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Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12


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  • Trip Report Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

    My husband Matt and I went to Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play in Los Angeles to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. The entire run is sold out I believe so until next year. Anyways it is by far nothing I have ever experienced before. I LOVE Halloween and to be scared but this just blew even TRAPPED at Knott's Haunt away. It is an interactive play where you either volunteer or they pick you to help with retrieving an object or partaking in a scene. It is a mind blowing, what just happened experience. Nothing I've ever taken a part in prior to this play has made me feel like I was in a horror movie or wanted to find my way out as fast as I wished last night. I think it took about 30 long long minutes to go thru the entire mansion. If it was any longer I would have definitely been on the ground crying in fear. If it had been any shorter it wouldn't have been worth it.

    What makes Delusion so unique is the fact that they put you in groups of no more than 12 people. You make advance reservations (beginning of September actually due to the sell out popularity of this limited number of guests nightly).We went into this with the mind set of volunteering or being picked rather than not participate. Plus our group was one very energetic volunteering group so I think it made it that much more fun to go thru with.

    We arrived for our 9pm reservation a little bit early. The mansion is located in a residential district of either apartments and housing. We were supposed to check I'm between 15-30 minutes early but we had 45 minutes before our time. Luckily they were able to accommodate us in an earlier group. Our group name on our wristbands was "LOBOTOMY" which was perfect. Since we had time to wait for our group to be called we went over and checked out the taco truck. They had a bar and a nice fellow guy in the group ahead of us bought us each a drink. I was glad because I needed something to take the edge offbut I think it made the waiting and the wondering what it would be like worse.

    We went back up near the taco truck and managed to snag a couple of seats. Where we met a magician named Michael. He had us help with a card trick. He gave us a card with an invitation to the Magic Castle. Yay Our night was starting on a great foot. It took about 45 minutes from the time we had checked in to the time our group was called. Mind you they don't call out the group names they check wristbands and come to you. They did have a sign outside with the rules including the actors can touch you you can't touch them. Speak only when spoken to because it is a play. They were having delays of 30-90 minutes but we lucked out in not having too long of a wait.

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    Our group had 12 in it. Our night starts out with us lining up in the back of the mansion near what looks like a grave or some sort of grave (shovel, dirt etc). Our guide asks each one of us our blood type and writes it down or pretends to. We comes back checking our pulses before starting an audio explaining what had taken place and why we are there. We head around the side to this gate/graveyard and picks a girl handing her this bottle. Her purpose is to find the grave keeper/gravedigger and persuade him with the bottle to give her the vial. Sure enough there is a gravedigger/keeper and he is standing ontop of a coffin. He takes the bottle but tells her she's on her own to get the vial.

    Yes she had to climb down ontop of the coffin and actually open it to retrieve the vial around the skeleton (Dr. Lowell's body). Once she had the vial and was helped up the vial was placed around her neck and we were told to protect her. We headed to the front of the mansion where we gathered round before a girl dangling a doll stood on the balcony above us singing "Ring Around The Rosie" before dropping the doll.

    Matt goes to pick it up before I can and she tells him "I will get the doll from your corpse later." The guide instructs someone to knock on the door before it opens and we are quickly ushered inside and into a corner. We are then greeted by Anna who is the Doctor's daughter.

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    Anna tells us why we are back inside the mansion and about her father the famous Doctor Lowell. Then we proceed into the study. Once inside the study there are two doors one has the safe and the ther leads to the kitchen. We are to find three objects...a journal which has the combination for the safe, a dagger and a key. There's also a satchel to keep all three items safe inside it. The journal is sitting on the desk and once located by someone turns to the "resurrection page" located is the combination to the safe. The journal is placed inside the satchel. The key is located inside the kitchen but is guarded by the "butcher" two unlucky people were picked for going inside the kitchen and retrieving the key. However once they set foot inside the kitchen the door closes on them and they are inside with the butcher who terrorizes them. However they are successful and get the key which is out inside the satchel to be kept safe. We move onto the next room where there is Nicholas playing the piano and chairs set up for a game of musical chairs. We have to play or else all die. He wanted me but I made it o to a chair and was going to snatch me up as his hostage but took someone else instead.

    We then too to the next room where he is holding her hostage and a lady dancing with a dagger in front of a fireplace. The object of getting the dagger away from her is someone has to dance with her well in order to get the dagger. Someone tries and doesn't succeed. She then changes into this beautiful woman and someone else gets picked to dance and manages to get the dagger away and it is placed inside the satchel.

    I must break away to say what detail the inside of the mansion in each room you actually feel like you are in a horror movie. Way better than Universal Horror Nights in quality of detail. You aren't rushed thru like typical haunted houses either. It seemed like time was standing still as we were inside. We then manage our way upstairs where my worst nightmare is about to unfold for me.

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    Down a long and I mean long hallway where at the very end is a bathroom and grandma in the bathtub. She has a key around her neck and someone has to go and get it. Anna has her under a trance but she's not sure how long she can keep her that way. Well no one wants to volunteer so Matt pushes me forward and I just decide to do it. I try to creep down the hallway with the floorboards squeaking. Yes it felt like I was in a horror movie at this point not sure what was about to happen. I reach grandma in the bathtub and just as I about to grab the key around her neck she comes alive and the door shuts behind me and a little girl appears.

    She tells me her name and I tell her I'm supposed to get the key but she tells me to forget it. She tells me all my friends are dead. She asks me if I want to become best frends with her and I say yes so she tells me best frends tell eachother secrets. Did I want to hear a secret?i say yes and she tells me about the vial but I have to keep it a secret. She tells me about Anna and Charles and how they're bad and Anna is lying to us. She says grandma has no hair and did I want to help her pick out a wig. I say yes and she takes me to the dresser where there are wigs. I pick out a pretty one for grandma and hand it to her. I am freaking out so badly at this point because I'm alone and I had seen Sinister the night before and this really felt like that horror movie come true.

    Mind you the actors do touch you only to move you, or when you interact with them but nothing horrible. So she asks me if I want to see her bedroom. I say yes and she takes my hand and leads me to her room. She has dolls and a bed and her room is nice and clean and tidy. She likes to keep her room clean. She keeps saying we are best friends lol...really creepy. She has pale skin and red lipstick all over her mouth and is in a nightgown with pigtails. So she proceeds to tell me how she likes to keep her bed made and I'm supposed to lay down in it.

    She pulls the sheet back for me to lay in and covers me up. Yes you have to follow instructions. At this point I kind of figure the rest of the group will eventually come back in. She notices her wallpaper is torn and goes over to check it out but comes back and picks up a book to read to me. The rest of the group enters the bedroo, at this point (they were outside being told the same thing about the vial and Anna that I was told by Charles her brother). So anyways she tells Charles and everyone she's reading me to sleep. I'm her new best friend. Charles wants her to let me go. After reading to me she takes out a knife and says she wants to play a new game with me. See who can bleed more.

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    Charles asks who has the doll and Matt steps up. He's told to see if she won't take the doll for my release. After what seems like an eternity she takes the doll from him and I get up out of that bed as fast as I can and we head into the next bedroom. We are then greeted by the grandma. She is looking for the strongest and someone who has the most potent seed. She eyes up the couple guys in our group and chooses Matt. She has him lay down on the bed. Then asks who has the vial and she takes it, opens it, and takes a drink. She then starts to go over to Matt on the bed and touch him but stops as the poisoned vial does its duty. We are then hurried down a hallway a d down stairs with creatures above us. We walk underneath them. They are hanging on the ceiling.

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    (Oh I so forgot to mention when we were downstairs one of the rooms there is this girl who is hanging from a rope. She is supposedly carrying a deadly strain of the Abola virus and someone has to use their mental power to kill her. Someone was picked to focus on the chair and to concentrate. She ends up hanged and we hurry into the next room.)

    Once backdown stairs we are told we have to go down into the basement. So we head down more stairs into the basement. We are told to stay here and then a door opens into a dark room where we are ushered in before the door shutting leaving us with monsters creatures people chained up. Then we are lead into this human cage and locked I side. Anna appears agin and this time she's about to unleash her father and we are all going to die. A poor victim is chosen to be chained up and sacrificed to something. After some chanting and what not out comes this horrific creature who basically pretends to get the sacrificed person before coming over to the cage we are in and scaring some really freaked out people. Then the cage door is unlocked and we are told to hurry up and that's it we exit the mansion from the basement.

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    It took our group about 30 minutes to go thru the entire mansion start to finish. Not bad considering that TRAPPED at Knott's took us 20. So not quite a dollar per minute but close. I think that Delusion has set the bar on anything I do now for Halloween. I've never experienced anything interactive let alone this. It definitely isn't for the squeamish or scared. Definitely wear comfortable shoes because I'd the walking, toes being stepped on, squished at times. I would recommend not bringing a purse because it will just get in the way (I never had a purse thankfully). One sick and twisted haunt and I'm still reeling from my experience. It really got to me more than I thought it would. I'm going to have to be dragged there next year. I definitely could not do that again if it wasnt sold out.

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    Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

    I always thought this was way a Show where you would sit and watch. I didn't realized it was an interactive play throughout the Mansion.

    On, I, too, realized that the entire event is sold out.

    This sounds fun and interesting!
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      Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

      Nope it is an actual haunt and the guests take part in it. It's definitely a participation kind of thing. That's what makes it incredible and nothing like it. The creator wanted something where guests wouldn't be shuffled thru like most haunted houses/mazes. Because you don't get that interaction that chance of being a part of the storyline. This is it's second year in production. This year they tweaked the storyline a little bit and made it a bit longer and more interactive.

      Tickets usually go on sale end of August start of September. I wish it wasn't sold out because now that I've experienced it NOTHING is going to come remotely close for me. I thought TRAPPED had topped everything well I was definitely wrong. Delusion is definitely for those who are brave and are looking to completely surrender to the story and mansion and surroundings. There definitely is something about the mansion that draws you there.


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        Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

        how much did it cost?
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          Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

          $45 per person. I believe Goldstar had discounted tickets for certain nights but our wedding anniversary was Oct 13th so we wanted to go on that night. It definitely was worth every single penny and a great way to spend our anniversary since we both LOVE Halloween and scary things. This by far surpassed anything and I am very brave.

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          I found out the house was built in 1905 for a doctor Wesley W Beckett and his wife. The mansion has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has been used for B rated horror movies including Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween. They used the upstairs (a bathroom) hopefully not the one that I was standing in, and a few of the bedrooms (hopefully not the one I was laying in the bed) but I think it could have been. In 1981 there was a fire upstairs and the upstairs had to be rebuilt. That's all I can find.


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            Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

            well... okay but one more thing can you take pictures in it because i have a idea for next year and mabye us here at alexshow may want to do delusion.
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              Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

              No unfortunately rules NO pictures/No cameras, NO videoing. They actually make you turn OFF your cell phones (you can't put them on vibrate or silent either). It's for a reason because there is activity involved when you are partaking of the play inside the mansion. Trust me I'd rather have my cell phone safely turned off and put away. I wouldn't want to be filming with a phone or camera because you do have to watch where you walk and go quickly. The stairs especially going down you almost need to grab ahold of the wall (one of the handrails was broken and missing).

              You would definitely loose the objective of being a part of the play and what's going on around you as well as disrupt those in your group.


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                Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

                I did it last year, and it was fantastic even then (and it was in the same house). I got selected to be a victim of the Mad Doctor for experiments, and was only saved at the last minute by his wife, who killed him and then fell into my lap--quite literally. People were on the ceiling, levitated, and pulled down hallways by unseen forces. It was quite impressive.

                This year, Neil Patrick Harris is now a producer, after having visited it last year and was so impressed, he wanted to get involved.

                DELUSION:The Blood Rite - Neil Patrick Harris faces his fears with Jon Braver - YouTube

                On his twitter feed, NPH did say it's completely sold out for this year.

                The only complaint I had about the show was the storyline... it was a bit difficult and convoluted to follow the details. But you don't have to get every moment to appreciate it.
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                  Re: Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12

                  Exactly. I didn't find it too difficult to follow the year. The stunts were just amazing I kept saying "wow". I LOVED coming forward to go retrieve the key around gandma's neck while she was in the bathtub down that never ending hallway. Actually what was great was I had a whole conversation with the little girl until everyone came back into her bedroom to find me in her bed and being read to.

                  Yup this year is all sold out. We got our tickets as soon as they went on sale. Not surprising since there is only 250 or so a night going thru the mansion. I am in just awe of the details inside the mansion and Delusion isn't your run of the mill push as many guests thru an hour. I think that is why I liked it so much. So far it's my number 1 on my Halloween list. We are doing Blumhouse Of Horrors. I just hope Delusion stays on the top of my list for ths year.


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