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Trip Report/Video The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana

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  • Video Trip Report/Video The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana

    So last Saturday I went to the Bowers Museum with my mom to visit the Lucy exhibit for a Biology project...I thought I'd share my experience with you all.

    We got there around 9 or 10 (probably would've been earlier, but we happened to pass by the filming location for American Horror Story my FAVORITE show). We got our tickets and headed into the Lucy exhibit. There was no filming in there so i didnt get any footage. It was rather small but still a really cool exhibit! They had various things like her bones (of course), couple Ethiopian artifacts, a reconstruction of her body, and a lot more. After we where done there, we went to the other exhibits. The ones I enjoyed the most were the Mayan, Pacific Islands, and Maurice Sendak exhibits. After a little walking around, we headed to the gift shop and left. Over all I had a really fun time.

    While I was there, I was able to film some of the other exhibits...enjoy!