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Knott's At Halloween?


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  • Knott's At Halloween?

    What're the night festivities like at Knott's Halloween bash? Horrible crowds? Worth the $$$? :confused:
    Planning our early October trip and I could use all the help I can get!

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    Haunt at Knott's was the first of its kind for Halloween, and is AWESOME!!!!

    I go multiple times per year...

    Awesome mazes, plus some great shows...

    The earlier in the month you go, the better in regards to crowds. Usually Burger King has some good coupons for the event...

    Here are a couple of photo albums from Haunt in 2004...

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      Great Pix, Darkbeer! We're going to be there on the 5th. It looks like a lot of fun - can't wait!!

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        yeah darkbeer is right... get discount coupons from burger king (i think they start giving them out in early september), plan your trip for one of the wednesdays since they are the least crowded, and try to go in the first 2 weeks of october! also make sure the day you are going has the shows running as well... sometimes the first week of october doesn't have all the shows and the shows are an awesome part of the experience...
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          The Haunt at Knott's is awesome...Bring back Elvira!

          I do miss the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal though. Made it at least once to each of them (including the unofficial first one in the parking garage).

          There is an unofficial website for the Haunt. That guy Ted sends me emails with updates throughout the year. Do a google search. Lots of pics and info.

 (I think)
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            Hey everyone great info I am a yearly Haunt worker, worked in some fun mazes. But yes the first two weeks and on a Wednesday are the least crowded and can also be the cheapest thanks to Burger King! :devil:

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              It seriously is a lot of fun if you go early in the run (sometimes they do a "pre-scream" thing at the end of September at like half price).

              Later on it gets way, way crowded and in the last few times I went there were far too many gangbangers about. I dunno if they've been more stringent in their security since, but I stopped going religiously in 1999. Up until then I never missed a year since my first Haunt in '84.
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                The Haunt at Knott's is the best! It has an amazing number of Mazes and some very good make over on the rides.

                To beat the crowds go early in the season and go mid-week
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