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Best 2014 S Cal Halloween locations/events


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  • [Fun] Best 2014 S Cal Halloween locations/events

    My favorite is Knott's Scary Farm because of the enthusiasm of the monsters, the humor, the Boo-fet, etc., and I was impressed by some of the effects and make up at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

    But what are likely to be the best of the rest in Southern California in 2014?

    Was the Queen Mary impressive the last two years? I went three years ago (or 4?) with Micechat and theater guy led the monsters to greatness that year.

    Have any of you besides Norman/Fishbulb been through Blackout? Not my cup of tea, but I'd like to hear how you liked going through a more intense "maze" (?) alone.

    Never been on the Haunted Hay Ride in Griffith Park. How has that been lately?
    :whistling :evil: )

    What other intentionally scary places have impressed you around Halloween, especially in 2013, besides Knott's & Universal?

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    Re: Best 2014 S Cal Halloween locations/events

    LA Haunted Hayride is amazing. You can search on Youtube and find the owner on Shark Tank last year. The Hayride is better every year and looks like this year they are expanding. I suggest paying the extra money and getting VIP.

    Queen Mary was fun last year, from what I understand they have really stepped up their game from recent years.

    Blackout is just an excuse to try and shock you, IMO. Alone: An Existential Haunting is alike in that they both make you go through alone, but Alone actually tries to scare you and not gross you out.

    Sinister Pointe is always great. They've increased in popularity in recent years and are being copied left and right(i.e. Trapped). They are in Brea and also work on other haunts.

    Blumhouse has had a great attraction the past couple years, but I'm not sure they are doing anything this year.


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      Re: Best 2014 S Cal Halloween locations/events

      Thanks, Christianlyons!

      I wonder how they rank from tamest to scariest.

      Most scary/gory/disturbing:
      1. Blackout (Norm/"the artist formerly known as Fishbulb" did this and lived to talk about it.)

      Moderate to Scary
      2. Universal Halloween Horror Nights
      3. Knott's Scary Farm
      4. the Queen Mary Dark Harbor

      Not Scary
      5. Disneyland's Halloween Party-except for Space Mtn. and a couple of moments in the Haunted Mansion
      6. Disneyland and Knott's during the day during Halloween--the least scary.

      How do Sinsiter Point and the L.A. Haunted Hayride fit in this scary ranking.
      Please feel free to disagree with my opinions/rankings above.


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        Re: Best 2014 S Cal Halloween locations/events

        Sinister Pointe can be pretty intense. There are certain rooms you can't leave until you complete a task.

        The Hayride is scarier than Knott's that for sure. You also have to consider the ambiance of the Hayride itself--in the middle of Griffith Park. They have the In-Between maze which is pretty scary and they are adding other things this year.


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