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WaterWorld @ Universal hollywood


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  • WaterWorld @ Universal hollywood

    Has anyone seen the show WaterWorld when something has gone wrong? such as someone getting burned or the jet ski crahing or boats etc. just asking because it seems like it would be so easy to screw up.

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    Re: WaterWorld @ Universal hollywood

    I remember watching the film Waterworld and feeling that I was getting burned. Does that answer your question?
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      Re: WaterWorld @ Universal hollywood

      I don't think the movie was that bad. Universal should release a director's cut DVD of it.

      Um, are you asking about what if the something doesn't work, what's plan B? Well if that's the case, this is what I have observed:

      1) Sometimes they leave the main gates open either because they are broken or the jet ski launch is broken. So the gates are opened all the time and the jet ski/ water skier come in through the gates.

      1.5) The guy that says "Hey, where do you think YOU'RE going?" and shoots the good guy, sometimes his gun doesn't go off. So a bad guy on the dock shots the good guy for him.

      2) One time the Deacon's boat malfunctioned after the boat came in but couldn't get to the dock. So there was a delay with the driver trying to start it up again. After that didn't work, the Deacon had to ride on the jet ski to the dock.

      3) The cast told me one time, when Deacon was jumping from the boat to the dock, he fell in the water.

      4) If the Deacon hits the "golf ball" over and on the shading, he'll claim it would've gone further if the crowd didn't distract him. If an audience member catches it, he'll say "he's got my ball". If the ball lands in the water, he'll also say it would've gone further if the crowd didn't distract him.

      5) If the crane that goes over the toxic waster isn't working or there's no padding for some reason in the toxic waste, Deacon shoots the prisoner. Then the prisoner lies down. Once Mariner makes his appearance, he'll crawl backstage. Same thing happens to when Deacon shoots his minion named "Kenny". When Deacon uses the weapon to make the wall explode, Kenny crawls backstage.

      6) One time when Mariner bursted in, his jet ski went dead!! So he's sitting there trying to start it up for 2 minutes until a bad guy on another jet ski comes to "kill him", but Mariner knocks him off to take his jet ski.

      7) If the swinging cage is not being used, Helen and the bad guy have to run up the tower where they'll fight and the bad guy hangs around the fish net.

      8) One time the bucket Helen uses dropped to the ground. I think a crowd control personal picked it up.

      9) In the beginning, the "fish net" guy just stayed there until the show ended. They changed that so he positions Mariner's jet ski for him. I think that's better than having him lie on the job.

      10) If the seaplane launch is broken or the wind is not right, Deacon will claim the seaplane crashed into the wall outside the city.

      11) If the counterweight is not working for the Mariner to launch him up, he'll appear behind the tower and continues on to kick Deacon's butt.

      12) Helen doesn't really shoot at Deacon, the firework is on a guided wire.

      13) Sometimes Deacon doesn't catch fire. He'll try for 10 seconds, but he has to make the high dive anyway.

      14) The crane next to the water tower is used to pick up the seaplane and put it back on it's launch.


      -Deacon and Helen stay the same character.
      -The good guy who's at the very top of the tower making the warning bells and warning flag, shooting water, getting shot at, and gets shot at by the guy who says "Hey, where do you think YOU'RE going" and falls to his death is also Mariner.
      -The good guy preshows for the west side of the stadium and who opens the gate is also the bad guy boat driver with the machine gun on the front
      -The good guy who gets dropped in toxic waste is Deacon's fire high dive stunt double
      -There's the good guy who preshows for the east side of the stadium, I think he's the machine gun operator for the bad guys boat

      I might be missing some Cast Members.

      I hope this is what you were talking about.

      "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

      "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
      -Jurassic Park


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        Re: WaterWorld @ Universal hollywood

        yep, I was just wondering because with all the effects they use for the show, and if one malfunctioned then what would they do for a back up? well you answered my question. thanks!


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          Re: WaterWorld @ Universal hollywood

          ^ YUP YUP. No problem. I'm really into theater, so I always look for these things. It especially helps when I have an AP

          I when Helen jumps off the tower, the the tower collapses by the seaplane, there's a safety for that as well. I think Helen attaches a cable to herself so when she falls, the cable breaks apart and that safety helps the tower (and/or control booth) let the tower collapse. Sometimes it doesn't collapse, probably some safety measure didn't go off.

          I'm not sure if you want the actors signals in the show of when to do what:

          -When the jet ski guy comes in to pick up Helen, he raises his arm and the control booth put up the sound for "Woo Hoo Wee, we've got a mermaid!". Then the boat driver goes on to say: "Hey, where do you think YOU'RE going?!"

          -On the highest tower, when Deacon stabs Mariner in the leg, Mariner yells: "Ouch". That's the signal telling Deacon that Mariner is secured to the plank so he doesn't actually fall in the water.

          I'm sure there are more signals like that...
          Last edited by filmfreak11; 04-15-2006, 12:47 PM.

          "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

          "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
          -Jurassic Park


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