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A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)


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  • Trip Report A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

    A weekend in New York City PART 1

    Greetings Micechatters

    Crazy Larry here, with a delayed trip report.

    With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 this Sunday I thought posting a trip report of my first visit to New York City would help celebrate the beauty and energy of this great city.

    This trip took place over a weekend at the very end of April but, I never got around to posting it here on Micechat.

    My husband and I decided to visit the Big Apple for the weekend and just see what kind of trouble we could get into. No plans. Just go.
    This was a walking tour of New York and covered some unique neighborhoods and also ended with a rather unexpected and unique event that no one could have planned.

    So, without further writer's embellishment, here we go.

    We took off on Friday at the crack of dawn on Virgin America. (the only way to fly)
    Of course we brought the Sneetches. (Just two this time.)

    Here's Kountry Sneetch waiting for his morning coffee.

    After his first cup he was alert and monitoring our flight path.

    After landing at JFK we took the A train into Manhattan to drop our bags off at our friend's, Eric and Angel, who were more than gracious enough to host us at their home in Washington Heights.

    Our first stop was visiting a cousin of my Husband's who we had never met before.
    He owns an art gallery in the Chelsea area of the city. (Sorry, no photos of this.)

    After having dinner with my Husband's cousin we met up with our host, Eric who was performing "Carmina Burana" at Lincoln Center.

    Here's my Husband Brett, and our host Eric looking for him in one of the posters out front.

    Can you spot Eric?

    We headed to a local wine bar and stayed out til the wee hours of the night.
    Funny how you can be in Manhattan and completely lose track of time.
    Especially since I'm not a night person.

    We finally made it home and crashed after a long flight, an art gallery opening, the Met, then a wine bar.
    Not bad for the first day.

    After a good nights sleep we were up and ready the next morning.
    Or at least the Sneetches were ready. Edna already sporting his N.Y. bling.

    After a quick cup of coffee we were out the door and heading to the A train to take us downtown.

    We were to meet up with another good friend of ours for brunch on the upper west side.
    On the way I was distracted by the classic brownstones of New York.
    Brett giving me the "Your such a tourist" look.

    After finally reaching the restaurant, we found our friend Che.
    Che grew up in Manhattan and was to be our guide for the day.
    Here he is hamming it up for the camera with the Sneetches.

    After brunch we headed east over to Central Park.

    This is looking down Central Park West as we head to the entrance of Central Park.

    After entering the park we stopped for a photo in front of one of the many trees that were blossoming.

    It was the perfect time to see the Cherry Blossoms.

    We stopped and enjoyed the view from the edge of the great lawn.

    Of course the Sneetches wanted a picture of themselves on the great lawn.

    The gang is all here.

    We continued on heading north and strolled along the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

    Next, we headed across 5th Avenue to the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum.
    Me being an artist and an architecture nerd I couldn't pass up a visit to this iconic place.
    I'm a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan, so this was a big must see for me.

    And the inside didn't disappoint.

    We toured the exhibit, which was titled The Great Upheaval: Modern Art from the Guggenheim collection, 1910-1918.
    The exhibit included works by Vasily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Georges Braques, and Pablo Picasso just to name a few.
    Very well put together presentation of modern art from that period.

    After all that artsy fartsy stuff we were hungry. I chowed down on a famous New York hot dog and Brett and Che fought over a warm pretzel.

    After refueling we continued down Fifth Avenue along the east side of Central Park.

    The outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    Didn't go in, but plan on hitting it next time we are in Manhattan.

    After passing by the Metropolitan we decided to head back into Central Park.

    Here's my first "only in New York" story.
    Shortly after taking the above photo we were approached by a group of college kids.
    They asked us if anyone in our group were tourist from out of town and was visiting New York City for the first time.
    I said this is my first time visiting and they asked if they could borrow me so they could win a scavenger hunt.
    They did bribe me with a cookie. ;0)
    Thanks to me our team finished first! Yay for our team!

    After that little New York moment we continued strolling through the park.
    Here we came upon a reflecting pool called the Conservatory Water.
    Children and boat enthusiasts come to navigate radio and wind-powered vessels across the shimmering waters.
    It’s such a popular destination that writer E.B. White set the whimsical boat scene in his children’s classic, Stuart Little, here.

    Here's a pretty shot taken neat the Loeb Boathouse.

    The beautiful Bethesda Fountain.

    Passed this content doggie with his balloons enjoying the afternoon in Central Park.

    Here are a few pictures of the area known as "The Lake".

    The Bow Bridge is quite possibly New York’s most romantic setting for lovers — and certainly a muse for photographers. You might recognize it from its starring role in many movies, television shows, and commercials.

    Looking west down Terrace Drive.

    And what trip through Central Park wouldn't be complete without a visit to Strawberry Fields.
    Strawberry Fields is a living memorial to the world-famous singer, songwriter and peace activist – John Lennon.
    The area is suppose to be an area of peace but when we were there the two guys on left were arguing about something stupid, everyone else thought they were idiots.
    The two eventually settled their differences and went and smoked something funny over on the grass.

    The Sneetches take a break and rest their little feet.

    Here we came upon the Sheep Meadow.
    Although these days you’ll mostly find sunbathers lounging on the lawn, the meadow was actually home to a flock of sheep from 1864 until 1934. The sheep and shepherd were housed in a fanciful Victorian building nearby – what became the famous Tavern on the Green restaurant.

    This is the area known as The Walk.
    The main attractions are the American elm trees.
    This is the southern end of The Walk also known as Literary Walk.

    We also enjoyed the Olmsted Flower Bed.

    We take a break on top of a bluff with a great view of the Manhattan skyline.

    Also a great place to watch the sunset.

    And one final beauty shot of the Plaza Hotel overlooking the Pond.

    It was getting late and we decided to meet up with our host Eric at Times Square as we transition from the green surrounding of Central Park to the more familiar tall buildings of the Manhattan skyline.
    This is the view looking down Broadway towards Times Square.

    We took a pit stop and I had my first DUANEreade experience.

    While we were fumbling with the backpack I took this shot of more buildings lining Broadway.

    Then we hit Times Square. The neon lights ARE bright on Broadway!
    Or should I say Jumbotrons.

    We met up with our host's Eric and Angel and said goodbye to Che for the evening. We then headed to a local restaurant to have some good food and a few libations. The Sneetches look all tuckered out as they wait for their Lime Rickies.

    After we had dinner and a drink or two we felt rested and continued our trek. The Sneetches headed back with Angel and we continued on with our host Eric.
    On the way to the subway station I had to take a picture of this place.

    Getting some distance from Times Square.

    Heading down to catch the train to Greenwich Village.

    After reaching Greenwich Village we headed over to the Stonewall Inn.
    Which was the site of the Stonewall riots of 1969, which are widely considered to be the single most important event leading to the Gay Liberation movement. Yay for equal rights!

    We continued walking down Christopher St until finally reaching the Hudson River Greenway which gives a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

    After a long day of walking around Manhattan we decided to call it a day.
    Here we are waiting for the A train to show up.

    Eric plugging his ears as the E Train brakes coming into the station.
    It was quite loud.

    While we were waiting for the A train we noticed these bronze sculptures located through out the station.

    Well, our train is getting closet to the station. And this concludes part 1 of our weekend trip to New York City.
    Part 2 will cover day two of our trip that had more surprises in store for us.
    Including a world changing event.
    Until then ....

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    Re: A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

    A weekend in New York City PART 2

    After having a great first day in New York city we slept in and got a late start on the day.
    We headed down to meet our friend Che for lunch in Greenwich Village.

    While riding the A train we were entertained by a pan flute musician.
    Native New Yorkers ignored him but the baby in the stroller was fascinated by him.

    Once out of the subway we headed over to meet Che for lunch.
    This is looking north towards the Empire State building.

    After meeting up with Che he took us to a New York city institution.
    The famous Joe's Pizza in the Village.

    Classic New York style pizza! Yummy!

    After lunch we headed over to Washington Square park.
    On the way there we passed another New York icon for Jazz fans the famous Blue Note jazz club.

    After a brief bathroom break at the NYU law school. (We used the restrooms not the wall. LOL)
    We headed into Washington Square park.

    The street performers were very funny and entertaining.

    Washington Square Arch framing the Empire State Building.

    After hanging out at Washington Square Park we headed south.
    This is the NoLita area or "NOrth of Little ITAly"

    We finally made it to the Little Italy section of the city with Italian restaurants lining every side of the street.
    With restaurant barkers out front trying to get you to come into their restaurant.

    The Jersey Shore kids would love it here.

    Along the way I found this unique looking store.

    After passing through Little Italy we found ourselves in Chinatown.

    This neighborhood is very familiar to Che. He grew up here.
    So it's like home for him.

    Leaving the Chinatown area.

    Heading further south, this is the U.S. Justice building in the Civic Center area.

    This is looking through the arch of The Manhattan Municipal Building.

    After a quick Hot Dog break we tackled the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Che giving us the grand tour.

    Looking back towards lower Manhattan.
    The building on the middle right with the two cranes on top of it is One World Trade Center, better known as the Freedom Tower.

    Looking towards the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

    We walked out to the middle of the bridge and back.

    It also offered a great view of the Manhattan skyline.

    And the Statue of Liberty.

    After leaving the Brooklyn Bride we headed over to the World Trade Center site.
    Here's a shot of the classic New York subway entrance.

    A picture of New York City Hall.
    Yes, that is a security station in the shot.

    Our first glimpse of the the Freedom Tower from Vesey Street.
    St. Paul's Chapel is to the left.

    There was a temporary 9/11 museum set up on Vesey St. while the memorial is being built.
    Here are a few pics from inside.

    The picture below is a plastic replica of the Statue of Liberty that stood honor guard outside a firehouse on Eighth Avenue and West 48th Street in Manhattan. The firehouse was Engine 54/Ladder 4/Battalion 9, which lost 15 of their men at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

    It is uncertain how the fiberglass statue suddenly appeared outside the firehouse, but its arrival soon encouraged Lady Liberty's ongoing, spontaneous ornamentation with messages and tributes left by the public. Neighborhood volunteers assumed responsibility for arranging these offerings, along with the fresh flowers, food and sympathy items that accumulated on the sidewalks edging the firehouse.

    Now covered from torch to toe with uniform patches, miniature American flags, money, mass cards, rosary beads, condolence notes, souvenir postcards, angel figurines and other mementos from mourners and passersby, this distinctive memorial was donated to the permanent collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum in memory of the firefighters from Engine 54/Ladder 4/Battalion 9 killed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

    A shot of the World Trade Center site.
    An empty hole where the twin towers use to stand.

    After that, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.
    So we retreated to Che's favorite Chinese restaurant Wo Hop.

    This is another famous New York City location.
    And there was a line to get in.

    After a delicious late lunch we headed back up north through Chinatown.

    O.K. I have no idea why Che is making that face.
    But it was funny. Because even Che couldn't remember why he was making that face.
    We call it Che's New Yorker face.

    Classic New York scene complete with a Yellow cab.

    After this the three of us met up with another friend who also lives in the city for dinner.
    Great restaurant, that had a secret passage to an adjacent bar.
    The bar use to be a speak easy back in the day.

    After dinner we piled into a cab and headed back to our friend's place to chat and use the restroom.
    His place is down the street from the Empire State Building.

    His place also has a great view of the Chrysler Building.

    Here's where things get interesting again.

    While we were chatting I excused myself to go and use the bathroom.
    Our friend has some stereo speakers in his bathroom and thought it would be funny to try and scare me by turning them on real loud.
    Well, it didn't work to well. I was wondering "Why am I listening to Natinal Public Radio while doing my business?"
    I wasn't really paying attention to what the voice on the radio was saying at first. But it was the tone in his voice that made me pay attention to what he talking about.

    Just as I was opening the door to leave the bathroom I heard the announcer say that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. What, what, WHAT?!

    As I came out of the bathroom everyone was giggling until I said "Wait, listen to the radio!"
    After that we got online and CNN was reporting the same thing.

    The radio also said that the President would be addressing the American people in about 30 minutes.

    So we headed out to Times Square to see what was going on.

    This was taken on the way to Times Square.

    As we were walking to Times Square the city was fairly quiet.
    But as we got closer every once in awhile someone would give a shout of joy, or scream out in the street "We got him!"

    When we finally got to Times Square a crowd had gathered around a flat screen T.V. in the window of the ABC studios. The President had just started his speech.

    The feeling amongst the crowd was mostly shock. Everyone just couldn't believe it.
    The police, ambulance crews, and the cab drivers were briefly stopping on the street to read the electronic scrawl announcing Bin Laden's death.

    A very bizarre end to our visit.
    The real party happened down at ground zero later that night.
    We would have gone down there but we had an early flight the next day.

    At JFK we had plenty of reading material while waiting for our flight back.

    We had a great flight back with wonderful views of what makes this such a beautiful country.

    The end to three crazy days in New York City.
    Crazy Larry loves ya! ......Hurry up before they lock me up!

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      Re: A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

      Great report. Glad I spotted this!
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        Re: A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

        Originally posted by Trekkie Dad View Post
        Great report. Glad I spotted this!
        Thank you kindly. Glad you enjoyed our three crazy days.
        Crazy Larry loves ya! ......Hurry up before they lock me up!

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          Re: A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

          awesome trip report! I have always wanted to visit NYC, and still hope to someday!

          Thanks for a great start to my wednesday morning!
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            Re: A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

            Fantastic report! Extra fun for me as I'm packing to take that trip; including meeting my M8's barely known cousin. Thanx for sharing it with lots of lovely photos.

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              Re: A weekend in New York City (pics galore!)

              Nice report in my hometown! In the pic from Central Park watching the sunset from the rock, you can see where I live. The Hearst Tower is the glass building with the diamond shaped sides. I live two blocks south.



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