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My Paranoia Review 9/30/12


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  • Trip Report My Paranoia Review 9/30/12

    Even with Carmagedon II weekend we ventured out to Santa Monica Place to experience Paranoia. Since my husband was able to receive half price tickets we figured that it was worth checking out. I definitely think it is NOt worth the regular price they charge. Regular General Admission $30, Student Admission(with school ID) is $20. Anyways it's all indoors which is a huge plus due to weather issues (not like we have any in Southern California). Anyway the staff is very very nice and that part of it was well done. They answered any questions we had.

    Major drawback after each maze you exit and walk down the backside of the mazes to be led outside and then having to show your wristband to get back in. Major drawback. The setup instead of being easily accessible to return without going outside. Think because this was opening weekend and also media event they were definitey NOT ready in the least bit. (more on this later)

    We arrived about 5:20pm thankfully our road trip went rather smoothly and we didn't even go the freeways either. We had a bit of a time locating the actual place because there are NO street addresses on buildings nor a sign saying Santa Monica Place. No biggie I just toured the block and found it without any ore problems. Parking does cost (luckily only $4 for us). I was sweating the parking charge since we were there almost 4 hours. We parked and headed to the food court. We checked out the food court and went to see if we could collect our tickets at the box office. However they were still setting up things so we were told to come back. We headed over to grab a snack and sit for awhile. Once we were finished we were ale to head back over and collect our tickets for the evening.

    Then we went to get in line to be led inside. I felt really safe and secure with the amount of security officers all over not just at this event. One nice thing is no matter what level of tickets you purchase you are able to go thru the 3 mazes as much as you want to but of course have to get back in line. Upon entering the building one very positive thing is they have 3 signs with wait times for each of the mazes. I really think half of the building was just que lines with VIP fast pass and General Admission separated. Those who have VIP fast pass do NOT wait while the regular line does. So I could see this place on a busy Friday or Saturday night complete long general admission lines. The do space the mazes so lines move extra slowly. Each maze has a costumed character related to the attraction.

    First maze we went thru was the Infirmory. This is supposed to take place in a hospital yet ends in an actual house. It is a bit confusing for that. We were the only two and not knowing what to expect. The first room really didn't have much but after that the maze reminded me a bit of Knott's and Dark Harbor. It did have some great scares including a very scary nurse who approached us asking "are you patients or visiting?" 7/10

    The next maze was the Clowm maze. It had barely anything as far as details. A lot of glow in the dark paint on the walls with fake clowns hanging from overhead. Some writing and drawings on the walls. Maybe because these clowns were more playful not really scary. The best part was an actual black light spinning tunnel. There was a father and his daughter who loved this maze. Other than that this was the weakest of the 3 mazes. 3/10

    The last maze was Granny's Manor of Mayhem. Of the 3 this was the BEST. The first room has not only a graveyard scene BUT a huge carriage with a real actor driver in costume and a headless horseman complete with a head in its hands. I think my mouth dropped open upon first laying eyes on this. I've never seen a better setup. There were a couple of amazing props while you basically wait for your turn to get your picture taken. (I think $14.95 is a tad high if you wanted to purchase your picture) after that room then you enter the Psycho House. I really think the anamatronics were not ready for opening. Most were not working and one room after our second walk thru of this maze had someone trying to fix the non working ones. The kitchen was next with the chief asking us if we wanted to stay for dinner. The next scene is the dining room scene and I feel this was well done as well. There is a hallway and then my favorite part the little girls bedroom. She invites you into her closet (black airbags) heck yes. I'm not sure why people freak out at the air bags. Then you exit into like a graveyard scene. The last thing is a lady who has her face covered by her hair standing there in a night gown. Our second time thru she really made me scream and jump. I forgot she was there. 10/10

    On our second time in line for Granny's Manor of Mayhem maze I was against the wall but there is enough space for someone to walk thru. Well of course this monster in a mask comes and startles me so bad I scream. He then makes the gesture of him watching

    If you live in the area check it out but I wouldn't go out of my way to experience Paranoia.

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