train with us. The gentleman sitting next to us informed us that Martin is a HUGE comic book fan and wanted to be a comic book artist himself when he was younger.
    Actually he was a comic book artist and Illustrator when he was young man.
    Here's what his IMDB page say's.

    At the age of 17, he was hired by the New York Daily News as a staff cartoonist and illustrator. In his five years on the paper, he served as the illustrator for Billy Rose's "Pitching Horseshoes" column. He also worked for cartoonist Gus Edson on "The Gumps" comic strip.

    Crazy! So our first celebrity sighting was on the trip down.

    So after we got off the train we jumped on one of those famous Bike-taxis and headed over to the Convention Center.

    After disembarking from our bike-taxi we see the first signs of what awaits us.....

    After checking in I pose with my GIANT bag with free swag.

    After figuring out how to carry the damn thing. (You can wear it as a backpack.)
    We head into the Con.

    You know your home when this is the first thing to greet you.

    I found Darth Vader working the aisles. Although I think he's put on a few pounds.

    Must have a game plan. Wellll maybe not. Just start walking.
    As a side note, this pic was taken at 9:45 in the morning. Lots of people.

    Classic He-Man was well represented.

    Of course there were a wide array of people in costumes. You name it, they were there.

    Of course you might catch a glimpse of comic book greatness.
    Here's a blurry picture of Stan Lee.

    And we're walking.......

    For all you Naruto fans out there.

    The cable channel G4 was broadcasting live as well as online from their expansive perch overlooking Comic-Con and the Just Dance 3 booth.

    Now for my big geek out moment. I found the TARDIS!
    It fit well with my shirt. Actually people started taking pictures of my shirt at this point.

    What trip is not complete without one of the Sneetches making an appearance.
    One of our rest periods.

    Also a snack. Sneetch a bit overwhelmed by all of it.

    At this point we sat in on a few of the panels upstairs. But along the way we did run into a flying shark.

    After the panels we headed back down to the main Exhibit hall for one last walk around.

    Warmachine looking impressive for the crowd.

    At this point we made our escape and Voltron pointed the way out.

    As we exited out of the convention center we encountered a familiar face.
    Tinkerbell mingling with the crowd.

    As we tried to escape the madness we thought about heading over to the Gaslamp Quarter.
    Well, seeing this made us think twice about that.

    We decided to head over to Horton Plaza to escape the crowds. But along the way we encountered the little town of Southpark.

    After a nice quiet lunch over at Horton Plaza we headed back to the Train Station.
    And what a beautiful station it is.

    We headed back to Los Angeles watching the sun set over the Pacific ocean.
    A bit tired and bedraggled, but lots of fun and some great stories.
    An end to a great trip there and back again.

    I leave you with a few pictures of the ocean on the way back.
    See you at Disneyland.

    The End
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    Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

    Great trip! Thanks for posting!

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      Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

      I would love to go to Comic Con someday!
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        Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

        Love the Tardis & your Doctor Pooh shirt!


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          Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

          You have one more celebrity photo in there... the No Face posing with the boy in your photo is Adam Savage of Mythbusters.


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            Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

            Originally posted by reverendscoot View Post
            You have one more celebrity photo in there... the No Face posing with the boy in your photo is Adam Savage of Mythbusters.
            Wow! I had no idea that was him.
            It was a great looking costume.

            Here's an article I found about him and the costume.

            MythBusters' Adam Savage Cosplays as Spirited Away's No-Face (Updated) - Interest - Anime News Network
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              Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

              Yeah, I was going to mention Adam Savage. I was there for all 4 days (plus preview night). I was exhausted by the end of it. I was mostly interested in panels so I spent most of my time waiting in line. Got to see some really cool stuff, but it was also very frustrating. Some of the lines were ludicrous with people camping out from the very early morning to get into some of the panels. I feel like they could have helped them selves out by having a ticket system (similar to fastpass) for the panels. Or they could have cleared the halls after the panels like they do at d23.

              I was the cinematographer for a film that was screening at the film festival so I got free passes but if I would have paid for them and then couldn't get into any of the panels I wanted to see I would have been pretty pissed.

              Overall, I might go again. I didn't buy tickets for next year because that involved getting in a line before 6am and missing out on the early part of the schedule. That being said if you are really into the stuff they have in the exhibition hall then it might be more up your ally. I thought that a lot of the artwork there was great but it was difficult for me to appreciate it in that environment. I felt like I was always being pushed and shoved and discouraged from slowing down or stopping. In conclusion, I haven't decided if I will try to buy tickets online for next year but if I got free passes again I would probably go.


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                Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

                After attending SDCC for the 10th year, I'd have to say that it was a bit much. For 3 days I stood and walked all over the SDCC convention center and the Marriott Marquis. I got to meet a lot of great people but the highlights were:

                The True Blood panel - after which they stayed to sign as many autographs as they could
                Eureka panel - Not a show I watched but will now put on my DVR
                Castle panel - Two words "Nathan Fillon"
                Fringe panel - The concern was that Joshua Jackson would not be back so there was some entertaining jokes about Dawson's Creek & a video. JJ recieved a standing ovation when he stepped out.

                I'd say this year was the one year I didn't really see a lot of super crazy costumes like I have in the past. Lots of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other basic Marvel/DC characters. I'm wondering if this is a new trend.

                I'm not sure I'll be returning for a few years. I waited Friday for 3 1/2 hours for the True Blood panel and then sat through 2 panels without any food or water. Luckily once I was in the room they allow you potty passes. Over 150,000 people and no remote food service? Not such a great idea.


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                  Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

                  Thanks for sharing your pictures! I've never been, but always think it looks like great fun, even though I'm not much into comic books...

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                    Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

                    I'll have to get some of my pics into a report. I take a ton of pics every year, but still miss a ton of awesome things. This was the first year I missed out on a ton of panels I wanted to see. Didn't get in for Chuck, Fringe, Warehouse 13 or Eureka (sadly, because I had to go pick up pre-orders and had to leave Ballroom 20 after The Simpsons panel). Missed PeeWee Herman, the Sony Pictures panel (heck, all panels on Thursday and Friday in Hall H).

                    I have never stood in a line as long as the Ballroom 20 line. It was crazier than the line for Hall H ever was. It wrapped around the outside of the convention center all the way down its length, down the stairs, out to the Marina, and all the way down past the park and concert venue.

                    The convention center is way too packed to slow down and take a look around these days. It's sad that even with the addition of two other hotel venues and all of the outside entertainment and events there is still no room here. The convention really needs a lot more space. Missed out on the tickets for next year. I had friends who got in line at 3:30am and still didn't get four day passes so I didn't even bother trying. Hopefully the internet gods will be kind to me and I'll be able to register online as usual.

                    The best part of this convention is always the crowd though. Anywhere else I've been to, if you have that many people in that small of a space and so many of them missing out on what they want after waiting for hours, and there'd be rioting. Not here though, everyone I spoke to was bummed about the situation, but still being very nice to each other. I haven't seen one fight in all the years I've attended. The long lines and large number of people also make for a great way to socialize and meet people of similar interests. If you're even considering attempting to go, I'd recommend it. It's hell on your feet, legs, and pretty much the rest of your body; but it's worth it. Word of caution though, if you have kids, I wouldn't recommend bringing them. It's so packed full of people the stress of trying to keep from getting seperated will detract from the experience greatly. If you are thinking of taking your kid(s), Sunday is the best day as it is generally less crowded and is packed with tons of kid friendly programming.


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                      Re: Friday @ San Diego Comic Con 2011 (PIC HEAVY)

                      Awesome I was there on Thursday and Saturday!

                      I think the registration for 2012 will go more smoothly than last years fiasco. I think Comic Con learned a lesson from all that.