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Freakling Brothers Trilogy Of Terror


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  • Trip Report Freakling Brothers Trilogy Of Terror

    Having gone to Knott's Scary Farm as well as Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights my husband and I decided since we were in Vegas to try something new. Since both of us love Halloween and Haunted Houses and mazes this was looked like it was right up our alley. I really recommend going here. It is located about 10 miles from the Vegas strip and very easy to get to and find.

    It's set up in a parking lot in front of the AMC theater. They have been doing this for over 20 years. The outside of the 3 houses look something out of a carnival where you go in to DIE and never ever come out. But that isn't the case. When you step inside you are definitely transformed into each themed house.

    They take your picture as you enter for viewing and purchase later on. Which is a great deal compared to some other places and you actually if you buy 2 you get 2 free so that is 4 pictures which are great quality. The ticket booth is set up on the side. Definitely recommend buying the Fear Pass for all 3 houses and the VIP Fast Pass which is an extra $10 BUT gets you a nice tshirt as a souviner of your experience.

    Once we had our tickets and shirts we decided to start with Circus of Terror. This one is circus related and there is a clown taking our tickets. The ringmaster asks us if we want to go inside and gives us the rules. The maze is interactive in several rooms. Without giving away anything there are rooms where you are told to do something and rooms you have to figure out what to do. It's in a way better than this year's Trapped at Knott's. Much better darker and creepier. At one point I had to navigate with my hands. The ending had me freaking out a little bit since I was the one picked.

    Next up was Castle Vampyre. This is my favorite of the 3 houses. Igor takes your ticket and he is creepy. There is a vampire lady who gives us the rules once again and asks us if we really want to enter the house er castle. This maze is dark, twisted, has a couple really cool effects making you have to think for yourself to get out of and across. The ending had me in awe. Instead of being scared I stood there with my mouth open just watching, mesmerized. The detail in here in some of the rooms effects made me forget about Universal Horror Nights completely. It is definitely sick and twisted.

    The last house of the evening is Gates of Hell. Now this house is different because you need to sign a waiver much like Trapped at Knott's. BUT unlike Trapped this is an "R rated house" no one under 17 is admitted. YOU will be touched. YOU will be shoved. YOU will be cussed at. It's very intense. There is a safe word which for this year is "Purgatory" There is a priest who takes your ticket and has you sign the waiver. You approach the Grim Reaper and he explains the rules again. You enter the house. Let's just say this is definitely more intense than anything I've ever been inside of. It's scary and it's very interactive. I had my legs and ankles grabbed at, yelled at and more. The ending had me running out of it. I never said the safe word even though at the beginning I was tempted to. I made it all the way thru.

    This is definitely a must do if in the area. Nothing will ever come close to this. There is definitely no conga line thru the houses. It is you and your group only. I think what makes this work is unlike Universal or even Knott's there is no something to watch or look at and something comes out at you from somewhere else. It feels like YOU are the star in some horrible horror house gone wrong. I thought I would have nightmares but luckily I didn't. We were there a little before 7pm and finished by 8:30pm. The pictures they couldn't find ours so they had us redo them before viewing so that took a little more time. We finished and went back to our hotel room quickly and out to dinner and had the evening to spend on the strip.

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    Re: Freakling Brothers Trilogy Of Terror

    ​Nice! Sounds like a great evening and perfect for Halloween!
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