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Delusion Masque of Mortality


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  • Trip Report Delusion Masque of Mortality

    I went last night. One word GO!!!! If you are to spend $60 spend it here instead of Trapped at Knott's. Definitely worth every single penny and then some. If I were to go back I think I wouldn't be so scared of the unknown. That's the best part of going the first time the unexpected. Delusion is an interactive haunted play where YOU and your group are all a part of a plot/story that is just so insane I am still trying to wrap my brain around everything that took place to myself and my fellow people in our group. I couldn't even sleep last night thanks to the amazing acting and the costumes of the "doctor's".

    This year the play takes place inside a church in Silver Lake instead of in the mansion used for 2 years in a row. Unlike last year this year's theme is about a plague and our group has pure, clean blood that is needed to cure those affected and dying. We are warned the "doctor's"want our blood and we have to avoid them at all costs or else we are going to be human blood bags.

    We arrived around 8:30pm for our 9:00 pm reservation. They are sold out until the beginning of November. This year will be another sell out of every night I feel. We parked in a valet lot they had which is right past the church in the corner. (Just follow the signs and they will direct you). Much better than finding a place on the street where parking is very limited. We stood outside the church for a few minutes taking pics and checking in on our phones. (Once inside before your group starts their adventure you will be told to turn OFF your cell phones/more on this later). We checked in about 8:40pm and were told to sign the waiver and explained the rules. We were given wristbands with Famine 200 was our group and told to go wait in the lounge/bar downstairs. We walked down the stairs and past the restrooms and into the lounge/bar area. No sooner did we enter our group gathered in the bar area and our adventure began.

    We were a group of 8. I loved the smaller groups this year than last year when our group was at least 12. At this point we were in this small room and told the rules. This is where you are definitely told about the cell phones. We were instructed to turn them OFF NOT on vibrate NOT on silent but OFF. If caught with your phone on and if you take it out at any point you will be thrown out with no refunds. Also at this point I will stress wear flat shoes (tennis shoes or shoes you can RUN in, walk fast in that are comfortable). We saw a couple of girls with heeled boots and let me tell you I had issues even going up and down the stairs in tennis shoes during our experience.

    The storyline is much better this year I felt and the actors did an amazing job. I was definitely sucked into the storyline and I had to remind myself this is just a play and not real. I was freaked out. It definitely is longer than last year a good 45 minutes. You will be going upstairs, downstairs, going the same way you came and more.

    Everyone in our group did something or was picked to do something. There are times where they need volunteers and times where they will "Pick you" and you will be taken away from the group but don't worry you will be reunited with your group. However when you get picked there are times where you will miss something that happens to the rest of the group (my husband Matt missed out on something that was fun and scary and had my heart beating rapidly). I don't want to give away spoilers incase someone reading this is going to go. The ending could have been a little better (it reminded me of last year in a way but even worse if picked *which I was*.

    The doctor's costumes are amazing and I couldn't sleep afterwards. I was literally shaking afterwards. There is tons of walking fast, running, going the same way you came, bending down, hiding, going thru things and more. Nothing has ever come close to this experience and nothing will. I can only say that I can not wait until next year to see what they will do since this year so far was my favorite compared to last year. Also the not selling any alcohol is a plus. Last year there was one drunk person in our group which nearly spoiled the experience. Afterwards I went to the restroom before leaving and they are clean but they are backstage so warning if you go you may run into some of the talent like I did accidently. I think she remembered me and she stared at me and then gently lightly touched my face creeping me out even more so after the last finale that I had to participate in.

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    Re: Delusion Masque of Mortality

    Thank you very much, Madmonkeygirl! :monkey: :bow:


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