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USH 06/08/06 trip report


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  • USH 06/08/06 trip report

    mostly still off-season crowds. but the tram that takes you up and down the hill was pulling 2 cars instead of 1. so universal is anticipating. also park hours will increase after this week.

    1) the new paint in the upper lot to look like a soundstage looks great.

    2) still tearing up facades near Shrek 4D and north side of European sets on upper lot.

    3) the refurb wall in western walkway is down. not sure what was different. maybe new paint, wood, floor? they were definately ripping up the wild west stunt arena. the bleacher seat shades were gone. broken wood pieces in piles. a blue tarp is up on the south side inside the stage area. I asked an employee if she knew what was up, she didn't know. my guess, getting a new show ready for 2008??

    4) darkbeer had pictures of a mini-zorro show in the european set's upper lot patio. but it didn't look like they were performing.

    5) some painting in Back to the Future. only had one theater going.

    6) STUDIO TOUR- new Whoopi & Access Hollywood video and queue screens are up. still working on the entry pathway. about time too, the entry sign looked like it was gonna tip over any minute. THEY BROUGHT BACK THE MOVIE CAR DISPLAYS THAT APPEAR AROUND THE GREENS DEPARTMENT! Oh happy day, no more looking at fake plants and trees which they could already explain in the InGen scene. They had cars from Little Rascals, Back to the Future, Fast & Furious, Sernity, Small Soliders, Animal House, and couple others. Fast & Furious not open. But had many people working on it. the new JP dinos that squirt water at you hide behind bushes, shakes em, then come out and spit. It's a minor upgrade I guess. Mummy tunnel was getting fixed up so we had to take the back road.

    7) SFX stage highlight- in the first stage, the lady ACTUALLY tried to eat the plastic chicken leg. Kinda odd to me, most just pretend to eat it and leave lots of space between their mouths and the chicken. An asian male was the volunteer to be in pain and get struck by lightning. once that happened, the host said "gee, apparently lighnting makes you taller"...

    8) didn't go on JP, Backdraft, & SHrek 4D. didn't feel like it.

    9) Terminator- hidden lift for terminator cop wasn't working, had to walk in from stage left. motorcycle wasn't working, had to walk in from stage right.

    10) Nickeoldeon orange rocket still under wraps.

    11) Waterworld's 1st action sequence went off sync. The large doors didn't open in time so "Helen" was just waiting to go through. So the music was not really together with the action that was happening. The signal flares didn't go off. After that, everything went okay.

    12) Fear Factor LIVE is still closed. Blues Brothers didn't play for weekday crowds. Hollywood Actors refurb walls were down. I think it was just repaving and painting. Saw "Alex" the lion from Madagascar making appearances.

    that's about it for now.


    from the video I saw of the Fast & Furious scene, I thought it was pretty sad. I think they should have put 3 maybe 4 of these robocoasters to replace Coke Soak. Possibly 4 riders to each robocoaster. Guests take a spin/drift in their cars. At the end, they come dangerously close to cliff and almost fall off. That's when it's decided that "enough is enough", "better stop while they're ahead". Use smoke effects to possible cover up the robocoasters. OR, haha, put Doc Brown's Time Machine on robocoasters. That'd be interesting- NAH!

    The location site they have for Fast & Furious is good. But they should use it for some other show scene.
    Last edited by filmfreak11; 06-09-2006, 10:54 AM.

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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