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Taking a bite out of Disney...


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  • Taking a bite out of Disney...

    A friend of mine was at Universal a few weeks ago and noticed something funny:

    Apperantly on the Jurrasic Park ride when the Dinosaurs are attacking, you pass an overturned boat which is being devoured by dinosaurs. Apperantly two of the dinosaurs are chewing on a Mouse Ears hat.

    A bit of a jab toward Disney perhaps? I'm going this weekend so I'll try and snap some pics of it if I can. Anybody else noticed interesting "Easter Eggs" at Universal or other parks?

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    That hat has actually been there a long time. The funny part is the name on the hat changes all of the time. Off the top of my head, I can remember "Chilly Willy" and NBC.


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      That's been there since the ride opened.
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        Yep, we've seen it for years. We didn't know that the name changed though. Cool. A couple of years ago they started ponting out the Disney studios when the tram stops for a final view of the valley. The stopped some time ago. Now they only say WB and (of course) NBC.


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          Is Julie Andrews filming princess diaries 2 an easter egg? It was a defining point of my visit.
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