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Old Town Haunt 10/19/12


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  • Trip Report Old Town Haunt 10/19/12

    We went to Old Town Haunt in Pasadena for the first time. I'd recommend it iF you live close by or are able to use public transportation to get there. Otherwise you do,have to park in a parking garage (small cost). It's only 1 haunted house. It is in a building that used to be the bank but has long been deserted. The building was built in the 1900's and is apparently rumored to be haunted. This attraction has you descending into the basement area of the building. There are two lines one around the side of the building for general admission and one in front of the building for VIP.

    I would recommend getting your tickets thru Goldstar or someplace that has discounted tickets. (We managed VIP thru Goldstar for half price). they take you inside in groups so the VIP's get priority. There are also talent trying to scare you as you wait which builds the suspense. I do warn you though this attraction is definitely not for those afraid of the dark, small spaces nor wouldi bring someone under the age of 13. This attraction has set pieces from Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses. However it is so dark down there that it is very hard to see much.

    You are given the rules and the talent definitely does not touch you. You are warned and SPOILER there is a real crawl space. If you can not crawl there are signs and an alternative route around the crawl space. I'd recommend that if you are able to crawl do,it. It is very padded and not hard on your knees or anything.

    The talent is great (hiding in places). They try to scare everyone not just those at the front. At times someone wouldn't even have to do anything but sit or stand in their spot and I would freak out. The anamatronics are neat and working. One actually made me jump and scream.

    We ended up getting lost in one spot (missed a right turn) and went around in a circle for a second time. It is very disorienting and easily able to get lost. There is a pitch black portion that we had difficulty finding our way. The crawl space was definitely a must do. For me I would concentrate on crawling and I did not want to look up or anything.

    Im glad that we were able to fit this in this year but I don't think we will be back when there are so many more attractions that are repeatable for us.

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    Re: Old Town Haunt 10/19/12

    I've done it in years past. The crawling section was there then, too. Also, I don't think you missed a turn when you got lost... that is a deliberate trick they do...

    The first time you go around, there is a door/gate that is camouflaged to look like a wall. The first time you go around, it's in a closed position that forces you to circle around again in a loop. When they're ready to let you move on, they open the door/gate to the other position, which lets you continue. Pretty clever, and very disorienting.

    Like you, I enjoyed it when I did it, but I don't think they change it much from year to year, so there's not much reason to repeat it, unless they do a major refurbishment in the future.
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      Re: Old Town Haunt 10/19/12

      Hey. You went the same day as we did.

      After taking my parents to their first haunted maze last week in Anaheim called the Empty Grave, which was not scary at all. I decided to take them to their second haunted maze in Burbank called "The Backwoods Maze" this past Friday. After that we then decided to hit our 2nd maze of the night by traveling on the 134 to the 210 freeway to Old Town Pasadena.

      We also got tickets through

      The maze was really good. We also went in the circle twice, I think they close the other pathway, so they make sure once you pass it, they will open it up again.

      I wish the pitch black part of the maze was longer. I was too afraid to touch the wall just in case I touch someone like a monster hiding in the pitch black room.

      I love the crawling section. It gets smaller and smaller as it comes time to crawl. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland where you become smaller to get through the door. I wish it was long for more intense experience.
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        Re: Old Town Haunt 10/19/12

        If they deliberately do that trick that's sort of mean in all honesty. It's dark enough down there all I wanted was out fast because I hate the dark lol. I couldn't look anywhere while crawling because I just wanted out. I guess there was someone there when you bent down to go into the crawl space but I was concentrating on crawling as fast as I could. In the pitch dark part I had to touch the walls and freaked out because I thought I was touching something or someone.


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