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Busch Gardens Updates....


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  • Busch Gardens Updates....

    I recently attended Busch Gardens last Saturday and have some photos for you to see... (if the bandwidth goes out.. your out of luck untill next month..)

    First up is the new Morrocco entrance... (1 Img.. and 2 links)

    Nairobi gate received new turnstiles... but was closed when I arrived.

    Last new ticket booth, currently used for the Operation solute (military) tickets..

    some of the new ticket booths moved closer to the trams to allow for a new security check in their former location...

    The park is currently offering a deal for Busch Gardesn And it's Waterpark Adventure Island... 2 parks in one day. and students get a discount... $10 off when shoing student ID.
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    Now into the Park for a few more photos...

    The New Excursions shop has opened. It is located across from Gwazi in Bird Gardens.

    Some new advertisement and relaxation area...

    Also in the area. Showcasing some of the materials used inside the park I presume.
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      I walked into Stanleyville to See The Flying African Bird SheiKra under construction... (as of today they have got a train still wrapped up on the track... No testing yet.)

      Turn around from lift towards Steap 90 degree drop.

      90 degrees drop....Angle 1.

      90 Degrees Drop....Angle 2...

      90 Degrees Drop....Angle 3.

      Yes that is 90 degrees.
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        View from Timbuktu.. notice how it blends into Scorpion which has the same color scheme....

        Drop 2 & Inversion...Angle 1.

        Drop 2 & Inversion...Angle 1
        pictured in the 2 photos is the Inversion which the first drop goes into to get to the second drop pictures above which is around 86 degrees...

        Depending on whihc track... Not depicted is the Splash Down track.
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          I think the scariest part of rollercoasters is not how big or fast they are, it's whether you can see where you're going. I've been on rollercoasters 200+ feet tall and I've been on a small 70 foot tall one where you couldn't see the drop AT ALL. The 200 footer was scary, but very easily done. The 70 footer where I couldn't see the drop (because it goes almost straight down and loads at the top of the drop and pushes very slowly off) was so terrifying I didn't think I was going to be able to make it. I cannot even imagine the sheer terror of being 200 feet in the air and not seeing a track in front of you. Believe me when I say, these types of coasters are MUCH more terrifying then they look because they use your *mind* to terrify you, not your senses.

          Take for example Space Mountain. If this coaster was outdoors with no queue, it would be so boring you could almost sleep through it. But the fact that they build it up so well in the queue and don't let you see where you're going makes it more thrilling than even the tallest modern rollercoasters. It's all in your *mind* which is, and will forever be, WAY more terrifying than using height and speed to scare people. I'm sorry but I wouldn't ride this thing at all.


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            yes but this ride... the height & drops are everything... you know where the first drop is... the holding break will make you see it..

            the second dop is right after some breaks.... and i dont know if you will expect it unless in first row with 8 seats...

            (3 rows.. 8 seats per row..)

            Oh and their is an update

            Video of coaster running.. (Save it.. and it is large... beware 56K users) and photos of it test running... both in the day time... :bow:


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              I've been excitedly following the progress on this since day one, but was completely blown away last week when I finally had time to head up and check it out in person. The pics i've been following online just don't do true justice to the intimidation of seeing that drop in person. Can't wait to see it in action! (and ride it myself of course)


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                According to Screamscape, the media day events for Sheikra will be May 19 & 20 with the official public grand opening on May 21. I can't wait!


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                  Hey.... I think thats during my week off....

                  I think i have a plan... (unless sheikra runs when i am graduating... then i am screwed...


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