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Your Own Theme Park


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  • [Fun] Your Own Theme Park

    So in this hypothetical situation you are a theme park designer working for WDI, UNI, or any of the major theme park design groups. Your boss has given you complete blue sky freedom, you can design anything, license any franchise (or not use any at all), and build anything you want. What would you build?

    What would be your park?

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    Re: Your Own Theme Park

    Well without getting into too much Detail I'd want my own parks.....not linked to Disney or Universal

    I'd want a deal with Nintendo so I could make a Nintendoland with a Metroid gun ride, Zelda Rollercoaster, Mario Kart Dark Ride, and Star Fox space ride

    I'd also want a Haunted 1950's land...with a subland with a small Western town
    An Adventureland with more room and a Volcano
    A Scifi-land based off a Futuristic theme park that was abandoned

    Just a few idea's I'd love to see but it would be hard to make a theme park in this time unless you have billions of dollars
    Happy Halloween!!!


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