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Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

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  • Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

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    Re: Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

    Just lovely. Thanks for sharing! If I remember right, Tivoli Gardens is actually one of the locations which influenced Walt Disney when he was planning the look of DL.
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      Re: Tivoli Gardens and Skara Sommerland

      There's a lot of American park discussion on the boards here, but mainly because it's centered around Disney's parks which are primarily American in genesis and the board's from a site founded on those American parks.

      There's no apology needed for those videos or parks. They're beautiful locations, I'd dearly love to visit some day, and they're unique and probably a lot better suited for where they're at than anything one of the "major" park players would put in their place. I'm a little jealous
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