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Need a Six Flags Marine World report


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  • Need a Six Flags Marine World report

    Has anyone been to Marine World yet this season? Has there been any improvement over last season? Anyone have comments on the kids area? It was the sorriest place in the park by far.

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    Re: Need a Six Flags Marine World report

    I live right by there (literally a couple of blocks away)... But to be honest, I haven't actually gone in to take a look around... I was going to, but my schedule hasn't been up to the task...

    I do know parking is up to 15 dollars... there is a way around this mind you... Park by the Ferry Building downtown (Free all day) and take the bus in for $1.25 (takes you to the front gate, I believe.)...

    They have been floating $15 off promotions to regional businesses... But you can't buy any via gift cards that I know of...

    I do know that they went on a mad hiring spree in Jan-Feb... So look for more people staffing the park including more theme characters (Including the Justice League which they are advertising now like no tomorrow)... Also I am told they have a parade now, which they hadn't before and it is suprisingly popular. However everytime I pass by the park, the coasters are not running near capacity - it could be that it has been rainy lately...

    There are also more kids rides - which was the big addition... And the animal shows supposedly got a revamp... It was billed as a "software" change in the park...

    One more addition - they are going to be open durring the holidays at the very least this year and are promoting winter attractions including a snow hill... Which for Vallejo is a novelty...

    That is all I know... I would love to hear what you thought if you do go...
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