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New things coming for Six Flags


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  • New things coming for Six Flags


    Focus on family

    With two young sons -- Jack, 5, and Jeffrey, 2, -- Shapiro often takes his family to theme parks. Every summer, Shapiro said they go about 10 times to parks such as Disney World and Lake Compounce near his home in Westport, Conn.

    Although Shapiro said he likes trying to sneak his older son past security at Space Mountain at Disney to get on the ride, his kids would not have many rides to go on at the typical Six Flags park with 54-inch height requirements for its thrill rides.

    To entice families back to Six Flags, Shapiro is focusing on improving the overall park experience for guests even if they don't want to ride the tall rollercoasters. For example, the parks will have more Warner Bros. characters roaming around, particularly the popular Justice League characters like Superman, Batman, the Flash and the Green Lantern.
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