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Disney Archives at the Reagan Library


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  • [Pictures] Disney Archives at the Reagan Library

    Capped off a trip to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, and Disneyland a week or so back with a trip to the D23 Archives exhibit at the Reagan Library. The museum and exhibits on Reagan were high quality doubtless, but not exactly my cup of tea, so pretty much walked right past all that.

    Onwards to photos of the exhibit and some explanations. Truly a lot of Disney history and treasures on display, highly encouraged to go see it if you're in the area.

    Walt's personal sketchbook and drawings from early school days.

    Antique Silly Symphonies/3 Little Pigs merchandise

    A painted glass background from 'The Old Mill' for use with Disney's revolutionary multiplane camera.

    The actual storybook props which opened the animated films of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.

    Miniature items created and carved by Walt Disney himself, for use in his proposed 'Disneylandia' project (never realized)

    Personal items re-arranged to recreate Walt's private office from the Disney Studios.

    Plush Mickey figure which appeared with Walt for the opening day television broadcast, inside the cab of the E.P. Ripley locomotive as it pulled into Main Street Station.

    A few more views of Walt's personal belongings that were in his office:

    Draft of text for the plaque at the entry to Disneyland (train station tunnels) with notes and changes written in by Walt

    Roy E. Disney's ticket no. 1 to Disneyland, purchased on Opening Day.

    Walt's employee badge from park opening. In the early years, Disneyland name badges instead sported a number instead of a name.

    Model of the Nautilus by Harper Goff, used for filming 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea effects shots.

    Genuine costume and props used in Mary Poppins.

    Items from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, continued in next image.

    An original painting used in the film The Shaggy Dog

    Props from Babes in Toyland accompanied by a sign that was used in the Disneyland display of such items during the 50's.

    Downstairs from the previous section, there were items (from both original and new films) used in TRON.

    A few relics from The Avengers:

    Jack Sparrow's 'cannibal chieftain' chair.

    Costumes from the Pirates films for Bootstrap Bill Turner, Pintel, and Ragetti

    The Dead Man's chest.

    And finally, onwards to the theme park related goodies:

    Metal-and-wood sign which stood outside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom's Pirates attraction.

    "Light speed to Endor!"

    Poor Little Oscar, wish he still had a home at Disneyland. All he wanted was 'a real scary story', too.

    Slue-Foot Sue costume worn by Betty Taylor for the Golden Horseshoe Jamboree.

    Assorted Haunted Mansion merchandise. I own some of these, but what I wouldn't give to have the rest...

    Beating-Heart appeared in Florida. I truly miss the days of her being the primary spook in the HM attic, along with her retinue of shrieking pop up heads. Stupid Constance.

    These three happy haunts need no introduction, nor the custom tombstones honoring renowned Imagineers. (Marc Davis, X. Attencio, and Yale Gracey). These are from Florida also, no longer used due to the advent of digital tech for the final hitch-hiking ghosts gag.

    This portrait was one of Florida's famed 'Sinister 11' of the Haunted Mansion, which featured the simple illusion of the eyes following you familiar to anyone who has seen an episode of Scooby Doo. 3 of the 11 were used in Disneyland in various spots, but the other 8 were original paintings rendered for the Magic Kingdom.

    This scurvy buccaneer also hails from Florida, where he was one of the pirates aboard the attacking ship invading the port town.

    EPCOT opening day button which belonged to President Reagan.

    Blaine Gibson sculpted busts for the Hall of Presidents.

    That about covers it: there are many items not photographed or shared here, so go see it for yourself! Thanks for looking!
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Disney Archives at the Reagan Library

    Betty Taylor did NOT wear that dress in the Golden Horseshoe Jamboree; she COULDN'T have worn that dress in the Golden Horseshoe Jamboree. Betty Taylor never appeared in the Golden Horseshoe Jamboree.

    Betty Taylor starred in the Golden Horseshoe REVUE.


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      Re: Disney Archives at the Reagan Library

      THANK YOU for posting such great images from the Disney Archives @ the Ronald Reagan Library (makes me miss the original Disneyland Gallery above the Pirates of the Caribbean displays from 2002) .....

      C J

      I <3 Making Friends Who Share The Same Interests :-)


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        Re: Disney Archives at the Reagan Library

        Thanks for the photos! We went today and I wish I had taken more photos to share here. It was a great exhibit. We are members of the museum (we live right down the street!) so we'll be back to take photos, this time not taking the baby! Haha.


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          Re: Disney Archives at the Reagan Library

          Regions Beyond,

          Thanks (again) for posting these photos! I zoomed in on Walt's bookshelf and saw a title about smoking.

          I liked this exhibit and my seven-year-old and I had a good day at the rest of the Reagan Library/museum. I recommend the turkey reuben at the Reagan Country Cafe.


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