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What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

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  • [Fun] What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

    I was just going through my pictures for the year and thinking of how many days I've spent in Theme Parks this year. Counting the Ventura County Fair, I'm now up to 33 days spent in Theme Parks. Granted, most of these aren't full days, but still. That's a LOT.

    Here is my list:

    As of September 7th...

    January 1st - Disney's California Adventure
    January 16th - Six Flags Magic Mountain
    January 21, 22, 23 - Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure
    February 12th - SFMM
    February 20th - SFMM
    March 5th - SFMM
    March 16th - SFMM (S:EFK Media Day)
    March 19th - SFMM (West Coast Bash)
    March 20th - Knott's Berry Farm (West Coast Bash)
    April 10th - SFMM
    April 25th - SFMM
    May 9th - SFMM
    May 20th - SFMM
    May 25th - Knott's (Bert the Conqueror)
    May 25th - Disneyland (Star Tours AP Preview)
    May 28th - SFMM (RRE Media Day ... didn't ride anything)
    May 31st - Disney's California Adventure
    June 5th - SFMM
    June 11th - Belmont Park
    June 12th - Legoland, CA
    June 21st - SFMM
    June 30th - SFMM (GL:FF Media Day)
    July 9th - Castle Park
    July 10th - Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure
    July 24th - Knott's Berry Farm (Coasting for Kids event)
    August 7th - Six Flags Great America
    August 10th, 13th, 14th - Ventura County Fair
    August 26th - SFMM
    September 2nd - SFMM
    September 3rd, 4th- Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure (Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend)

    Upcoming Parks:
    September 10th - Disneyland/ Disney's California Adventure
    September 17th - Six Flags Over Georgia (Deep South Bash)
    September 24th - Knott's Berry Farm (Haunt)
    September 30th - Universal Studios Hollywood (HHN)
    October 1st, 2nd - Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure (Gay Days Weekend)

    And I'm sure there will be more than that. I fully expect to have over 50 days spent in Theme Parks by the end of the year.
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    Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

    Just Busch Gardens Tampa, but I go usually every other weekend, so I've been there a LOT this year. Hoping things work out and I can do my Disney trip next month (all depends on if I find another job by the end of this month as my current one is being eliminated then due to budget cuts... the plight of working for a non-profit).


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      Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

      Feburary 14 - 18: Park hoppers at WDW
      All summer at least once a month: Season Pass holder to Canada's Wonderland (Cedar Fair)

      Boring. I know.


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        Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

        I am a passholder for Disneyland and California's Great America. I was at CGA the day it opened for the season, and I've been there 4 or 5 times since then. I'll be going back for Haunt opening night, September 30. I'll probably go more than once because I can
        I went to the POTC 4 premiere on May 7, and then the Gumball Rally one week after. I went the week after ST:TAC and LM:AUA opened the same weekend I went to the Del Mar Fair (does that count?) where I saw Weird Al. Then I went again in July. In August, we went to Knott's and then Disneyland the day after, then went again the Thursday night before I went to the D23 Expo. I'll be going to the Haunt at Knott's Sept 24.

        My Twitter! CardfightrHuntr


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          Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

          June 6: SFMM - 1st time
          June 7: USH - 1st time
          July 24-26: DL/DCA - 20th+ time


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            Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

            So far this year, I've been to...

            DL/DCA: 29 times
            Discovery Science Center: 4 times
            Knott's: 3 times
            Legoland: 3 times
            Wild Rivers: 3 times
            TDL: 2 times
            TDS: 2 times
            OC Fair: 2 times
            SeaWord San Diego: 1 time
            San Diego Safari Park: 1 time
            LA Zoo: 1 time
            SFMM: 1 time
            Wet-n-Wild Hawaii: 1 time
            Shijingshan Amusement Park: 1 time
            Happy Valley - Beijing: 1 time
            Polynesian Cultural Center: 1 time

            I'm not counting any mini-golf place
            Maybe some Europe stuff before end of year, hopefully. Or more Japan !


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              Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

              In June (for Gay Pride Week), I went to Cliff's (in Albuquerque, where I now live).

              Over the 4th of July Weekend, was in Atlanta (for a Square dance convention - no, really), and went to Six Flags over Georgia.

              Just this past weekend, I was in Portland, OR, and went to Enchanted Forest.

              Both SFOGeorgia, and Enchanted Forest we New-To-Me parks!


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                Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

                Disneyland & DCA: too many times to count
                Disneyland Paris: 1 day
                Walt Disney Studios: 45 minutes
                Six Flags over Georgia: 1 day
                Six Flags Magic Mountain: 1 day
                Cedar Point: 1 day
                Knott's Berry Farm: 1 night (Knott's Scary Farm)
                Kennywood: 1 day
                Universal Studios Hollywood: 4 times


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                  Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

                  Feb Universal Hollywood Studio

                  Went there for the first time hope to have a great fun!!


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                    Re: What Theme Parks have you visited this year?

                    Besides DLR. I've been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Over Texas.

                    The NEW Texas Giant at SFOT is AWESOME.
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