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  • Trip Report Blumhouse of Horror

    On Oct 27th we ventured to Blumhouse of Horror located in downtown Los Angeles a block north east of LA Live and Staples Center. Blumhouse of Horror is located in a building that used to be a theater. It's supposedly haunted. One word GO!!! You won't be sorry. I reccomend purchasing your tickets in advance to save time when you arrive. I would suggest arriving early because the regular line does move slowly. It started at 6pm and we were in line about 6:15 and waited until 7:30 before going inside. There are VIP tickets and you will definitely have little wait. The regular line once getting to the main door once you step snide takes another 20 minutes before you actually enter.

    What makes this experience unique is you are in small groups of 10-12. You have a guide with you for e majority of the time. (I don't want to give away too many details for those who have not experienced it.) Blumhouse is from the makers of Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insedious. The building is definitely creepy. I picked this up immediately and I'm not one to let things affect me either but I was extra freaked out inside (the hairs standing up on the back of my neck kind/I felt like there is a presence there).

    Anyways the plot is a tad bit hard to follow but I had an idea what was going on. I thought there would be more illusion magic stuff than there was. However the scares/fright were more than I thought would be. It's definitely dark (they have helpers as well as your guide to shine flashlights where to go,stand etc). You do go up and down stairs so I wold suggest wearing comfortable shoes. There are definitely a lot of effects and I was definitey over stimulated and if I wasn't so scared would have just been "o,g how did they do that?"

    Yes I did say scared. I don't want to give spoilers out but there are some interaction (not as much as Delusion). I was called out by the fortune teller because of my loud scream. Thus leading to be told I need to be aware of an old grey haired man and something about being angry and disturbing the theater. I was beyond freaked out by this point and we had barely started.

    The writings on the walls going down the stairs made me want to stop and just read every last one. I was that transformed. Much better than anything Universal has tried. Also there are a couple actors who are children yes probably because their parents worked alongside them. Let's just say one little boy was eyeing me and he finally scared me. I do have to say that at he point I don't think it was done intentionally however an actor got down on the floor as I was walking by and grabbed me by the hem of my pants totally freaking me out.

    I was told by one of the actors that I remind him of his daughter and she is no longer here. Also there was this creepy actor with a flashlight who would ask the females if we wanted to be his next wife. He was looking to replace her.

    I don't want to give away too much either. Let's just say the ending was substantial and not like hurry rush rush. I liked the climax of the entire visit. Some of the scares I had were just effects going off here and there but it definitely had the Sinister and Paranormal Activity feel to it.

    I was so freaked out I was near tears I just wanted it to be over and not much scares me. As much as Chambers of the Mausoleum made me cry last year that didn't come close to the fear and panic I experienced inside. I was traumatized but like having to go back thru Chambers this year I will definitely return to Blumhouse. Unlike Delusion the Haunted play where it is totally interactive Blumhouse is more of the experience. I'm NOT sure which is better in my opinion. I'd do Delusion again in a heart beat. Now Blumhouse I am very hesitant to do it again. Each is unique and definitely better than the usual haunted attractions.
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