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Six Flags New England Trip Report.


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  • Six Flags New England Trip Report.

    First up the Photos.

    New Signs

    The lift of Superman, #1 coaster ever.

    Splash Water Falls. New ride from AstroWorld. Great fun, acceptable level of wetness. Ie: Don't really get wet.

    Mind Eraser. Still have the headache.

    The good Batman with the new Pirate Stage in front of it.

    Swat, er...Catapault...yeah no thanks. Skipped this one. Not upset.

    Now correct me if I am wrong, but this is the Great American Scream Machine I rode in SFoG...why does the sign say Over Texas? There is no GASM in Texas. Bad control!!

    The New Justice League Hall. No more Joker.

    And now, leaving the park, huge lines at the tram is what is running.

    Report soon.

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    Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

    So we got up this morning and went to SFNE.
    Boy did we pick a hot day...but very uncrowded.
    So we got to the park and got Q-Bot (not that it turned out to be needed), all that, and went to Superman. Rode it twice.
    Then up to Batman. Rode Mind Eraser, and then went on Splash Water Falls.
    SWF is one of the two rides SFNE got from from AstroWorld. It was great fun, although the sketchy dirty water inside the raft was kinda gross. Not overly soaking too. But be forewarned, the rafts spin and spin and spin.
    Rode Thunderbolt, Scream, Houdini, Bumper Cars, and the group rode Swat. I did not.
    I do have to say it is sad to see money being put into means it won't be replaced soon ( ) but still, what they did was very nice! It has a new queue, with signs of "Great" wooden coasters around various Six Flags. Of course they have some not so great coasters represented, and (see photo above) some issue with the signs but the new queue set up is nice, clean, classier.
    Rode Pandemonium, and at this point the 99 degree weather got to me. We went back to Superman one more time, rode Poison Ivy, and called it a day.
    Overall, lots more charecters out. Didn't do anything for me. Lots more employees out too, and they all seem like little kids.
    Superman- Ride of Steel - Still the best coaster out there.
    Batman, the Dark Knight - I love this B&M floorless.
    Mind Eraser - It was my brother's 1st we took him on this. But it still hurts.
    Splash Water Falls - A great new ride from AstroWorld! Very cool. Had some lines though, as it was cooling on a hot day.
    Thunderbolt - Oddly, my brother's least favorite ride.
    Scream - Ran 2 of the 3 towers, running the combo program.
    Cyclone - Didn't seem as rough...but still not fun.
    Pandemonium - Maybe it is more fun without the heat-killed park head...but it wasn't as great fun...ran fine though.
    Poison Ivy's Twisted Train - Rode in the last cars...ran rougher than I remembered.
    Houdini's Great Escape - Back open! Well I guess I didn't miss it as much as others...though some of the broken effects inside were fixed!
    Bumper Cars - Fun, what else can you say?


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      Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

      very cool pics, and report thanks


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        Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

        Thanks for your report, actually I almost went to SFNE today too but figured it would be too crowded and hot.
        Last edited by Disney Magic; 06-20-2006, 07:29 AM.


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          Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

          Lol. Hot it was. Though empty, shockingly. I guess after all the rain everyone decided to go to the beach or the waterpark.

          But I heard from my aunt SFoG was uberly packed yesterday.


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            Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

            What's inside the Justice Leage Hall?


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              Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

              You go inside and meet the Justice League is a meet & greet


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                Re: Six Flags New England Trip Report.

                I am going to Six Flags Magic Mountain today. I will have a trip report for everyone tomorrow!
                Still wishing for that AP....:blush:

                Future Imagineer, right here!

                "Have I really been on MiceChat for TWO HOURS?!?!?!?" -Me


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