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  • Knotts Questions

    I haven't been to Knott's in a couple of years, so I don't know how their two newest coasters are, or how they impact the overall theme of the Park. Is Knotts worth taking a look at again?
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    Hard to elaborate and that's purely a personal choice not to go back...even when we could go free...

    Specifics are new rides have VERY small seating for smaller people (which I ain't one) also my favorite coaster went south...Ghost Rider will shake your teeth out and remove your liver.

    Attitudes were down and it just didn't feel right the last couple of times we went.

    You can only see the Indian magic show so many times...though I've loved Mystery Lodge all along it's just not a must see anymore...the raft is ...well a raft...

    But for look like you could fit the new have at it!!!

    You can always eat Chicken!

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      I haven't been to Knott's forever.


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        We went about two years ago. I can't see spending the money unless you get in for VERY cheap. We got to the park around 10am and left before noon. Halloween Haunt however, was a blast.


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          The last time I went to Knott's was a few years ago, not sure exactly when but I know it was before California Adventure opened.
          The reason that fact sticks out in my mind is because I remember enjoying the river rapids ride immensely, so much that I went on it several times (there was no line so they were nice enough to let us go right through a couple of times)
          But now we have California Adventure, with the Grizzly River Rapid Run, which sort of removes that one advantage.
          I do remember being impressed my the effects in the indian lounge, but that does rather seem like it wouldn't be much of a repeat attraction.
          Did I have fun at Knotts? Yes. Would I set aside a day and spend the money required to spend a day there? Probably not.


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            knotts is great...

            Knotts is so nice its not usually that crowded they have some nice food try the fajitas at the Ghost Town Grill..yum.. and they new rides ae nice.rumor is Cedar Fair will get rid of the Ghost Town lil by favor of more money makin atractions. A fridays is goin in in the freeshopping area.and a season pass for kids is liek 60 bucks no blockouts..liek 110 adult..i liek to go ride the old rides and remember when it was free to get in and i had hair but thats me...lolsits liek Dca with more rides and cheaper food.tons of shops for the women and lots of cowboy stuff for the guys,,2 thumbs up.


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              ooh ya

              If you are from calif i think they have a ticket for like 22 bucks and liek 16 for kids much cheaper ..than disney.


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                "much cheaper ..than disney."

                And there's a reason for that.


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                  This is one of the places we may be taking The Boy, now that are APs are history. The last time I was there was doe Knott's Scary Farm 12 years ago. Before that I can't quite remember.


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                    I've been looking back at Knott's to see if it was worth checking out again after all these years (the water rafting ride was brand new when we last went!) Seems like the answer is no. Although I never there was as much to "do", it had a quieter atmosphere from DL that seems to be almost entirely gone now. My favorite quiet place, that woodsy lake around Montezooma and Camp Snoopy, has been wrecked with a bunch of coasters over the water.

                    Oh well, I still have my home videos.


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                      I went to Knott's last March and I had a blast. Ghostrider was the first ride my friends and I went on and it was the most intense ride I've ever gone on (I haven't been on many roller coasters; the only ride that I can compare it to is American Eagle at Six Flags Great America, which was smoother and more gentle). The park was fairly empty and was a good break between two days of packed DL. Xcelerator was closed that day sadly. Some of the rides were a disappointment from how I remembered them last time I was at the park sometime in the early 90's, like Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (one of the employees was riding with us with a flashlight and taking note of which animatronics were malfunctioning). Scream Machine was terrific, the only ride I think beats it's DL counterpart. The park was empty enough at closing that we got to ride Montezooma's Revenge back to back without getting out of our seats, which was fun but painful. Afterwards we went to the chicken restaurant and stuffed ourselves. I wish Silver Bullet was open then, the video on Knott's webpage looks awesome. For $20 a ticket I really think it was worth the money. Never turn down the opportunity to go to a theme park!


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                        soo true

                        yes id see knotts now before its some point they will change the name to some lame thing and it will be six flags not a coaster freak ..ilike the old knotts but i stilllove it there,,take a will last longer...


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                          I miss Knott's Beary Tales. I loved loved loved that ride. But, that was wayy back when Knott's was still a good Knott's.

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                            Bonus points for spelling Knott's Bear-y Tales correctly! The only thing you missed was the hyphen....

                            I miss it too - know that they have shuttered Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs, it looks like we will get some off the shelf carny dark ride, instead of a return to what that space was designed for....

                            Here's a link to some articles on the old Bear-y Tales ride...

                            Bear-y Tales & others...


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                              Some history about Mystery Lodge...

                              ...It originally appeared at Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC. It was part of the GM pavilion and was known as Spirit Lodge. After Expo there were rumours that the show would be setup in Vancouver somewhere but that didn't materialize. Somehow Knott's got a hold of it and moved the show to California.

                              As for Knott's, my sister went there this past summer, her first time since 1994, and she wasn't too pleased about it either. She liked it better before.

                              They took out two of my favourite rides - Soap Box Racers and the Parachute Drop!


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