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2nd Season: Batman Begins Stunt Show


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  • 2nd Season: Batman Begins Stunt Show

    So we reopened the Batman Begins Stunt Show at SFMM for it's second season on Sat. May 27th. I thought I would give a rundown on the new or changed things for this year for those who have seen and will see again.

    We have a new Tumbler (Batmobile). The one we had last season was given to SF Mexico when they opened their show last December. They couldn't get there own because there wasn't enough time for them to make a new one that quickly. Mexico bought us a new one, and we gave ours to them.

    We added a new stunt for Batman. He used to drop down upside down and pick up a bad guy, then swing around and drop into the orange sea box. Now before he does that, he travels on a zipline from behind house right, ending backstage, then doing the other two stunts like last year. It has been very well received by the audience.

    As soon as you enter the theater on the north side, by Riddler's Revenge, you will be hit up to buy some merchandise: Water bottles, spray misters, batman dolls, foam batman masks. And inside you will be hit up to by some food in the stands: water, soda, hotdogs. Mark Shapiro's idea: he told us to expect it back in January when he visited our park.

    There are many other small changes that now body would notice, or even care about for that matter but here they are anyway:

    Ducard, the man who speaks at the beginning, now has a trick cane. He is able to pull a sword out of it and use it in the fighting sequences. Nice touch, similar to the one in the movie.

    The toxic barrel that swings around after Rachel's speech, now has a fogger added. It used to just be a blue smoke effect, but it now looks much better with regular fog added.

    SO, if anybody sees the show this season, this will be the spot to put your recaps in. Enjoy the show!

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    Re: 2nd Season: Batman Begins Stunt Show

    Thanks for that update.


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