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L.A. Studios plan for the frugal with $250 per person


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  • L.A. Studios plan for the frugal with $250 per person

    This is going to be sloppy and inaccurate. (Yet you're still reading--strange.)

    A helpful Micechatter just described how her family spent $1,000 for the four of them to take Universal's VIP Tour.
    It included parking and a glorious lunch, but she didn't seem to think it was a great value,
    so I wondered what I could do with $500 for my daughter--if she were old enough--and myself. That's $250 a person--I did the math.

    We won't do WB's Deluxe tour ($250 per person like Universal),
    nor Paramount's VIP tour ($150 per person),
    but we'll take the standard tours.

    Here is my deeply flawed plan for spending approximately $250 per person to experience L.A.'s studios:

    Purchase two five-day Universal passes at Costco for $59 each ($120ish total)

    Day 1: take the WB Studios Tour ($49 x 2 + 100)
    At night take Scott Michael's Dearly Departed tour of Hollywood ($49 x 2 = $100)

    On Day 2:

    Paramount Studios ($48 X 2 = 96)
    Sony Pictures Stuidios ($35 x 2 = 70)

    Day 3 at
    Universal. Have lunch at Karl Strauss' in Universal City Walk.

    So far we've spent about $486,
    but that's not including $15 per parking at Universal per day and ??? for parking at other studios, and a nice meal at Karl Strauss in Universal City Walk so we don't feel too inferior to Universal's VIPs who reportedly get an excellent lunch. And we have four days left on our Universal passes.

    So what else should I have added?
    A tour of the stars' homes or just a map?
    A visit to the Beverly Hills Hotel?
    Seeing a TV show being taped? (I recommend this! Talk shows, game shows, and--if they still have 3-camera shows in front of live audiences--sitcoms. All free, and I won an expensive cappuccino machine as a door prize at either The Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy--I forget which one. My parents and I had a nice time watching both. My dad was thrilled that we were seated about seven feet from where Vanna White worked.)
    The Chinese Theater? My daughter and I had a nice lunch at Mickey's ice cream parlor next to Disney's El Capitan just east of the Chinese Theater. And we saw a big man handcuffed and arrested by several cops. All part of the magic of Hollywood!

    Have any of you besides me taken the WB, Sony AND Paramount tours? (I think I took them about 10 years ago.)
    Which did you like best?

    Also, please share your experiences on the more expensive WB & Paramount Deluxe/VIP tours,
    if you've actually taken those.
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    Re: L.A. Studios plan for the frugal with $250 per person

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      Re: L.A. Studios plan for the frugal with $250 per person

      Let me know if you end up doing the Paramount Studios Tour. I want to know more about it as well as the WB tour


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