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My Efteling trip


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  • Trip Report My Efteling trip

    Unfortunately the weather was very bad during my trip yesterday, so I ended up securing my iPhone in a locker. This means you will have to without a photo report on this trip... I hope you'll like it anyway!

    My mother and I (since my boyfriend despises themeparks, how can he live with me?) went on our annual trip to De Efteling (the major themepark in the Netherlands, bigger in size than Disneyland Paris, and, as far as I know, #2 in Europe as far as attendance numbers go) yesterday. It was a cold and rainy day, and there were no major holidays all over Europe, which resulted in ''Waiting time: 0 minutes'' signs all over the park. In fact, any ride we went on had a ride vehicle ready to do so for us. And this for a park that has Summer ride waits of 2 hours and more!

    So, a breakdown on the rides:

    Fata Morgana: Ecellent! All the ride effects were working! It was even better than Pirates Of The Carribean at Disneyland Paris. A magical ride through an ancient middle eastern 1001 Nights city. The show building was excellent, the cast members were really friendly, the ride itself was magical... All in all: fantastic! Took the ride again at the end of the day, thats how good it was!

    Bob: A fantastic bobsleds ride. Not like the one at Disneyland which rides on tracks, but an actual bobsleds ride! Scary to the max! I Was front row and screamed like a little kid. Loved it!

    Python: Classic double loop double corkscrew ride! Since there weren't any lines, I rode it 4 times. A moderately exciting coaster, but with no lines: great!

    Droomvlucht: A dark ride ride unique to De Efteling. The ride vehicle is suspended from a rail. Most of the ride is a tranquil descend through a gnome village, an elve forrest, and a dream castle. Nearing the end, you spiral down a magnificant forrest. It's absolutely awesome, and nothing like I've ever seen at a Disney park. YouTube this ride to see how beautiful it is!

    De Vliegende Hollander: It starts as a dark ride, than turns into a rollercoaster, and ends as a flume ride, The Flying Dutchman (which is what De Vliegende Hollander means in Dutch) is of course a huge legend here in the Netherlands, so this is a great ride for locals to get the legend, and for foreign tourist to learn something (you don't get to learn anything from the ride itseld, the story is explained in the queue). No matter what, even if you have no clue about the story, the ride is amazing!

    Joris En De Draak: I wasn't prepared for this one! It looks like a moderate wooden coaster, but is in in fact the wildest racing coaster I have ever seen in Europe! Fantastic amazing ride!!!!

    Pagoda: A great scenic ride, 60 meters above ground, in a Chinese pagoda raising up from the ground. If the weather's good, you can see as far as Belgium from this ride! (while I visited the weather was bad, and we were still able to see Belgium, I have heard you can even see Antwerp if the weather is really good!)

    Gondoletta: A very scenic ride on the rivers and lake of De Efteling. There are no themed scenes here, it's just the fun of being on the water. The ride takes 20 minutes, and it's lovely.

    PandaDroom: A fantastic 4D movie! I loved it. It's a co-production with the WWF but the advertising was not that obvious. The show was all about saving the planet. Children as well as adults were enlightened by the great effects!

    Vogel Rok: A rollercoaster ride through the dark. I was totally scared. I guess that says enough!

    Overall: the park is just beautiful! There was also a great whitewaterride, but the weather was really cold so we didn't do that, however, from a past visit, I know this ride is highly themed through a Mayan temple. Aside from that, the cast members are extremely friendly. I'm Dutch so I speak their language, but they were just as friendly to people from other countries.

    Once again, sorry I wasn't able to take any pictures, but hopefully this report will leave you with some idea how great De Efteling is!

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    Re: My Efteling trip

    Click image for larger version

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    Turns out one picture actually went fine! This is me and my mom in front of the Python!


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      Re: My Efteling trip

      I love Efteling! Droomvlucht is the best dark ride I've ever been on. We rode it 4 times when I was there! Great park!


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        Re: My Efteling trip

        Originally posted by nursemelis374 View Post
        I love Efteling! Droomvlucht is the best dark ride I've ever been on. We rode it 4 times when I was there! Great park!
        I fully agree! Although I love Fata Morgana even more than I love Droomvlucht. Next year a new darkride called Hartenhof will open!


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          Re: My Efteling trip

          Originally posted by DutchGuy View Post
          I fully agree! Although I love Fata Morgana even more than I love Droomvlucht. Next year a new darkride called Hartenhof will open!
          Here's a Youtube video of Droomvulcht. Impressively trippy!
          Droomvlucht Efteling - YouTube
          I'd like to ride the bobsled ride too.


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