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Elephant collapses at Ringling Brothers Circus


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  • News Elephant collapses at Ringling Brothers Circus

    The circus came into town, Anaheim, and nearing the end of the show. As the show ended, the exiting crowd got a shock of their lives, a elephant drops to the ground. The elephant named Sarah, 54, was boarding a rail car when she collapsed. Her collapse caused quite the stir, shedding light on what animal activists claim is inadequate treatment of the circus animal.

    A rep from the Circus says this is very normal behavior???? People did notice her legs looked very abnormal and looked to be very tired by the end of the show...

    Would you like to learn more?
    Elephant Abuse: Ringling Brothers Circus Cited After Elephant Collapses
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    Re: Elephant collapses at Ringling Brothers Circus

    Sarah is a beautiful name for an elephant that has spent decades making adults and children happy, and serving as an ambasador for exotic animals the world over. While I can hardly bear to see her fall down tired, her longevity as a professional entertainer is amazing! The indinous lands of free roaming elephants in Africa and India are being reduced each and everyday, due to human population encroachment.

    I feel it is the role of human beings to create a genuine appreciation for the animals that inhabit our planet for which we (men, women and children) bear the responsibility of being stewards of. We can accomplish this purpose best by choosing representatives of different species (Sarah representing the pacaderm creed) to engender friendship through interaction with everyday people - not just those who can afford to travel to remote animal homelands.

    Another highly effective method of preserving exotic animals is thru commercial wildlife reserves. Disney has one (Animal Kingdom) at WDW. The San Diego zoo owns one. Busch Gardens Gardens Tampa is kind of a cross between a zoo and a reserve. Sea World and Discovery Kingdom function a aquatic animal reserves. There is a very well need for humans and animals to work together in order to make this world a better place - isolating all exotic animals from people does not have much of an educated impact on our understanding and appreciation for our animals.

    God bless Sarah. I'l will includer her health in my prayers. Thank you for this thread, JMora.
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