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Another trip to Coffin Creek 10/20/12


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  • Trip Report Another trip to Coffin Creek 10/20/12

    We decided to meet up with some friends for another evening at Coffin Creek. This being one of the busiest Saturdays they've had so far. It didn't help that the Scarecrow Trail was closed the entire evening due to the dirt being turned into mud from the rain. The trail is actually in a low lying area because of this any sort of precipitation creates mud. It's a safety concern for visitors. We arrived at 6:45pm. They were slow in starting the redemption for tickets.

    Upom receiving our tickets our group headed up to the Hayride. All I can say is the Hayride seemed much improved over our last visit. It seemed there was extra scenery but maybe because I was sitting on the other side of the trailer wagon.

    After the hayride we went to Labrnth of the Lost Relics. I was so pleased to see the actual final working product. The first room is so impressive with the working talking mirror. much much better this time around. I can see this becoming my favorite attraction at Coffin Creek but maybe because I've done Chambers of the Mausoleum so many times.

    Finsihing those two we hiked back over to Lone Hill Manor which I was a tad disappointed this time. Unlike last visit where it seemed there was plenty of talent this visit found too many places with no one around. I think they need to staff this attraction a little more.

    Our last stop Chambers of the Mausoleum. The line was so long but I think the hour and forty five minutes was well worth it. The elevator is amazing because you enter and exit thru the same doorway. Everyone in our group got a scare at least once. Our guide was creepy skeleton dude with a hood and in the coffin room he actually bent down and drew a pentagram which no other guide we've had has ever done that. He just creeped me out in the elevator. Being in the back of the group after the elevator was so much more creepier and the talent sure used that to their advantage. As always Chambers impressed our friends and made their trip and wait worth it.

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    Re: Another trip to Coffin Creek 10/20/12

    I will definitely return next year to fully enjoy all they have to offer.

    One thing I noticed after exiting the Chambers was that some people were wearing VIP red flashing button. I asked them "how much did it cost?" They told me it costs only 10 bucks upgrade. Which includes VIP access to all the mazes. If I knew about this, I would have definitely purchase it, so I didn't need to wait in line for an hour and a half.

    Coffin Creek is located on a very dusty hillside. I can't imagined how much dusts I had breathe in.

    By the way, Thanks to you madmonkeygirl, for contributing a lot of haunted attractions reviews to this forum and Yelp also . It was kinda hard to find any detailed review online like this one.
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      Re: Another trip to Coffin Creek 10/20/12

      You are very welcome. I know because I tried looking as well. The most I found were a few and they weren't very good. Yet going last year and again this year I was like did we do the same thing. The VIP red flashing lights would have been a great value that night for you. We always arrive super early for anything and have a plan of attack so as to get thru everything. It's just too bad the trail was closed. We always do everything else first and save Chambers of the Mausoleum for last because of the long line.

      I hate that dusty road. It dirties my car, hence I wait to wash the car until after my visit. I always wear older comfortable shoes due to walking in dust. Plus the hayride was kicking up dust in our faces opening weekend making it a little less enjoyable. Tis last visit I enjoyed the hayride more. Except for the wind kicking up and making the water sewage treatment plant that is right there the air smelly to the point of having to cover our mouths to breath without gagging.


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