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Discovery Cove


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  • Discovery Cove


    I was wondering if anyone here has been to Discovery Cove. I want to go with my father and my boyfriend, but the idea of paying close to $1000 for the three of us to go is a little..well..difficult.

    Is it worth it? I want to swim with dolphins so badly, but $300 a person is a bit steep.


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    Re: Discovery Cove

    I know it can be upsetting when no one responds to your posts. So i will respond, but I have never been to Discovery Cove, and this may sound stupid, but I am assuming it is not owned by disney? $1000 is a lot of money. I know many people who have swam with dolpins, and sometimes they just have you in the same pool giving a few commands and then you get to pet them. Other times they have you hold onto their flippers and go for a swim. I would want to know exatly what was part of the program before I decided if it was too much. I think $100 is what they paid. At any rate, if you decide to go, have a great time.


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      Re: Discovery Cove

      Dolphins, and various other animals, have been used for therapeutic activities for humans for many years now--it is supposedly relaxing. However, they are, still, wild animals--no matter how much you train them. They are also very sensitive to their environment and because of that, they give you basically everything you need to go in...including a wetsuit and a special suntan lotion that will not harm the animal.

      No, I've not gone, but strangely the high price is to keep the numbers low and keep the whole experience very, very personal. When you to a Disney park, you stand in queues all day and basically share your vacation with a very large number of people. At Discovery Cove, it's very personalized, just small groups from my understanding and a trainer who talks to you and helps you bond with the animal.

      The smaller numbers mean more control and less chance for a lawsuit, if you catch my drift.

      Is it cruel? Absolutely. These are grand animals that should be in their home. However, the animals do have everything they want--and are well protected, another reason for the high prices and smaller numbers of visitors. I believe you are assigned a time when you go. A ticket to Sea World is included as well, but I've not checked the website. There's other things to see and do as well, but your time with the dolphins is, like, an hour.

      If you think you would enjoy it, why worry about the money? It's your vacation and you are making memories, no matter what we say or do. Enjoy. And if you don't, still, there's a lesson in there too.

      If you do go, I'd be curious to see what you think. Give it a try!

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        Re: Discovery Cove

        I've been to Discovery Cove. It's owned by Busch, and not Disney. I found the park to be so-so. The whole place is relatively uncrowded and calm. There is nice scenery, everything is clean, and there are some impresive snorkling/swimming areas.

        This park's main downfall comes in the main attraction: the dolphin "experience," which is a huge letdown unless you really want to see the dolphins.You stand in cold water and try a few tricks (throw him/her a fish, rub its stomach :sleep: ) for around half an hour. Depending on your taste, this is quite dull. Only after this do you get to "swim" with the dolphins, which entails a short tug across the pool courtesy of the dolphin. A rather odd, underwhelming "experience."

        Overall, a nicely-taken-care-of park, but not worth the money if you want to swim with dolphins. The best places for that are in the Bahamas/C. America, although that can be just as expensive; perhaps more. If you really want to try Discovery Cove, I would suggest the SeaWorld/Cove combo deal Roo mentions above.
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          Re: Discovery Cove

          Their is also a florida rate going on. The reason the price is so high becase you can get into sea world or busch gardens for one free day of fun.


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