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My trip to Fright Fair 10/12/12


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  • Trip Report My trip to Fright Fair 10/12/12

    My husband Matt and I went to Pierce College off of Victory and De Soto Ave to go to Fright Fair. Last year it was a very great if not one of the better haunts close to home. Located in the San Fernando Valley anyone who lives nearby should definitely check it out. There are three haunted attractions...Insane Reaction, Factory of Nightmares and Creatures of the Corn. There's also a regular corn maze, a cow train, a pirate ship ride, merry go round, pony rides, hay ride and pumpkin patch. After 6pm the place becomes the haunted attractions at night. The pony rides close by 8pm and the merry go round way before that. Each ticket package includes admission. The haunted things start at 7pm and they do offer VIP as well as general admission. There are food and drink booths as well as entertainment.

    The night we went the regular lines weren't bad but on a Saturday night closer to Halloween I'm sure the regular lines will have a longer wait. They do excellent line control here as well and not making it conga line style in each maze.

    First up Insane Reaction: Last year this was the weakest of the three. However this year they did step up their game quite a lot. In here you need to navigate our way thru various paths surrounded by fencing and strob lights and monsters. The talent this year was top notch and making it very difficult to find our way. I kept going into dead ends at first. I think we spent a good 10 minutes inside of here before making our way out. 9/10

    Next up was Creatures of the Corn: this has one amazing anamatronic at the start that is way above the actual corn field. You do walk underneath it to enter the maze. I LOVE absolutely LOVE this maze. One being it is in the corn. Two it is dark outside so it is very hard to see. All I know is the talent in here definitely LOVE what they do and they make great use of the corn to not only hide but to scare you in one spot only to run thru the corn to another and get you in another spot. Excellent although we caught up with the group ahead of us because they were barely walking. Yes I walk fast thru these things. I had he monster scare me from behind. I had no idea he was following me and I turned around and he scared me. Excellent used a chainsaw guy hiding in the corn until the end. He knew how to make me scream even though I was prepared. 10/10

    Our final one was Factory of Nightmares: they switched it up a bit of the outside this year. Instead of just black empty walls with no scares they actually had you go inside and then back outside but they had so much fog and strobe lights that I ran into the clown and the ore grop because you can't even see your hand in front of your face. The elevator guy at the beginning was so creepy. I was asked my name before we entered the hospital part and they called out my name. It definitely felt like we were all alone in the first half of this maze withno way out. Also when you think they can't make use of the floors and tops of walls well lets just say they come from no where even overhead. There seemed like way so many more than even last year especially near the end and we even had the group in front of us ask if I was ok because I kept screaming. All I know is that I had to catch my breathe afterwards. The beginning is errie because you get taken into an elevator then the hospital part then just inside and outside with no real tie in but the detail is a bit above Knott's the beginning reminded me of Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. The group in front of us made the comment that it was better than Universal Horror Nights which was shocking to hear, 10/10

    Defintely check out Fright Fair. It shows the talent loves what they do and they do it very well. It has become one of our favorite haunts closer to home.

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