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Photo TR at Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest!


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  • Trip Report Photo TR at Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest!

    It's been eight years since I've been to Great America's Fright Fest as a guest and three years since I scared people there. Recently, I decided a visit was in order. I flew out to Illinois on Wednesday night and joined my old friends for a night of autumn frolic.

    Tsuki wonders why she has to be so cold.

    I wonder the same. Why is it so cold here?

    Our Good Friend Andy is a pro at this sort of thing. He's prepared with what the natives call "gluvs". Not sure what they're for, but they look kind of like socks for one's hand. Interesting idea, but I don't think it'll catch on.

    The air was brisk and the night was young. We were ready for a night of fright.

    Alright let's get this moving.

    Right out of the gate, we saw some spooksters. But my sights were set on a much closer and bigger friend.

    If there's one thing I feel like SoCal lacks, it is airtime. Sure, we have Tower of Terror and X2, but there's no hill filled frenzy quite like Raging Bull.

    But ignoring the monsters only made the problem worse. Nightfall quickly fell upon us.

    Now the creatures could get us without us even knowing.

    This made Our Good Friend Andy quite scurred.

    Oh god what's that?!

    Oh, it's just a pigman. I thought it was something dangerous.

    Terror Twister was fantastic!

    Also, it made Tsuki crave human flesh.

    Why are you looking at me like that?

    The lack of Trolls in this area was made up for the amount of actual ghosts that I saw.

    Demon? Where?

    Oh god, run!

    Going on a Friday night was an excellent idea. There's no wait for anything!

    Even X-Flight Construction The Ride was getting into the Halloween Groove.

    I don't know if you knew this, but he loves pumpkins.

    "That was fun, but I want pumpkins."

    So, I guess this is a haunted house? I honestly don't know, I didn't see anything going on with it.

    Iron Wolf is being dismantled.

    Poor Wolf. Good luck back east, old friend.

    Oh man, I miss this place.

    This is where I got pepper sprayed! The very spot (sort of)!

    And this is where I spent most of my nights every October feeling exhausted and having a ball.

    I wanted to reminisce some more, but the spirit of the area would not let me. It beckoned us forward.

    There weren't a whole lot of characters present, but they did return from a break on our way out.

    I know your tricks, spooky man. I know what that thing does.

    Then, a sound called us into the distance. A wail that carried over the trees and into our soul. I felt the terrible moan in the pit of my stomach.

    He calls to us.

    We sought the terrible moan. It wasn't long until we found it.

    Ralphie. He calls to us.


    P-p-p-irate ghosts!

    They'll never find us here.

    We escaped, narrowly and traveled to the north end of the park.

    This would be a good spot to hide from monsters. Remember that.

    Okay, we need a nice slow ride to calm our nerves.

    This one should do the tri- OH MY GOD


    It was then a thought occurred. It's so empty here. Maybe the reason the lines are short... is because everyone else has been...

    ... I can't even think of that now. It's too dangerous. We just need to keep moving.

    Fire. That'll keep us safe.

    At least I still have my friends...

    Oh no! Not you two, too!

    That's when I ran.

    "Where is everybody!?"

    Dangers around every turn.

    "What kind of a place is this?!"

    No please! Don't hurt me!

    "Dude, we're not gonna hurt you."


    "No! We're just gonna eat your brains!"

    And fun was had by all, yay!

    And that's how I lost my brains. It was a great trip to Great America and, despite everyone dying horrible deaths that night, it was incredibly fun. I miss scaring people but it's also just as fun to be a guest and travel to different Haunts throughout the season.

    The End.

    When I got home, brains falling out of my head, I felt a great unease. Someone was watching me. I could feel it. Through the window? No. The keyhole. I got up slowly, acting nonchalant. I raised my hand, heart pounding intensely, and turned the handle.

    I opened the door.... on the floor...

    ...everybody walked the dinosaur.

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    Re: Photo TR at Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest!

    Great trip report! There were barely any crowd there at all. So I guess this was on a Wednesday, right?

    Why does Six Flags Magic Mountain only open on the weekend as instead of opening it up on the weekday like this park.
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      Re: Photo TR at Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest!


      Actually, this was on a Friday night.


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