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"New" water park coming to OC


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  • News "New" water park coming to OC

    I came across this article in the Daily Pilot, which is a local OC publication from the LA Times. As some of you might know, Wild Rivers, which was a water park in Irvine, CA, closed last year to make way for residential development. Apparently they are going to re-open near the Great Park, which is in development and is on the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. They have an opening date of May 2014. Exciting news!

    This should satisfy those of you who want an additional water park in the area. I know it will be brand new so I'm sure it's going to be nice.

    Wild Rivers moving to El Toro land - Daily Pilot

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    Re: "New" water park coming to OC

    Sadly some of the classic slides that were built into the mountain at the old location won't be there. Those rides were awesome and made the park unique.

    I'm glad they are rebuilding but I'm afraid it may just be a "cookie cutter" park.


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